Nigeria: Muslims disguised as soldiers kill 13 more Christians, cut out tongues

This follows the Muslim slaughter of 400 – 500 Christians last week. The media appear to be intentionally under-reporting that figure. via At Least 13 Killed in New Nigerian Sectarian Clash:

Nigerian officials and residents say at least 13 people were killed by Muslim herdsmen who attacked a predominantly Christian village close to the troubled central city Jos.

Witnesses say the attackers, disguised as soldiers, raided the village, 30 kilometers south of Jos, at dawn. Most of the victims of the attack were women and children. Local officials said security forces were alerted about the attack, but help came too late.

More from Channel Africa:

The dead included seven women, four children and one man, Lipdo said. Attackers removed the tongues of most of the victims, witnesses said.

It was unclear why attackers took the victims’ tongues.

The latest slaughter comes a day after Libyan terror leader Gaddafi called for the creation of a new Islamic nation by separating Nigeria in two, and after jihadists posted a video online calling for Muslims in Nigeria to rise up and wage jihad.

12 thoughts on “Nigeria: Muslims disguised as soldiers kill 13 more Christians, cut out tongues

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  5. I must say that i am so angry about this hwole thing about muslim killing christains. why can’t the christains fight back. since they are killing muslim in Jos while can’t christain start killing muslim in another state quitely? is painful i must confess.

  6. The only solution to Nigerian problem is division of the country into up to three countries or more. this is the only solution. Moslems do not think like humans when it comes to religion. the ealier the better. Even after the present good government, they will still want to be in control. Divid Nigeria and the whole problem will go. We still need Biafra, no matter how good the government of the country try.

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