John Brennan: Another Obama Man-Made Disaster (video)

Again from his appearance at NYU – a sharia zone itself – National Security Adviser John Brennan quotes from the Koran and tells the Muslim audience that “a believer shall not kill another believer.” Just one of the many problems with this non-sensical speech is that he forgot to tell the audience what they already know – that killing an “unbeliever” (most Americans) is ok! He conveniently, during Black History Month, ignored the verse that states when a Muslim does kill another Muslim unintentionally – he must free a “believing slave” as compensation (ROPMA).

Has Brennan converted? Is he a believer, an unbeliever, or just a dhimmi?

Brennan takes the taqqiya to another level by blatantly lying about an “ugly rise” in attacks on Muslims after what – a real attack by a real Muslim killing 14 Americans in defense of Islam! His speech could have been written by CAIR or ISNA. The entire Obama administration ignores the growing evidence and many videos of Muslims attacking Americans right here in the U.S.


WND: Counter-terror adviser: Give Hezbollah more power

6 thoughts on “John Brennan: Another Obama Man-Made Disaster (video)

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