13 Year old Muslim “Bride” Bleeds to Death, Intercourse Ruptured Internal Organs


Rape and homicide-related charges in any civilized society. Brutal rape. Enough to rupture internal organs of the young girl who then bled to death while the vicious animal who perpetrated the crime did nothing to help her. He’ll likely await his next child “bride” because Muslim leaders demand child brides as permitted by sharia law.

Meanwhile, the U.S. is importing these barbaric animals – and their sick “culture” – to the U.S. in increasing numbers. Basta! Got daughters? Pay attention. via Dead Yemeni bride, 13, ‘a victim of childhood abuse’

SANA’A // Elham Mahdi al Assi, a 13-year-old girl, died from severe haemorrhaging [sic] and the rupturing of internal organs as a result of sexual intercourse, just five days after she was married.

Her death follows a number of high-profile child marriage cases that have shaken Yemen and, activists hope, may go some way towards bringing about a law that would establish a minimum age for marriage.

Elham, who lived in the village of Qalat Hameed in Hajja province, about 130km north of Sana’a, was married on March 29 to a man in his 20s in a traditional arrangement known as a “swap marriage”, in which the brother of the bride married the sister of the groom. She died on April 2, though it is not clear if she was dead before arriving at the hospital.

“Her death is the result of the opposition to the ban on child marriage. She is a victim of childhood being abused in Yemen,” said Majed al Madhaji, the press officer at the non-governmental Arabic Sisters Forum for Human Rights (ASFHR).

Mansur Abu Ali, a Hajja-based activist with ASFHR, said the girl’s family had claimed she was 18, but after speaking to people in her village, including social dignitaries, he was able to confirm she was only about 13.

Local police have arrested the husband and also carried out initial interrogations.

“We have assigned a lawyer to follow up the case as this should become a public opinion case,” said Mr al Madhaji.

“However, we find that the legal position is difficult as the law does not criminalise the husband who forces his wife into sex or rapes her. But we have asked for a forensic medicine report as this is a lethal attack.”

Sigrid Kaag, regional head for the UN children’s agency, Unicef, described underage marriages as a “harmful practice”.

Worthless P-O-S.

“The death of Elham Mahdi al Assi,” said Ms Kaag, “is a painful reminder of the risks girls face when they are married too soon,” said Ms Kaag.

Elham’s death is the second such case to be reported in the province in the the past several years. Fawzia Abdallah Youssef, a 12-year-old child bride, died in September 2008 in Hajja of haemorrhaging [sic] as she gave birth to a baby, which was stillborn. She had been married in 2007.

More than half Yemen’s girls are married before they reach puberty, according to UN figures.

13 thoughts on “13 Year old Muslim “Bride” Bleeds to Death, Intercourse Ruptured Internal Organs

  1. Animals.

    Even if we knew nothing else about Islam, shouldn’t the fact that this is not only sanctioned but was the practice of their prophet be enough to turn any sane person away from it? The fact that there are BILLIONS following this obscene excuse for a religion still leaves me in shock.

  2. and they do their best to insure women will not enjoy sexual relations by cutting off their clitoris ——–and then have the nerve to tell you how wonderful ISLAM is for women- how it protects them, howit provides for them–
    Tabari I:280 “Allah said, ‘It is My obligation to make Eve bleed once every month as she made this tree bleed. I must also make Eve stupid, although I created her intelligent.’ Because Allah afflicted Eve, all of the women of this world menstruate and are stupid.”

    Tabari IX:113 “Allah permits you to shut them in separate rooms and to beat them, but not severely

    the not severely was added later to obfuscate


    to the male, a portion equal to that of two females…. These are settled portions ordained by Allah.”

    “The Prophet said: ‘I was shown the Hell Fire and the majority of its dwellers were women who are disbelievers or ungrateful.’ When asked what they were ungrateful for, the Prophet answered, ‘All the favors done for them by their husbands.'”

    was this girl ungrateful for her rape?

    the sick book of hate goes on:
    two women is equal to one man. That is a proof.'”

    MOhammed was rapist-
    beauty of Safiyah was described to him. Her husband had been killed, so Allah’s Apostle selected her for himself. He took her along with him till we reached a place called Sad where her menses were over and he took her for his wife, consummating his marriage to her, and forcing her to wear the veil.'”

    raped her after forcing her to watch her people slaughtered

  3. there’s a hush in the room. what could it be? america’s feminists. “phyllis chesler” probably one of the last true feminist’s, blog’s on the horror’s of islam on it’s women. i mentioned to a friend how feminism in america influenced our thinking as men in relation to our women. what will sharia law do to us now? there are no more men left to defend their honor if there is any honor left.

  4. Judging from this type of article –
    It is strange to me that Muslims like these men poooh-poooh other people’s ways (regarding women) yet this practice of marrying adolescent girls AND doing this to them is okay in their world….. NOT

    These girls are being tortured – legally…..
    People who allow this are not good – caring people (imo)……

  5. I propose that we butt-rape all Muslim men with a tree branch until we tear their organs loose, them let them “peacefully” bleed to death.

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  7. It’s very ignorant to say that a whole religion is bad based on a few facts. Most of the things that are so ridiculous are not even part of the religion but of the culture. And there are a lot of good things about Islam. The religion is not bad, we have been using excuses like that to throw the blame around and nothing is changing. PEOPLE ARE BAD, not religions or any other abstract concept

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