German Carnival features ‘Jihad on Danish Cartoonist’ float (pic)

Thanks to The Opinionator blog for this great image from the Danish carnival, and kudos to Jaques Tilly!!! Islamic rage in 3, 2, 1…

He Who Laughs Last...

At this year’s Carnival Monday parade in Düsseldorf, float builder Jaques Tilly adopted the attempted attack on Danish caricaturist Kurt Westergaard as his theme. The famous floats from Tilly traditionally remain top secret at headquarters until Carnival Monday morning. As is obvious in this case, this “Axe Float” will most certainly pull along some protests from Islamic groups behind it (Translation of German PI-article by Anders Denken, Source: Düsseldorf Blog).

More great images from the carnival here. More on the attempted assassination of Kurt Westergaard here.

*Updated – mistakenly referred to this as a Danish Carnival in original post…it is held in Germany; post title updated.

10 thoughts on “German Carnival features ‘Jihad on Danish Cartoonist’ float (pic)

  1. God Bless the Danes. The bodies will be piling up before the week is out. The crazies will be out from Europe to Asia and the Middle East will be burning the usual flags and effigies. What a pack of losers.

  2. Creeping,

    This is so cool! Thanks for telling us about it. That clown head biting the jihadist is funny, and it sends these nut jobs the right message. No matter what they do, they need to know that they can’t silence or kill us all.

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  4. you are beautiful,
    in every single way,
    because words cant bring me down!
    so please dont bring me down,

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