Militant ‘Muslims of America’ pulling out all stops for NY parade

We told you about the March 14 parade being held by the radical Islamist group ‘Muslims of America’ (MoA) here. The groups nefarious activities have been documented in blog posts, videos, and documentaries – including militant training camps within the U.S., as well as video of their leader, Sheikh Mubarik Ali Gilani announcing the formation of such camps in the U.S. (below).

The following information is from a MoA document posted on Scribd and details how members should act to portray the group in a positive light for the upcoming parade.

Countless blessings be upon The Reason for Creation (sas)
Muhammad Mustafa (sas) !!!
May ALLAH continue to bless our jamaat with the
guidance of
Our Perfect Murshid
Sheikh Syed Mubarak Ali Shah Jilani

It is with great excitement that the United Muslim-Christian Forum announces the 3rd Annual Miladun-Nabi Parade & Festival in Binghamton,
New York on Sunday, March 14, 2010 2pm.

As you may imagine, an event of this magnitude requires financial support from every member of the community those attending and not. Mayors/Asst Mayors and others are assisting in collecting from all community members.  Please contact your local admin or Yasmin Begum @ 832-978-2324 ( to send in your donation today. We have only two weeks left and many, many expenses to secure. If  everyone gives some contribution we will have all we need in no time.

Three easy ways to pay:
Deposit/Transfer to: Bank of America #586014114723 (Name: Yasmin Abdulatheem. Zip: 77459).
PayPal to: (
Give your donation to your local mayor/asst mayor. Time is of the essence, please give today!

Bring a Special Guest!
One key to making this a successful event is if everyone brings a non-Muslim guest to the event. Go so far as to escort someone from work, school, or your neighborhood. If you know of a prominent Christian Pastor or Clergyman whom you would like to receive a special invite, please call Sheereen Rashid @ (607) 343-5879. All are to remember to practice the best of adaab as we are hosting prominent guests, government
officials and our Christian neighbors and friends.

Parade Formation

For the best presentation to the watching public and for best quality video, parade formation if very important. Please pay special attention and strictly follow the parade marshal’s instructions during the procession. Men will line up in front, then ladies, then ladies with strollers. IQOU organizations/subsidiaries (UMCF, Hand to Hands, Muslim Vets, AMMRT, Muslim Boy Scouts, Islamic Post, etc) should line up first with professionally made banners. Participants representing these organizations should register at the identified tables and wear something (color, armband, ribbon) as a group.

The various lands and properties (eg: Holy Islamberg, Holy Islamville, Aliville) should have banners that represent their areas. These banners should have pre-approved slogans…

…If vehicles are being used for floats, then they should bear the mark of the contingent they are housing (eg. Muslim Vets, Mahmoudburg, etc)

During the procession, please keep noise to a minimum so as to hear parade marshal instructions.  Cants and slogans will need to be crisp, loud, clear and in unison for best presentation. Slogans/Chants In order to ensure some consistency in the message we are representing at the parade.

Banners should bear mottos that encourage Muslim-Christian unity. Call Um Ali (607-467-1912 or for additional approved messages. Please review some suggested slogans/chants that can also be put on banners:
· “Mankind is the family of GOD”
· “There is no God but one God and Jesus son of Mary is the spirit of God!”
· “Holy Islamberg loves Jesus and Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon them)”
· “Muslims and Christians United for World Peace
· “Muhammad (saw) and Jesus (as) are two faces of the same reality”

Dress Guidelines
Appropriate dress is mandatory! Everyone will serve as representatives of not only IQOU, but of Muslims living in America to the entire world. Please dress prepared for very cold weather as this region is still experiencing severe winter conditions.
Men: No jeans, doo-rags, camouflage, military-style clothing or anything that resembles nonbelievers. Do not wear turbans, kifayyahs, afghans, or imamahs to this event. When selecting clothing, keep in mind the modesty of the Holy Last Messenger (S.A.W.). Business Casual (ie slacks, modest dress shirt, no tie) with jacket and casual shoes is appropriate. Clean neat hair. Well groomed beards please.
Ladies: Please follow predetermined jamaat standards for proper dress. DO NOT wear short jackets that are above the waist (bolero style). These jackets have been vehemently spoken about negatively and are inappropriate for Muslim women to wear. Tight and revealing clothing that accentuates your shape is absolutely PROHIBITED. Loose fitting Abaya to the ankle of subtle color; with scarf covering ears, neck and bosom.
Proper clothing must be worn under abaya, caftan with trousers. Do not wear bright colors such as bright red, orange, yellow, etc. No make-up please.

No attendees should speak or comment to the press. Please refer all media representatives to Hasib Abdul Haqq 607-, Sheereen Begum or any of the identified parade coordinators.

InshALLAH we hope to see you there. This is yet another historical event that we are blessed to participate in. ALLAH be thanked!!!

Areas of interest, to non-believers, are highlighted above. Muslims of America or the International Quranic University – despite links to terrorist group Jamaat al Fuqra and videos of their leader calling for Muslims to kill Americans – can easily raise money through Bank of America and Paypal. If that doesn’t work, they also run a tax-skimming operation.

For what is supposed to be a Muslim-Christian event, the Muslim group is imploring its members to bring non-Muslims to the event. It is unclear which, if any, Christian group is openly partnering with Gilani’s Muslims of America, but apparently the number of non-Muslims is so few that a request for more non-believers was required.

It is clear from this document that there are multiple Islamic compounds across the U.S. that will be attending, and those compounds are run by mayors and assistant mayors (who are responsible for collecting money for each compound). Some of the names of the Islamic enclaves in the U.S. are listed including: Holy Islamberg, Holy Islamville, Aliville, and Mahmoudburg. Others have previously been documented.

The central organizers also appear to maintain strict control of the actions of the group – almost in militant fashion – including formation, chants, and permissible banners, clothing, and hygiene. Much in accordance with Islamic sharia law.

The suggested banners are supposed to suggest Muslim-Christian unity, while the clothing regulations prohibit the Muslims from dressing like “unbelievers” – the same unbelievers they are supposedly uniting with – or dressing like Muslims (no turbans, kiffayas, etc.). And of course no military clothing or fatigues as they wear in their training videos.

Finally, no one is permitted to speak to the press.

Why not? Why such strict regulations? Why so much rain on the MoA parade?

Update: One local news report stated Muslims came from “as far as Canada and the Caribbean.”

31 thoughts on “Militant ‘Muslims of America’ pulling out all stops for NY parade

  1. outreach to Christians LOL not to JEWS? or Bahais? Copts? Hindus?
    YUP all fascist all the time- and lying, pretend to dress the way you really don’t in real life-
    and the best one –the slogans for Christians- denying Jesus as God but trying to fool them intothinking they don’t look down on their belief with disgust.
    Yes fool a kuffar, make him tag along in your hate fest-

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  9. Islamist have this ‘friendly’, victim face well polished and practised in other western countries. It is simply a marketing campaign with no good intention.

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