bin Laden’s bodyguard: “I hope that my son will fight jihad”

This is the kind of guy who is supposedly rehabing Gitmo jihadists? Take note…excellent insights in this piece from Victoria Clark:

…al-Bahri was certainly not alone in warning that Yemen was shaping up into a second Afghanistan, a vacuum which al-Qaeda would have no trouble exploiting and filling. But I began to notice the glee with which he was laying out a wider vision, of a Saudi Arabia trapped in a hostile pincer movement between an Iraq in which jihadists had filled the vacuum left by departing US troops and a recently created Islamist state of Yemen, with Somalia across the Red Sea going the same way. “Then it’ll be ‘you’re either with us or against us’, like Bush said,” he declared, his eyes bright with enthusiasm. “You see, throughout the Islamic world al-Qaeda is the only group with a coherent programme for the future. We want the whole Muslim world to be united and on a par with the West and China and India!”

“Wait a minute, Nasir,” I interrupted, astonished. “How can you be thinking of re-educating jihadists for the Americans? Why aren’t you still with bin Laden in Waziristan, or wherever he is?”

“You are right to ask that question! I freely admit that I am weak,” he said, placing a hand over his heart to emphasise his sincerity. “I do wish now that I had never left Afghanistan, that I was still with my sheikh.”

So you were in favour of your sheikh’s attacks on America?”

“Yes,” he replied, offering me the stock rationale, “because it was time for Western societies to taste some of the bitterness that the Muslim world is tasting. But we are against the governments, not the people.”

“What about all those innocent people dropping out of the twin towers?”

“Westerners are free to replace their governments when they don’t like what they do,” he countered. “I hope that one day I will be able to return to jihad but if I don’t, I hope that my son will fight jihad.”

“Is he showing any interest yet?” “No,” he laughed, “he’s only 11. Right now, he wants to be a mechanic.” Enlightening as it had been, my afternoon with al-Bahri left me baffled and uneasy. Clearly neither foolish nor naïve, he was forcing me to two conclusions: first, that being an ex-jihadist was not the same as being a reformed jihadist, and second, that enthusiastically embracing Western business practices and dreaming of a contract with the US Government was no natural barrier to committing divinely sanctioned atrocities against the same US Government and the American people.

Read it all via Charming and chilling: Osama bin Laden’s bodyguard – Times Online.

3 thoughts on “bin Laden’s bodyguard: “I hope that my son will fight jihad”

  1. I often wonder if the minimum IQ for the Journalism School is 80 (border line mental retatrdation). The incompatability of ISLAM and Western Culture is so clear as to be like windshield glass, yet these progressive, liberals just don’t get it. Pluralism only works with TOLERANT peoples & cultures.

  2. These libtards will figure it out when a precious member of their family is either killed or decides to
    take on the jihadi lifestyle. How many progressives do you know who gather the family together each sunday, or sabbath and wend their way to the church or synogogue ? Their kids are ripe for any ideology
    that promises an anchor. Their parents all belong with few exceptions to the ” Lets blame America
    for everything group “. The one thing their kids will never put on is a military uniform. Islamic jihadis don’t wear them. What a pack of losers . The jihadis prob-
    ably laugh their a es off as soon as they leave the tent.

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