March 2001: Taliban destroy ancient Buddha statues (video)

First, we destroyed the small statue. It was a woman. Then we blew up her husband. ~ Taliban Leader Mullah Mohammad Omar during a press conference March 2001

Jihad on art. And culture. And all things non-Muslim. Prior to fully destroying the Buddha statues, Muslims had already removed the face of the larger statue and riddled it with bullet holes.

Video Source

The Taliban were assisted by Saudi/Pakistani engineers in the destruction of the ancient Bamiyan Buddha statues. Al Jazeera was the only outfit permitted to film the destruction. (If anyone has the original video please link to it). Almost all the videos of the demolition we found online were jihadi propaganda videos celebrating the event.

A documentary titled The Giant Buddhas can be seen here (in Chinese).

24 thoughts on “March 2001: Taliban destroy ancient Buddha statues (video)

  1. Bhuddist shrines destroyed- did Buddists riot? burn mosques?

    churches desecrated- did Christians RIOT? kill a few Muslims?

    Synagogues destroyed, Jews holy places STOLEN and bulit over, praying men stoned by hooligans- Did JEWS riot in the streets? Rampage Muslim neighborhoods? sue them?

    Mohammed maya POX be UPON HIM and his murderous thug hordes

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  5. Afghanistan was once a centre of Buddhism and PEACE!
    The 2.500 year old Bamyan Buddha was blasted by satan’s disciples on earth called muslims.
    That was in March 2001.
    On September 21, 2001, Afghanistan was carpet bombed and Afghans have since been living the high life of islam —oooooooh, isn’t that grand, satanlings? You filthy satanic lot should be bombed out of existence throughout the world.
    You contribute NOTHING. You do not deserve to live another day.

    It will be left to Russia and China to do the job.
    The West are weenies, proven, time and again.

  6. With the Buddhists, Afghanistan was probably more stable, peaceful and abundant.
    Now, under Islam, it is a desert where men chase each other, mutilate women, rape boys, rape each other, and above all, hate, hate and hate.

  7. The Muslim treatment of native Greenlanders is another case in point.
    And if Native Americans think that they will be able to retain their culture under Islam, they’d better think again.
    No syncretism this time.
    In Islam, belief is not something that adds to– Islam replaces everything.

  8. Actually, buddhist asian culture share a lot of similarities wih islamic asian people. Most of them are brown people and share the same greedy characteristics though different ideology. Even when you go to cambodia or thailand , you can never tell who is buddhists or who is islamics. the only time one can identify the islamics is when they chose to wear their head rag or their islamic uniform or when they crowd near their huge mosque.. There must also be something wrong with the buddhist as they are known to be generous towards their islamic maids in malaysia. .
    buddhist culture is also as brutal as islamics, if they get the upper hand.

  9. I have no idea why Muslim people are too bad.. they love to do the thing others people doesn’t like.. all Muslim people will go to hill when they die

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  13. This was in protest to money being spent on the restoration of the statues.

    Swedish monuments expert proposed to restore the statues’ heads. Hashimi is reported as saying: “When the Afghan head council asked them to provide the money to feed the children instead of fixing the statues, they refused and said, ‘No, the money is just for the statues, not for the children’.

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  19. I don’t know if the reason behind destroying the Bamiyan Buddha Statues are good or bad for Taliban. But we all know that it is wrong to destroy such important structure of the history. I hope that the mission to rebuild the statues in the valley got success. That’s all I can hope for now.

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