NY: Plum Jobs for Muslim Inmates (video)

via WPIX:

Previous posts on the Muslim chaplain problem in the U.S. here, and Friday’s video post on DC’s America-hating imam here.

3 thoughts on “NY: Plum Jobs for Muslim Inmates (video)

  1. The laws that provide for chaplins of any faith need to be recorded by the prison system, the sooner the better. Muslims take advantage of every countries laws to benefit themseleves to further their cause of hate.

  2. The world needs to stop calling Islam a religion and recognize that it is a political ideology. Just because they have pretty buildings, claim that Allah is a god and steal from other valid religious sources does not make it a religion.

    It is their disguise and we are falling for it.

  3. Same as in UK imams/chaplains have NO qualifications from any recognised educational body, unlike priests or rabbis.

    In fact, the only “qualification” they truly have is usually a conviction for violence, as is shown here.

    Its unbelievable that the authorities DELIBERATELY shut their eyes to it.

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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