OIC places the United States in its crosshairs – but only in Arabic

The OIC is the same group that wants to submit the entire world to Islamic sharia law via its Islamic blasphemy resolution at the United Nations. From one of our blogroll links, the Legal Project, who keeps an eye on the OIC: (emphasis added)

by Daniel Huff and Aaron Eitan Meyer

On December 23-24, 2009, the Organization of the Islamic Conference (“OIC”) and the League of Arab States held a joint high level conference in Cairo to develop a strategy for addressing ‘Islamophobia.’ As the conference proceeded, the OIC issued two press releases exclusively in Arabic.

The first release‘s headline alone warrants scrutiny.

It translates as “The Organization of the Islamic Conference and the League of Arab States discuss ways to address Islamophobia.”

The title does not use an Arabic term for ‘Islamophobia,’ but instead uses  ‘al-islamufobia,’  “الإسلاموفوبيا” which is merely a transliteration.

This underscores the point that the OIC’s ‘Islamophobia’ campaign is squarely aimed at manipulating Western audiences rather than appealing internally to Muslims.

The release goes on to quote OIC Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs Abdullah Abdul Rahman criticizing the conflation of terrorism and Islam in “the West and America.” Previously, the OIC had not referred to America and the West as distinct entities.

A second press release issued on December 24th indicates that Abdul Rahman’s phraseology was calculated rather than stylistic.

The headline there translates as “A joint committee of the Organization of Islamic Conference and the League of Arab States developed a plan to correct the image of Arabs and Muslims in America.”

The singling out of America continues in the body of the release, which reports that the OIC and League of Arab States agreed in principle to an action plan to ‘correct’ the image of Arabs and Muslims, specifically in the ‘American arena.’

What specific actions will result from the Cairo conference remains to be seen, but it is striking that the OIC and Arab League chose to announce the outcome of their strategy session in Arabic only. The likely conclusion is that the OIC has singled out Americans for reeducation, but would prefer that they remain ignorant as it carries out its plans.

December 27, 2009 update: A Cover Up? – Less than 24 hours after the Legal Project called attention to the OIC’s Arabic only press releases, the organization posted English and French translations backdated 3 and 4 days to make it appear they issued contemporaneously with the Arabic versions.

The two translated releases are available in English here and here. So much for this apparent attempt to cover up the cover up of their plans for America’s reeducation.

Another post from the Legal Project indicates that the OIC is fond of using language as a weapon and a shield: The OIC shows not all condemnations are equal – read it.

5 thoughts on “OIC places the United States in its crosshairs – but only in Arabic

  1. And Rashad Hussain will be happy to join the OIC in the (mis)reeducation of America.

    Thanks, Mr. President, for legitimizing the OIC and their stupid programs like this, and for appointing somebody who will carry their water indefinitely.

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