Muslims, CAIR, applaud San Fran police chief’s dhimmitude, give him Koran

Yes, this is the third post on the same incident, and yes the outcome could have been, and was, predicted.

The age of dhimmitude is upon us, and sure enough, the unindicted co-conspirator to the largest terror financing conviction in U.S. history – CAIR – a group with an absurd number of its members convicted or deported for terrorism, was part and parcel to this act of stealth jihad against the SFPD. They even had the audacity to give Chief Dhimmi Gascon a Qur’an. And that is just the beginning.

San Francisco police chief applauded during apology to Muslim community

San Francisco police Chief George Gascon was greeted with applause this afternoon by hundreds of members of the local Muslim community after offering a public apology for statements he made last week on terrorism.

“I am very sorry that I offended you,” Gascon told the audience — many of whom were from the local Yemeni, Afghan and Pakistani communities — following their afternoon prayer service, held in a downtown hotel conference hall in order to accommodate the crowd.

“That was never my intent,” he said.

About a dozen groups then wrote Gascon, calling his statements “inflammatory” and “insulting.” They cited the possibility of an increase in hate crimes against local Muslims and those of Middle Eastern background.

Gascon later said he had referred to both international and domestic terrorism, but issued a statement of apology and this week met with leaders from various Muslim and Middle Eastern communities.

“The reality is, our safety is a joint effort, and it is a shared responsibility,” he told the audience today, stressing that he had “the utmost respect” for the Yemeni and Afghan communities, as well as every community in San Francisco.

“I’m deeply honored, and I’m also deeply sorry for what occurred,” he said.

Gascon’s remarks today were met with enthusiastic applause, and leaders from the community said they accepted his apology and hoped for a more active relationship with the Police Department.

“The dialogue starts here,” said Adel Syed, civil rights coordinator for the Sacramento chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations.

“Security starts with understanding, and dialogue,” he said.

Before Gascon departed, he was presented with a Koran.

“Basically, the community wants to make sure that they’re not treated as a suspect community,” Syed said afterward.

Gascon’s appearance today “was a testament to his service, and his cooperation with the community,” Syed said.

“I think people in the Muslim community are very open-hearted,” he said. “But it’s what happens next that’s important.”

Mansoor Ismael, honorary consul of the Republic of Yemen for San Francisco, agreed that the community had accepted Gascon’s apology. He said the Yemeni community in San Francisco is estimated at between 8,000 and 11,000.

“I’m sure that from now on we’ll work together,” he said.

Police spokeswoman Lt. Lyn Tomioka said she too was pleased by today’s response from the Muslim community, adding that a future town hall meeting between Gascon and the community was “a possibility.”

“We hoped for the best, but that was better than we expected,” Tomioka said. “They were so gracious and warm with him.”

Seriously? A possibility? Who is that broad fooling? Gascon doesn’t know he’s gotten himself into. Is he aware that the FBI has basically cut off CAIR due to its terror links? The notion that dialogue with Muslims is the way to security is bullshit. But it highlights the true nature of Islam – that if Gascon did not apologize and meet with Muslims – there would have been hell to pay, possible lawsuits, and who knows what else. That’s how they roll.

7 thoughts on “Muslims, CAIR, applaud San Fran police chief’s dhimmitude, give him Koran

  1. Yemeni population in that part of San Fran is between 8,000 an 11,000..SERIOUSLY???? If that’s the case,then the city has already fallen. Add that to Pelosi and tell me what you see for the future.

  2. This is truely sad…. great reporting!!!

    I happened to find the Mayor of Kansas City speaking to the Muslim of America Society this Easter Weekend in Overland Park, Kansas….. so I ambushed him with video camera…….

    I am waiting for a reply from him before I post the full video but here is a little portion.

  3. “The dialogue starts here,” said Adel Syed + translation for dhimmis= the threats begin now- do as we say OR ELSE

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  5. i am a Cherokee Indian i use to live on the reservation to see how the white man lived i can see now what goes around comes around.our mother earth is round like the sun our moon.i feel sorry for the white man he has lose almost everything his job.his land his home he is living anywhere he can lay his head down .but.what dont that sound like the Indians when the white man came here and took our land how does it feel.and mow the Muslims wand you to become one of them now bow down and kiss their feet kiss their ass.i bow down to no man but to my creator.i live in southern Illinois and here you will not find a Muslim or a Mexican and very few black see we have people that where white sheets and white mask in short their called the KKK.i dont thank the Muslims know who they are but we would hope you would move here because we have some new ropes and we haven’t hanged any one in a while.the last person that was hanged here well one of the last was a black man and all he did was look at a white woman.we are well known here they have made movies and wrote books about this place called bloody Williamson county.its for real Google it. Muslims.your in our land not your land you do things our way or go back to your home might get by in towns where people are afraid of you but you come here and and cause problems your heads will be hanging in the trees.we dont like you.our brown brothers from across the border dont like you.dont push your religion on us and we wont bother you even though we have a president thats a Muslim it dont cut any ice with us.after all it was your people that caused 9/11 and pay back is hell.iraq did not have anything to do with 9/11. peace be with you

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