Nigeria: Muslims slaughter 400-500 Christians in latest Jos crisis (updated)

Muslim mass slaughter of mainly Christians. This report implicates the OIC – presumably the same freedom-sapping Islamists to whom Barack Obama just appointed a terrorist-defending Special Envoy.

(Video added: watch at your own risk, it is disturbing)

First video removed.

via Nigeria: 400 Killed in Fresh Jos Crisis.

Jos — The government has since called for the arrest of Alhaji Saleh Bayeri, former executive secretary, Muslim Welfare Board and State Secretary of Miyetti Allah Cattle Rearers Association, accusing him of “issuing threats and inciting Fulani people against the Berom People which is unfortunate.”The attack is coming at a time the Christian community in the state raised alarm over reports of renewed suicide attacks being planned for some selected churches in the state, as contained in a widely circulated documents yesterday.

A reliable government source told Daily Champion yesterday on phone that the attackers invaded the villages in the wee hours of the morning.

Asked about the casualty figures, the source said more than 400 were massacred in the attack. He said the attackers invaded the village from Bauchi State.

As at the time of filling this report, the morgue of the state specialist hospital where some of the corpses were deposited was filled to the brim. Chief Medical Director, Dr. Pam Dantong, who conducted journalists round the place, said the injured are receiving treatment in the institution.

Meanwhile, a document was circulated in churches during yesterday’s service warning the congregation of planned suicide attacks on selected churches by 15 almajiris, who were said to have agreed to volunteer on suicide missions to benefit after being promised N20m gift each.

The document, entitled, “unanimous decision of Muslim Ummah in Northern Nigeria towards the crisis in Plateau State,” was not signed or dated, but has as one Alhaji Sanusi Ibrahim Das as conveyor.

Those who saw the contents of the document which told our correspondent that the Islamic Bank and the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC), would bank role the mission, even as part payment was said to have been made to the volunteers.

Commenting on the attack, the state Commissioner of Information and Communication, Hon. Gregory Yenlong, regretted that it was a serious security challenge to the government and that government was reviewing its security machinery.

More: Islamic Assailants Kill Hundreds of Christians Near Jos, Nigeria

An uneasy calm prevailed in Plateau state, Nigeria, Monday following the killing of hundreds of Christians early Sunday morning in three farming villages near Jos by ethnic Fulani Muslims.

The mostly ethnic Berom victims included many women and children killed with machetes by rampaging Fulani herdsmen. About 75 houses were also burned.

State Information Commissioner Gregory Yenlong confirmed that about 500 persons were killed in the attacks, which took place mainly in Dogo Nahawa, Zot and Rastat villages.

“We were woken up by gunshots in the middle of the night, and before we knew what was happening, our houses were torched and they started hacking down people” survivor Musa Gyang told media.

Update: More background on the situation in Jos, Nigeria from this Elites Tv report:

In Jos, conflict seems to recur in ever-narrowing cycles: deadly riots rocked the city in 1994, 2001, 2008 and –not even two months ago– in January 2010. The current conflict is said to have started in reprisal for the destruction that occurred in January — there have been reports of children and the elderly being particularly targeted by roving gangs armed with guns and machetes.

Like the previous riots, the current conflict in Jos has been fought along sectarian lines – Jos lies on the border between Nigeria’s Muslim-majority North and Christian-majority South. Access to land and resources is often determined by whether one is a native, or “indigene”, of the historically Christian city, or a “settler” from elsewhere (“settlers” are most often Muslims from the North; see a Human Rights Watch report on the subject here for more on the subject).

Many sources have placed the death toll in the hundreds: Al-Jazeera and the BBC both reported more than 500 casualties, although one government source put the figure at 55 official deaths. Quick burials make it difficult to accurately assess the total dead, while political considerations also lead to discrepancies in the numbers. Shuaibu Mohammed of Reuters gives one explanation:

Death tolls have been highly politicised in previous outbreaks of unrest in central Nigeria, with various factions accused of either exaggerating the figures for political ends or downplaying them to try to douse the risk of reprisals.

In the blogosphere, horror, shame and empathy were the prevalent emotions. Linda Ikeji posted a photo on her blog which graphically displayed the carnage. She wrote:

NO, I won’t take the picture down. This is our shame and failure as a country. Let’s all stare at it!

Update 2: Terror master Gaddafi Says Reward the Jihad, Divide Nigeria in two; jihadist video says wage jihad

Update 3: Nigeria: Muslims disguised as soldiers kill 13 more Christians, cut out tongues

Latest: Suspects plead not guilty to charges

Twenty suspects were arraigned at the Federal High Court in Jos on Thursday over their alleged involvement in the killing of about 500 villagers in Dogo-Nahawa, Zot, and Rassat last month, a massacre that raised tension coming after that of January this year, not to mention the one of November 2008.

They face three counts of unlawful possession of fire arms, terrorism, and unlawful assembly.

Update 4: Nigeria: Muslims Kill Six More Christians – four teens, two women

August 30, 2011: Jos Again: 22 Killed In Bloody Clash

September 2, 2011: The jihad continues: 42 die in religious clash in central Nigeria

196 thoughts on “Nigeria: Muslims slaughter 400-500 Christians in latest Jos crisis (updated)

  1. A. Ode… Your last phrase was as accurate a any muslim could put it… We came to this world naked and as so we shall return, but Allah says it more accurately… ‘Indeed from Allah have we come, and to Him is our return’..
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  6. Emmanuel Ogebe, special counsel, Justice for Jos project, will release a report on the Jos massacres and the continuing threat of Islamism to Nigeria’s Christians, Nigeria’s identity as a secular democracy, and to America’s national security.

    What: Briefing on the Conflict in Nigeria on the one year anniversary of the Jos massacres

    Who: Institute on Religion and Democracy, Westminster Institute, Jubilee Campaign USA, Barnabas Fund

    Where: Capitol Hill, Room 2237 Rayburn House Office Building

    When: Tuesday, March 8, 2011, 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.

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  26. What happen in plateau state this days seems our govt in plateau state does not bother on the mass killing every day in the state i am pleading on behafe of every citizen let security leave plateau so we can know who own the city.


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  31. this web page is totally biased. the motive is to blackmail islam period so is no surprised if all the page preaches is Islam against freedom of speech and muslims as murderers. well, I still believe there are individuals with contrary views and no one can change that.

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