The Islam Tax

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Look at your next airline ticket and you will find a “Security Fee”. What is the Security Fee that was passed after September 11, 2001? It is an Islam tax. It is more money out of an American’s pocket to pay for the privilege of living with Muslims amongst us.

It turns out that we pay an enormous amount of money for our life with Islam. Let’s look at a list of expenses that we bear because of Islamic ideology. If there were no Islam we would not have the Transportation Security Administration, Homeland Security, the Iraq war, the Afghanistan war, all that so-called terrorist work by the FBI, rebuilding the World Trade Center and who knows what else. The Iraq war has cost about $700 billion, the Afghan war has cost about $250 billion and all of the government agencies cost in the neighborhood of tens of billions per year. We are up to at least a TRILLION dollars of our Islam tax. That little $10 Security Fee may seem small, but that is for every round trip ticket sold in the US. What will the trial in NYC for Khalid Sheikh Mohammed cost? Millions of dollars. And the hits just keep coming.

Another part of the Islam tax is the jizyah (the dhimmi tax) that we call foreign aide. We pay various Islamic governments, including Egypt, Pakistan, the so-called Palestinians and others. Why do we pay the jizyah? We want to be friends (Never mind the 12 verses in the Koran that say that Muslims are never the friends of kafirs, unbelievers).

We are bringing Muslim refugees into America where they receive more benefits than American citizens, another Islam tax.

Why did Islam attack the World Trade Towers? Because they were the World TRADE Towers, an economic target. What was the purpose? To destroy the economy of America.

The Islam tax is a trillion dollars and counting. If we did not have this tax, it would certainly ease the economic crunch we have today.

This economic squeeze is 1400 years old. Mohammed created jihad, civilizational war. His concept of war was very sophisticated and included all forms of force against kafirs. He used threats, spies, secret agents, slavery, sex, propaganda, assassinations, deception, religious attacks, and the destruction of kafir economies.

As soon as Mohammed started his jihad, he warred against the economy of the kafirs. He kept up a running attack on the trade caravans of Mecca. When he attacked one tribe of Jews in Medina, he destroyed their economic base—their date palm plantations. This act was against the Arab customs of war, but Allah said it was a good thing. When he attacked Taif, he destroyed their plantations as well. Economic war.

One of his last acts was to attack the Christians north of Medina. Once he had crushed them, he made them pay the jizyah tax (the dhimmi tax). He did the same to the Jews of Khaybar. The jizyah tax was 50% of their income.

All Islam has to do is to keep up the attack. It does not matter whether they win or lose a particular battle. The more Islam practices jihad, the more we deny it and create some governmental nightmare that avoids the ideological war with Islam, but costs a fortune. Our self-deception is bankrupting us.

Islam produces poverty. Without oil, the income to all of the Arabic nations is less than that of Spain. This is not an accident. Mohammed was a businessman, but after he became a prophet, all of the money he made came from the loot from his victims, not a great business model. Mohammed knew how to bleed his enemies dry. We are bleeding today as a result of the Islamic war against the kafirs.

But Islam does not just tax kafirs for money. Kafirs have to submit to Sharia law and this means the loss of freedoms. Only Muslims are allowed to dictate what is taught about Islam in our schools. Islam gains the benefits of a deceitful history lesson, and we lose our freedom of speech. This is a tax on our Constitutional freedoms.

Everyday we submit a little more to Sharia law when we allow Muslims to take time off to pray at work and school. Article 6 of our Constitution says that our Constitution is the law of the land, but we are submitting to the demands of Sharia law when we declare that the sports facilities must be divided in use so that Muslim women can obey Sharia laws about mixing sexes. Our sovereignty decreases and Sharia law gains. This is a tax against our laws.

So now in America, kafirs are poorer and Muslims are richer because of Islam. Bill Warner,
Director, Center for the Study of Political Islam

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To whit:


Obama asks Congress to allow U.S. funds to terrorist Hamas govt

23 thoughts on “The Islam Tax

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  2. Quote: “Why did Islam attack the World Trade Towers? Because they were the World TRADE Towers, an economic target. What was the purpose? To destroy the economy of America.”


    From John J. O’Neill’s book “Holy Warriors, Islam and the Demise of Classical Civilization”:

    Until the closing of the Mediterranean [trade route] in the seventh century, the predominant cultural influence upon Europe was from the East: from Byzantium and from the ancient Hellenistic centers in the Near East, especially Egypt and Syria. With the closing of the Mediterranean, the West was isolated, and the centre of gravity moved, as Pirenne stressed, to the North; to northern Gaul, Germany and Britain. Yet the influence of the East did not come to an end. There was continuity. But now the East meant Islam. And in the centuries after the first Arab conquests, the influence of Islam became profound: It was this influence that would definitively terminate Classical civilization and give birth to the theocracy we now call “Medieval Europe”.

