Jihad and Sharia, Creeping in Latin America

Friday’s indictment of several Miami businessmen and their various companies for supporting a designated terrorist organization in Paraguay, motivated us to finally post all the bookmarks we’ve been keeping on the infiltration by Islamic terror groups and Islamists throughout Latin America, as well as in the Spanish-speaking communities in the U.S. If you have time, read through them, investigate the issues, and pay attention to this quietly growing threat. If you’ve blogged on this topic – send a link and we’ll add it. Video links below the fold.

Al Qaeda Invades South America

Iran a growing threat in Latin America; proud to support Hamas, Hizbollah

‘Iran building terror network in South America’

Ahmadinejad defends presence in US backyard

Venezuela-Iran Terror Network Growing in Latin America

Four More Indicted for Conspiring to Support Hizbollah (Margarita Islands link)

Hizballah Fundraising Network in the Triple Frontier

The Triple Frontier from Argentina’s perspective: the main focus of terrorism in the Southern Cone

What is Behind the Bolivia-Islam Connection?

MS-13 Smuggles Muslim Terrorists into U.S.

Honduras confirms existence of terrorist cells in Latin America

DEA nabs arms dealer with Hizbollah ties in Honduras

350,000 ‘Palestinian’s’ in Peru; controlling commerce in Honduras?

Today the Palestinians are among the country’s wealthiest and most powerful industrialists. “We have won acceptance, and we have equaled the Hondurans in many ways,” Canahuati said.

While hard data is lacking, at least 600,000 Palestinians are estimated to live around the region. Besides Chile, 100,000 live in the United States. Other sizable Palestinian communities can be found in Honduras, Colombia and Brazil.

In San Pedro Sula, Honduras’ largest city on the north coast, U.S. anthropologist Nancie L. Gonzalez estimates 25 percent of the population has some connection to Palestine. Their assimilation has been so successful, “They have come to dominate the commercial and industrial, if not the the social, elite,” she wrote in a 1992 book.

Palestinian refugees fleeing to Chile

Why Hezbollah prospers in Venezuela and Argentina

Hezbollah sets up operations in South America and the United States.

Investigation finds Iranian, Hezbollah and Syrian involvement in 1994 bombing of Argentine Jewish Community Center

Brazil arrests high ranking Qaeda operative

Islam takes root in Mexico

La Madrassa Islamica – Islam en Chiapas (Mexico)

Islam is the new religion in rebellious Mexican state Chiapas


Immigrants drift to Latin America

Latino American Dawah Organization (LADO)

Islamic Organizations in Colombia

More Hispanic Americans are Converting to Islam (Florida)

A New Minority Makes Itself Known: Hispanic Muslims

Islamic and Hispanic cultures intermesh as Muslim community grows

The Latino Crescent: Latinos make a place for themselves in Muslim America

Cool Muslim convert creating an Islamic community in Pittsburgh

Video:  Thousands Hispanics (200,000) converted to ISLAM in USA

Video: Annual Hispanic Muslim Day in NJ – held just days after 9/11

Video:  La Revolución Islámica: An Official Spanish Dawah Campaign

Video: Telemundo panders to Muslims

Radical Islam makes inroads among Latin America’s Native peoples

10 thoughts on “Jihad and Sharia, Creeping in Latin America

  1. These jihadis are worse than NYC roaches.
    Europe seems to have given up. Our great leader appears to be happy with his muslim buddies and
    the pentagon is so brainwashed and politically correct
    its unbelievable.

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