FL: Former CAIR leader’s new group assaults two at Muslim Capitol Day

One of those assaulted has the background at FPM, Assault at Muslim Capitol Day:

If Ahmed Bedier’s United Voices for America (UVA) was a peaceful organization, with the series of events which occurred earlier this month, you wouldn’t have known it. On the day termed by the group “Muslim Capitol Day,” one of UVA’s members, Bassem Alhalabi, attacked two individuals, this author included. A warrant was issued in his name, culminating in his arrest. This, among other things, leaves into question the true intentions of the UVA.

United Voices for America – United Voices for short – was the brainchild of the former Executive Director of the Tampa chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-Tampa), Ahmed Bedier. According to Bedier, UVA was created to lobby Florida’s legislature on such issues as education reform, health care reform, and stimulation of the economy. Given Bedier’s long history of extremist activity, though, one would need to be skeptical about such motives.

Bedier began working for CAIR in February 2003, the same month that Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) leader Sami al-Arian was arrested by the FBI. This was no mere coincidence. Bedier was just coming off a stint as Outreach Director of a radical mosque, the Islamic Society of Pinellas County (ISPC), and CAIR needed someone in the Tampa Bay area to defend al-Arian, one of the founders of CAIR’s parent organization, the Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP). Bedier fit the bill.

As “unofficial spokesman” for al-Arian, Bedier held press conferences for al-Arian; he spoke at rallies for al-Arian; he organized the showing of a puff film belittling the government’s case against al-Arian; he defended al-Arian in the media; and he allowed the radio show he co-hosts, True Talk, to be used as a forum for al-Arian’s Islamic Jihad colleagues to speak and spew their hatred for Israel and the United States.

Besides shilling for al-Arian’s cohorts, Bedier has also used his radio show to promote Hezbollah. In July 2006, during Israel’s war in Lebanon, all three of Bedier’s radio show guests lauded Hezbollah, describing the terrorist group with such terms as “heroic.”

In May 2008, one year after the U.S. Justice Department named Bedier’s group, CAIR, a co-conspirator in the financing of millions of dollars to Hamas, he announced on his radio show that he was leaving CAIR and starting a new group. That group was UVA.

The Muslim mafia henchman?

This was not the first time Alhalabi found himself on the other side of the law. In June 2003, he was found guilty of illegally shipping a $13,000 military-grade thermal imaging device to Syria, a state sponsor of terrorism.

Read it all.

3 thoughts on “FL: Former CAIR leader’s new group assaults two at Muslim Capitol Day

  1. These rats are getting a little too big for thier britches.They think because the Europeans are pushovers,so we Americans will be the same.Boy,do I have some bad news for them.We’ll a bit different than the Euro wimps,and I’m afraid we’re going to have to school these vermin.

  2. School them? The sooner the better …. for persecution is worse than slaughter. Damn, Muhammad is rubbibg off on me again.

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