India: US convert to Islam caught with knife at airport, detained (video)

The Islamic convert had been preaching at madrassas, traveled to Pakistan and Bangladesh, and was caught trying to smuggle a knife hidden in a plant onto a plane.

Hat tip to Atlas Shrugs who had news of the initial arrest via Times of India, American national detained at Delhi airport for suspected terror links:

The US national, identified as Winston Marshal Carmichael, was detained late last night after CISF personnel found knife in his hand baggage during the security check when he was to leave for Doha in a Qatar Airways flight, official sources said.

Carmichael, who has a tourist visa to India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, came here from Pakistan.

Delhi Police Special Cell and IB is questioning him. According to airport sources, during the security check CISF found the knife concealed between a herbal plant ‘Shilajit’.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

More from DNA India:

US agencies have informed India that New York resident Carmichael has criminal cases related to drugs and robbery registered against him. However, Indian authorities have not found a terror link even after sustained questioning.

Sources told DNA once Carmichael is deported to the US after verifying all details about him, Indian agencies might issue a look out circular (LOC). After the issuance of LOC, Carmichael would not be allowed to enter India again. Details of his passport will be provided at all entry points.

He returned to India on January 27. A convert from Christianity to Islam, he had been preaching at various madrassas and introduced himself as a theologist. He has accepted being a member of the tabligi jamaat.

A couple of backgrounders on Tabligi Jamaat, both on our Delicious bookmarks where you can find other reports as well – under the “Groups” tag:

Tablighi Jamaat: An Indirect Line to Terrorism – Stratfor

The Tablighi Jamaat (TJ) name has come up before in connection with terrorism plots, including the October 2002 Portland Seven and the September 2002 Lackawanna Six cases in the United States, as well as the August 2006 plot to bomb airliners en route from London to the United States, the July 7, 2005, London Underground bombings and the July 2007 attempted bombings in London and Glasgow, Scotland. Over the past several years we also have received several queries about TJ from U.S. law enforcement officials who are concerned about the group’s presence and activities in the United States.

This, then, is a good time to correct some of the erroneous information regarding TJ — and attempt to paint a realistic portrait of the very real threat posed by some of the people affiliated with TJ.

The TJ organization also serves as a de facto conduit for Islamist extremists and for groups such as al Qaeda to recruit new members. Significantly, the Tablighi recruits do intersect with the world of radical Islamism when they travel to Pakistan to receive their initial training. We have received reports that once the recruits are in Pakistan, representatives of various radical Islamist groups, such as Harkat-ul-Mujahideen, the Taliban and al Qaeda, are said to woo them actively — to the point of offering them military training. And some of them accept the offer. For example, John Walker Lindh — an American who is serving a prison sentence for aiding the Taliban in Afghanistan — traveled with Tablighi preachers to Pakistan in 1998 to further his Islamic studies before joining the Taliban. (Read the entire report)

Tablighi Jamaat: Jihad’s Stealthy Legions – Middle East Forum

Tablighi Jamaat has always adopted an extreme interpretation of Sunni Islam, but in the past two decades, it has radicalized to the point where it is now a driving force of Islamic extremism and a major recruiting agency for terrorist causes worldwide. For a majority of young Muslim extremists, joining Tablighi Jamaat is the first step on the road to extremism. Perhaps 80 percent of the Islamist extremists in France come from Tablighi ranks, prompting French intelligence officers to call Tablighi Jamaat the “antechamber of fundamentalism.” U.S. counterterrorism officials are increasingly adopting the same attitude. “We have a significant presence of Tablighi Jamaat in the United States,” the deputy chief of the FBI’s international terrorism section said in 2003, “and we have found that Al-Qaeda used them for recruiting now and in the past.”

Within the United States, the cases of American Taliban John Lindh, the “Lackawanna Six,” and the Oregon cell that conspired to bomb a synagogue and sought to link up with Al-Qaeda, all involve Tablighi missionaries. Other indicted terrorists, such as “shoe bomber” Richard Reid, “dirty bomber” Jose Padilla, and Lyman Harris, who sought to bomb the Brooklyn Bridge, were all members of Tablighi Jamaat at one time or another. According to Robert Blitzer, head of the FBI’s first Islamic counterterrorism unit, between 1,000 and 2,000 Americans left to join the jihad in the 1990s alone. Pakistani intelligence sources report that 400 American Tablighi recruits received training in Pakistani or Afghan terrorist camps since 1989.

The Tablighi Jamaat has made inroads among two very different segments of the American Muslim population. Because many American Muslims are immigrants, and a large subsection of these are from South Asia, Deobandi influences have been able to penetrate deeply. Many Tablighi Jamaat missionaries speak Urdu as a first language and so can communicate easily with American Muslims of South Asian origin. The Tablighi headquarters in the United States for the past decade appears to be in the Al-Falah mosque in Queens, New York. (Read the entire report)

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