    Since Islam’s inception, “divide and conquer” remains part and parcel of the multi-pronged jihad strategy. Attacking the financial heart of Western Civilization, be it on the scale of the spectacular 9/11/2001 jihad by air – or – through the strategy of death by a thousand paper cuts (Madrid, Bali, 7/7 London, Mumbai etc.) . . .so long as the West continues to deceive itself, that it can afford to live with Islam, jizya will grow exponentially while compounding interest.

    Insert Santayana’s Law of Repetitive Consequences:

    “Progress, far from consisting in change, depends on retentiveness. When change is absolute there remains no being to improve and no direction is set for possible improvement: and when experience is not retained, as among savages, infancy is perpetual. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

    more on O’Neill at FaithFreedom

  3. Jizyah is a ‘poll tax’ imposed upon non-Muslims who live in a Islamic governed area. The payment of this ‘tax’ exempts the payor from military service. I guess they don’t want any of the ‘enemy’ serving in the ranks. Two points here:

    1) Taxation is a function of government, not religion.
    2) Conscription is also a function of government, not religion.

    Two major issues that Islam has with the modern national government. As history has demonstrated time and again, these type of issues cause wars.

    In addition to other wars, Islam is at war against the modern nation-state. Organizations like HAMAS and Islamic Jihad are the Islamic army and governance wrapped up into one. They certainly answer to NO national government, even the host government.

  4. Great minds think alike. I wrote exactly this that the FINE of 11,000.00 for refusing a PornShot & Molestation from TSA is in all actuality the Jizya. I’m amazed at the depth of delusion that the American people are in. We are truly deserving of this if we sit by and do nothing. People are holding down their own toddlers to be molested by the State, women are being accosted, men being demoralized, all in the name of security. Unless all Radical Jihadi’s have switched tactics and are now going to plan bombs on lil Johnny and Nun Nancy, what are they doing!? We the American people are Suspect? Us? WE are being attacked –everyday by terrorists, and they are in Washington DC, in Congress and the Senate and the President’s administration. We live in insane days.

  5. “without petroluim all arab countries GDP is less than that of spain”. this is the point, petroluim…..?
    by the way no body invited america to set democracy roots in afganistan or in iraq…?
    yet, as long as america discovered the heavy burden of being democracy sponsor, why did not it just quit from our lands…..?

    america sold weapons to GCC for much more the the i trillion war cost….? get trillions of petroluim parrels in predetermened price ( less than market of course ) food to potroluim program…?
    jihad is not a war, its just an opportunity to protect human choices rather than forcing them,, because no one can force any body to enter islam….?
    finally, all terrorists that you claim costing america a lot are just an american product ( made in USA) or precisly made by CIA…..?
    try to think why the calimed terrorism upsurge after afganistan and iraq wars
    trey to find out who made TALBAN, SADDAM HUSSAIN, BEN LADIN ……? and then keep the answer…?
    we also, Muslims, suffering more than you because of your terrorism creative products..
    fathi elgazzar

    • Boo-freaking-hoo. Poor mudslimes suffering…and somehow this is the fault of the West? We do NOT want you here. We want nothing to do with you. If the suffering is so bad, why do I see raghead women using FOOD STAMPS that my white American taxes pay for every time I go shopping? Leave us alone.

  6. Bill Warner, you should be ashamed of yourself for publishing such mindless dribble on the internet for poor, ignorant souls to read. Not only is your ‘information’ highly fabricated, short-sighted, and extremely cynical in the essence of the context (to the point of falsity), you seem to not understand a damn thing about the Islamic faith/culture.

    I’m a 20 year old American-Egyptian born in the United States and it worries me that this is the information being presented to today’s youth about the 2nd LARGEST RELIGION ON PLANET EARTH (and the fastest growing, will soon be the largest), the one that has set the standard for peace, equality, and human rights for the past 1500 years. Like I said, looking at the past 10 years on Earth as a window to judge Islam is horribly short-sighted and a cop out if I’ve ever seen one. A semi-decent understanding of world history will show that the “violent” religion throughout history has been Christianity; there are no questions about it. The number killed/conquered by Christian/European invaders dwarf any number killed by any other faith, I’m willing to bet combined. A look at 1400-1800 Colonial Latin America will show you the true depth of thriving civilizations that were completely massacred by Iberian and European “Christians” in the name of “Jesus”.

