From Sudbury to Mumbai: The Boston Terror Plot (video)

A video report on the Boston-area Muslim, Tarek Mehanna, arrested for plotting to blow up Americans in shopping malls, and kill U.S. officials in the executive office, as well as the large number of Muslims in the U.S. who support him.


hat tip @staks33

5 thoughts on “From Sudbury to Mumbai: The Boston Terror Plot (video)

  1. Never mind shot or hung — too civilized for those animals. Let’s go back to the days of Nero, and use these animals as human torches to illuminate some poorly lit areas in Washington DC. At least their worthless lives will have had some useful purpose ……. even if it is as a human torch.

  2. By the way, hey QV, I’m certain you were pummeled growing up in school for being the spineless coward that you are today (I’m sure your 109 lb father is proud of you — himself too being an invertebrate — I’m sure). Anyone who believes in murdering innocent Jewish & Christian women and children, should have their entire gene pool exterminated. With the exception of Israel, that how cowardly region over there needs a repeat of August 6, 1945 (Hiroshima and Nagasaki). That’s the only thing that will solve the problem of COWARDLY muslim men spreading terror through their FALSE religion!

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