SCOTUS declines case of Saudi Muslim who enslaved maid in Colorado

The US Supreme Court on Monday declined to take the case of a Muslim defendant in Colorado whose lawyer was barred from questioning a prospective juror who, during jury selection, expressed concern that he might be biased against Muslims.

The trial judge refused to allow the defense lawyer to closely question the prospective juror about his possible anti-Muslim prejudice. The judge also refused a request that the individual be excluded from the jury.

Instead, the man became one of 12 jurors who heard evidence in a trial infused with anti-Islamic and anti-Muslim themes and comments, according to court documents.

The defendant, Homaidan Al-Turki, was convicted of having unlawful sexual contact with a live-in housekeeper, of failing to pay her for all her work, and for keeping her in slave-like conditions. He was sentenced to 28 years in prison.

The Supreme Court decision not to hear the case leaves Mr. Turki’s conviction in place.

via Supreme Court refuses Muslim’s case about possible juror bias / The Christian Science Monitor –

3 thoughts on “SCOTUS declines case of Saudi Muslim who enslaved maid in Colorado

  1. god forbid,oops allah forbid we violate this barbaric muslim defendants rights. will an answer to sharia law invading our court system come in the form of “us” losing sanity in an american court dominated not by justice but by grievance groups. take vermont as a good example. molesters getting sentences not in years but in months. al-turki is a turkey.

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