    I feel now as if I should attack your article directly, picking your points and thoughts which I feel are false or incomplete and correcting you. But in reality, the entire article is entirely overblown and fabricated. There is no other way to put it. Every definition you use is completely wrong and your logic in applying it in context is extremely flawed.

    I hope the majority of Americans can see how obviously flawed and biased this joke of a pseudo-intellectual author posted, and I truly feel sorry for those who can’t. :(

    • overblown and fabricated. There is no other way to put it. Every definition you use is completely wrong and your logic in applying it in context is extremely flawed.

      I hope the majority of Americans can see how obviously flawed and biased this joke of a pseudo-intellectual author posted, and I truly feel sorry for those who can’t.

      LOOK IN MIRROR SAY THESE WORD TO YOURSELF- taht is who they descibe

      funniest post of the day
      decide now- are you really American? no you are Egyptian by your own words- go and try to FREE YOUR OWN PEOPLE and live under ISLAM with them= we don;t want liars p[eople who re-write history and think ISLAmis best- we dont’ and never will=GTFO
      ‘if you are Muslim, your faith forbids living among the kufr-

    • Reply to Mohammed:
      Christianity certainly has a bloody past, and much to be ashamed of. In that it resembles Islam. But there is an important difference: the Koran incites Moslems to kill the foes of their faith, the prophet Mohammed stated that human life is worthless and only the lives of Moslems are sacred, Moslems are nowhere exhorted to be merciful. The word “merciful” appears hundreds of times in the Koran, but never to describe human beings, only to describe some invisible and fictitious despot of the universe, Allah, who elsewhere in the Koran is called the Great Deceiver.
      I admit Islam has a handful of good points, like charity, not making grimaces, etc. But 80% of Islam promotes sordid passions like hatred, revenge, us-against-them, and nowhere commands the faithful to be merciful. It is an insider religion: most moral prohibitions in Islam protect only Moslems. Mohammed clearly stated that the lives of non-Moslems are not protected unless they be dhimmis. And even dhimmis were constantly reviled, humiliated and oppressed, except in a few brief periods in various Moslem empires. For example the Fatimid Caliphate and the Moghul empire were remarkably tolerant of non-Moslems. But they were not typical.
      Christianity despite its defects preaches and often practices an ideology of love, forgiveness, charity and equality among all people, and justice, THAT ARE TOTALLY LACKING IN ISLAM. Islam is the cult of revenge, of sordid grasping for advantages. Shariah does not require that the Moslem ruler be just or kind, only that he be Moslem. Saint Thomas Aquinas many centuries ago preached that a Christian sovereign can be overthrown is he is cruel and unjust. Islam knows nothing of the sort. The very concept of justice is missing in Islam.
      I have lived in the Middle East and have had many good Moslem friends. I have nothing against Moslems. But it is undeniable that Islam is a corrupting influence and even fosters mental disease, like obsessive compulsive disorder, which is much more frequent in Moslem lands, due to all the rote learning, muttering of incantations to avoid the evil eye, babbling of senseless formulas, idiotic imitation of the prophet Mohammed (who according to his first biographer Abu Ishaq was a torturer and a cold-blooded murderer who presided at mass executions, after which the families of the executed were sold as slaves, making Mohammed fabulously wealthy) .
      Most Moslems know nothing of their religion’s odious history, which reminds me of Stalinist Communism more than it reminds me of religions like Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, etc., which are peaceful and tell people to be virtuous, unlike Islam, which can be fairly described as a sadistic murder cult.
      Islam is nothing but a barbarous relic of the stone age, and we would be a lot better off (especially Muslims!) if it had never been defecated on us by the very bowels of Hell!

    • Savages in precolumbian America wasted no opportunity to slaughter and enslave their political enemies. You are simply repeating the same liberal lies about the evil White Man my graduate professors tried to palm off on me. Check your own facts…try reading authentic archaeology on the plane back to Egypt.
      We do not owe the world free room and board. It is time the UNHYPHENATED USA claimed its right as a sovereign nation to REJECT undesirables.

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  10. I am in no way defending Islam, but merely stating the historical truth, when I state that many of those costs are NOT the fault of Moslems, especially the Iraq war. At the web site leadingtowar you can see and hear a blow by blow account of how the Bush administration cynically bamboozled the US population into supporting the invasion of Iraq, which was not in the interest of the US and was justified with administration lies about weapons iof mass destruction, etc. that were later proved false.

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