Feb 26, 1993: Muslim terrorists bomb World Trade Center (video)

17 18 20 22 years ago today.

View more CBS reports from that day here.

(video may be slow to load)

ABC report:

part II

part III

CNN report:

Video evidence keeps disappearing from terrorist-friendly Youtube.

The names of the six people killed in the 1993 terrorist bombing of the World Trade Center. (AP)

The names of the six 7 people killed in the 1993 terrorist bombing of the World Trade Center (AP)

The blast killed 7:

Stephen Knapp, 48

John DiGiovanni, 45,

Robert W. Kirkpatrick, 61,

William Macko, 57,

Wilfredo Mercado, 37,

Monica Rodriguez Smith, 34 and her unborn child.

3 Responses

  1. man if we only knew then what we know now…how different would the world be now…that was still the good old days before we gutted our military…we were able to drop 500,000 troops into saudi arabia without breaking a sweat…we could and would have done iraq the right way the first time…a serious draw down of troops would still have left us 100,000 there to keep iran and everybody else in check…nobody would know who isis is right now…ugh…

    • @ sound awake. God, how I wish it were so! Unfortunately, I have my doubts that anything would have changed today, even if we’d had the foreknowledge and 20/20 vision to see the future back in 1993. The fact that Americans so quickly turned against GWB after he had the full support of Congress and our foreign allies to devastate Saddam Hussein, tells me WE’RE A NATION WHO CAN’T SEE THE FOREST FOR THE TREES!! I wouldn’t hold my breath, if I were you – Americans cannot read the handwriting that is on the wall! You can’t win the game when you’re always playing DEFENSE!

      George W. Bush may have made his mistakes – DEFEATING SADDAM HUSSEIN WAS NOT ONE OF THEM!!!

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