Obama’s Nat’l Security Adviser Brennan does Q&A with former coordinator for Hamas-funding Islamic “charity”

Michelle Malkin reports that Barack Obama’s ethics-waiver-needing Deputy of National Security, John Brennan, recently met with Islamic law students at NYU. Among the “students” was the ringleader of the flying imams lawsuit that terror-linked Islamist’s at CAIR claimed as a victory (i.e., a defeat for Americans). That ringleader, Omar Shahin, was formerly involved with two Islamic “charities” that have been shut down in the U.S., including being the Arizona coordinator for the Holy Land Foundation – subject of the largest terror-financing conviction in U.S. history.

National security nightmare: John Brennan and the notorious flying imam – michellemalkin.com

While national security deputy John Brennan’s comments downplaying the seriousness of Gitmo jihadi recidivism earned most of the headlines this weekend, his exchange at the same event at an NYU Islamic students’ event with an infamous Muslim grievance-monger is crying out for greater exposure.

The other stupid things John Brennan said
by Michelle Malkin

It’s bad enough that John Brennan, President Obama’s national security deputy, thinks Gitmo jihadi recidivism is “not that bad.” But in his talk last week with Islamic law students at New York University, Brennan made even more reckless comments about our counterterrorism programs while pandering to one of the worst Muslim grievance-mongers and sharia peddlers in America.

During the question-and-answer session, Brennan welcomed a question from Omar Shahin. He identified himself as the head of the “North American Imams Federation.” What he didn’t mention was his role as the chief ringleader of the infamous flying imams.

Brennan didn’t appear to know who Shahin was. Somebody around him should have briefed him: Shahin’s involvement in Hamas-linked charities and radical Wahhabi “youth groups” has earned the Jordanian-born naturalized citizen increased FBI scrutiny over the years. Instead, Brennan treated him as just another innocent Muslim with “reasonable” concerns about the government.

Instead of countering the narrative, exposing Shahin’s true intentions, and vigorously defending America’s homeland security apparatus, Brennan dutifully genuflected to the gods of political correctness.

Brennan told Shahin that the post-9/11 response of the Bush administration was a “reaction some people might say was over the top in some areas” (insert indignant grievance-monger nodding and mmm-hmm-ing here) and that “in an overabundance of caution [we] implemented a number of security measures and activities that upon reflection now we look back after the heat of the battle has died down a bit we say they were excessive, okay.”

It gets worse: Brennan then went on to decry the “ignorant feelings” of Americans outraged at the jihadi attacks on American soil. And then he told Shahin and the audience of Muslim students that he “was very concerned after the attack in Fort Hood as well as the December 25 attack that all of sudden there were people who went back into this fearful position that lashed out not thinking through what was reasonable and appropriate.”

Read it all and if you have a strong stomach, watch video of the event on Michelle Malkin’s page.

Background on Shahin from an article titled Fifth Column Imam Flyers:

The President of NAIF (and one of the removed imams) is Omar Shahin.  Before NAIF’s founding in 2004, Shahin was the imam and President of the Islamic Center of Tucson (ICT), a mosque that represented one of Al-Qaeda’s main hubs in America, prior to the ‘93 attack.  One of Shahin’s predecessors at the mosque was Wael Hamza Julaidan, a former colleague of Osama bin Laden and bin Laden’s mentor, Abdullah Azzam.  Shahin, himself, has admitted to once supporting bin Laden.

Throughout his time with and after leaving ICT, Shahin was involved in terror financing organizations.  He was the Arizona Coordinator for the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF), a Hamas charity whose funds were frozen by the U.S. government soon after 9/11.  Under his leadership, thousands of dollars were raised for HLF through ICT.  As well, Shahin was a representative for KindHearts, another Hamas charity that was shut down by the U.S. (February 2006).  In both cases, Shahin walked free.

Background on Shahin’s North American Imams Federation from Discover the Networks:

Notable members (in addition to Shahin) of the NAIF Board of Trustees include: (a) Siraj Wahhaj, an Advisory Board member of the Council on American-Islamic Relations who was named as a possible co-conspirator in the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center; (b) Mohamad Mwafak Algalaieni, a Michigan-based Imam who openly supported Rabih Haddad, co-founder of the terror-linked Global Relief Foundation; (c) Mazen Mokhtar, an al Qaeda Web designer who was indicted in April 2007 for tax evasion and for filing false tax returns; and (d) Johari Abdul-Malik, a Virginia-based Imam who publicly lauded one of his congregants, Ismael Selim Elbarasse — a high-ranking Hamas operative who held a joint bank account with Hamas leader Mousa Abu Marzook for the purpose of financing the terror organization.

NAIF also has an Executive Committee, one of whose members is Ashrafuzzaman Khan, the former Secretary General of the Islamic Circle of North America. Before immigrating to the United States, Khan was located in Bangladesh. To this day, he stands accused of having been a death squad leader for the Islamist militant group Al-Badr, and of having personally murdered numerous individuals during a 1971 massacre in Bangladesh.

Some notable attendees at NAIF functions in recent years include Ibrahim Dremali, the pro-jihad Imam of the Islamic Center of Boca Raton in Florida, and an advisor to the American Muslim Association of North America; Wajdi Ghunaim, a member of Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood who was deported from the United States in January 2005; and Zulfiqar Ali Shah, Chairman and CEO of the Universal Heritage Foundation, ex-President of the Islamic Circle of North America, and former South Asian Director of KindHearts.

According to its website, NAIF has established “collaborative, complementary, and cooperative” relationships with such “partner organizations” as the Islamic Circle of North America, the Islamic Society of North America, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, and Life for Relief and Development (a Michigan-based “charity” that was raided by federal agents in September 2006 for its links to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.

NAIF held its 2006 annual conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Attending the three-day event were Keith Ellison (the first Muslim elected to the U.S. Congress), Siraj Wahhaj, and Mazen Mokhtar, an al Qaeda web designer who has used the Internet to proclaim his support for Hamas and suicide bombings.

5 thoughts on “Obama’s Nat’l Security Adviser Brennan does Q&A with former coordinator for Hamas-funding Islamic “charity”

  1. These imams are of a distinctly military bent(?)

    They should be referred to as maybe, “commandants”, because basically they are heads of the battalions that reside in the mosque/barracks.

    If someone said”I am the head sturmbahnfuhrer for North America” , do you think more people would wake up?

  2. What are the American people so “worked up” about this appointment anyhow? All of a sudden they are concerned about Obama’s appointments. Why haven’t the American people said something before when he was appointing Socialists, pervets and Marxists to his inner circle to help him “advise” him on what agenda should be placed in front of the American people? We have only ourselves to blame for electing this super left wing socialist.

  3. They were in a coma from which they have now,
    awakened. It may take some time but more of the poulace are seeing the results of this administrations ineptitude in every endeavor they set their hands too.
    We must get them voted out and then work unrelentingly to undue the damage to this country.

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