Obama unduly favors Islam again, calls ‘entrepreneurship summit’ with Muslims

No entrepreneurship summit for Americans. No real jobs being created for Americans. But that ever-growing “Muslim world,” or Dar al Islam, continues to receive hundreds of millions of dollars of U.S. taxpayer funding courtesy of the White House. Taxation for Islamization.

via Obama calls ‘entrepreneurship summit’ with Muslims.

The White House on Friday announced a “summit on entrepreneurship” to build economic ties with the Islamic world, part of President Barack Obama’s outreach to Muslims.

The White House said it has invited participants from more than 40 countries over five continents for the April 26-27 conference in Washington.

“The summit will highlight the role entrepreneurship can play in addressing common challenges while building partnerships that will lead to greater opportunity abroad and at home,” White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said.

Obama first spoke of the entrepreneurship conference in his signature June 4 speech in Cairo to the Islamic world.

In the closely watched address, Obama said the United States was seeking a “new beginning” with the Islamic world to rebuild relations that had sharply deteriorated over the past decade.

Obama promised at the time that he would convene a “presidential summit on entrepreneurship” by the end of 2009.

He said that the meeting would “identify how we can deepen ties between business leaders, foundations and social entrepreneurs in the United States and Muslim communities around the world.”

This is a reiteration of the bogus Cairo speech and is intended to benefit Muslims. Not Americans, not our allies, but specifically Muslim majority countries. And what is social entrepreneurship? USAID helps to clarify that Obama, again, unduly favors Islam:

Through this Summit, the United States seeks both to join existing efforts and inspire new efforts to promote entrepreneurship and innovation in Muslim-majority countries and Muslim communities around the world.

Successful entrepreneurs, investors, academics, and leaders of entrepreneurship networks, non-profits, foundations, and businesses who are invested in promoting business or social entrepreneurship in Muslim communities would be excellent delegates and are encouraged to apply.

How much will this gambit cost U.S. taxpayers? What proportion of the U.S. national debt is now related to Islam? Any analysts out there?

Just a refresher, the First Amendment of the United States Constitution used to include something called the Establishment Clause which states:

The First Amendment’s Establishment Clause prohibits the government from making any law “respecting an establishment of religion.” This clause not only forbids the government from establishing an official religion, but also prohibits government actions that unduly favor one religion over another. It also prohibits the government from unduly preferring religion over non-religion, or non-religion over religion.

Just a sampling:
Clinton giving MILLIONS more U.S. taxpayer dollars to ‘Muslim world’
Obama’s $150 Million Muslim Technology Fund
Obama to give ANOTHER $900M to Hamas-run ‘Palestine’
Obama approves $20M Gaza Refugee & Migration Assistance
Great Satan taxpayers fund $64.5M West Bank infrastructure projects
Obama ok’s $400K to Gadhafi-run Charities, $7.5B more to Pakistan
Obama’s Supplemental Bill Passes, Gives Billions to Enemies

8 thoughts on “Obama unduly favors Islam again, calls ‘entrepreneurship summit’ with Muslims

  1. Did we all forget that there is an enormous concentration of the world’s wealth in the Islamic world through oil money? Saudi Arabia, et al, are stinking rich. If they haven’t been able to convert those revenues into business growth within the Arab and Muslim worlds, what makes the Anointed One think that an American-sponsored summit will help?

    Meanwhile, Christian Africans and Asians are left to the wolves.

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  3. Isn’t it encouraging, holding a muslim entrepeneurial summit with people who do not believe in Capitalism and the Free Enterprise System! Wait – neither does Sheik Obama.
    So he spend millions of taxpayer money to bring these people into the United States. Proclaim that we have a lot in common with islam. Then as islamists bring their businesses to America, they will make demands that American businesses be Sharia compliant. Lawsuits will ensue. Isn’t this a violation of the U.S. Constitution Establishment Clause, favoring a religion? Sheik Obama the U.S. cannot afford you any longer, but isn’t that your intention see how much you can bleed the American taxpayer as well as ruin the American economy?

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  6. I voted for the man. I am now sorry I did. I wish I had written in none of the above. I am so sick of our countries worry about not rocking the boat. America is in a world of hurt right now and we are being invaded literally by terrorists and mexicans. It is time for people to say NO MORE!!!! We need to keep our resources here in this country and take care of our own and never ever give any funding to countries that openly allow and back extreme religion in any form. I can’t back Obama anymore. I honestly thought he was going to work for America. He lied. I want proof that he is actually an American citizen. He can’t seem to be able to provide this proof therefore he must follow the law and step down or be impeached a.s.a.p. He has turned out to be a wet noodle. And has not been able to fix any of the problems created by the former extreme christian administration. We need to elect an atheist who has no ties to any religion except that of common sense in favor of the American citizen who works for a living. I am actually in favor of forced family planning for welfare recipients. Let the blood suckers stay on the dole the rest of their lives but do not allow them to have any more children. After 1 generation we will save billions of dollars allowing us to care for for our elderly and those that have been injured in a more life sustaining way. I say stop the giving of our tax dollars to every low life person,corporation and religious based program in the U.S. and take care of our own that are here and not just created to get a larger monthly check and free housing. Use the money to take care of our environment and the creation of alternative energy. It is time America gets her sh.t together and it is up to her people to make sure she is taken care of first and foremost.

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