Chicago: Man kills family, including 2 pregnant women – because wife would not adhere to Islam

Updates below.

Police say he was unrepentant and wished he had more bullets. Piecing this together from various reports. Updates to follow. h/t @AkhilRana

Keleasha Larry, 3, is one of four people who were shot to death early Wednesday, April 14, 2010 at a Marquette neighborhood residence in the the 7200 block of South Mozart Street on the Southwest Side of Chicago, authorities said.

via Man kills five, says ‘Allah’ had told him to do it.

In a bizarre case termed “horrendous” by Chicago police, a 32-year old man was arrested after he shot dead his wife, three children and an adult claiming “Allah” had told him to do it.

Three children and an adult were killed in the incident, while two more have been injured.

Police have taken a 32-year old man, believed to be from neighbouring Wisconsin, into custody but they did not revealed his identity.

According to sources quoted by the Chicago Sun-Times, the shooter told police “Allah” had told him to kill his family and that he felt “too bad I ran out of bullets”.

“It is really horrendous. Something like this is pretty incomprehensible,” Chicago Lawn District Police Commander John Kupczyk said.

The dead included a woman believed to be the pregnant wife of the shooter; 16-year-old Keyshai Fields, who was four months pregnant; a 3-year-old girl named Keleasha Larry; and a 7-month-old boy who was the shooter’s son, according to law enforcement officials.

More from WTAQ:

CHICAGO, Ill. – Relatives said a Madison man “snapped out” as he shot and killed his pregnant wife, their baby son, and 2 nieces in Chicago early Wednesday. 32-year-old James Larry was being questioned by police at last word. Relatives told the Wisconsin State Journal that Larry and members of his family were returning a nephew to Chicago after spring break when he got to his sister’s house and began shooting.

Other media reports said Larry heard voices ordering him to kill his family and bring them back to Allah. His 19-year-old Twanda Thompson died, along with their 7-month-old son Jihad, both of Madison. Thompson was expecting the couple’s second child in July. Also killed were Larry’s nieces, 16-year-old Keyshai Fields and 3-year-old Keleasha Larry.

A friend told the State Journal that Fields was 4 months’ pregnant. Larry’s mother, 57-year-old Leona Larry Burton, was critically injured and was fighting for her life at a Chicago hospital at last word. And his 13-year-old nephew Demond Larry was also critically injured. Larry’s sister Keshia was not at her southwest side Chicago home when the shootings occurred about 4:25 a.m. Wednesday. She said her 12-year-old daughter called her after she fled to a nearby gas station. The girl said Larry chased her down a street, and she was also shot-and-wounded.

The State Journal said Larry pleaded no contest last November to attacking Thompson at a department store parking lot. He was sentenced to 45 days in jail, and was released in late February.


The suspect’s sister, Letisha Larry of Wisconsin,  said that while her brother has no diagnosed mental illness, he recently started acting strangely. She claimed that while he was in jail he had become a Muslim, and had been saying Allah was telling him to kill people for the past week, sources told WBBM.

Court documents indicate the suspect has a criminal history involving drugs and theft, and was charged last September with disorderly conduct and battery after he allegedly attacked Thompson in a van in Madison, Wis.

The suspect’s 12-year-old niece managed to escape the massacre and run out of the house as her uncle shot at her from a distance. She notified the Chicago Police who arrived on the scene within minutes.

More here.

Police had soon apprehended a suspect, a Wisconsin man with a lengthy criminal record who was related to all those killed. Sources involved with the investigation said the man had converted to Islam several years ago while serving time in prison and had a dispute with his wife — one of the victims — because she would not adhere to his faith.

He told police that he needed to take his family back to Allah and out of this world of sinners, a source said. A police report quoted him as saying, “I wish I had more bullets. I wish I had more bullets.”


“I’m really just leaving everything in God’s hands,” said Keshia Larry as she left Advocate Christ Medical Center late Wednesday.


Bail was denied Friday for a 32-year-old Wisconsin man after prosecutors said he confessed on videotape to killing his pregnant wife, infant son and two nieces, one of whom was also pregnant.

James A. Larry, of Madison, Wis., is charged with four counts of first-degree murder, four counts of attempted first-degree murder and two counts of intentional homicide of an unborn child, according to Assistant Cook County State’s Attorney Jamie Santini.

22 thoughts on “Chicago: Man kills family, including 2 pregnant women – because wife would not adhere to Islam

  1. What a sickening situation. Mr. Larry will (we hope) get what he deserves from the justice system. Praying for those who lost loved ones and believing for STRONG, and SWIFT justice in this case.

  2. No prior mental illness until he converted to Islam while in prison. Now is displaying symptoms of schizophrenia hearing the voices, and is extremely violent. He had named his 7-month old son ‘Jihad’, so despite the relative saying he had no prior problems – looks like he and his wife both had issues and were leaning towards violence.

  3. Screw a trial,just beat this asshole to death,and be done with him.Burn the body,he doesn’t even deserve a funeral.No good prick.

  4. I hope people know that something was really wrong with this man and that Allah does not condome such behavior.

    In the Quran it says to kill one person is like killing the world.

    I pray for that family

  5. This is just saaad to hear and read about! My heart goes out to the mom who has to live with burying her children. This is one of the main reasons we must remain prayerful, believing God. These are some horrible and evil times we’re facing.

  6. This is totally unreprehensible what these people do in the name of religion, the religion of “Peace”. This should NOT be tolerated in the United States of America!

  7. Obviously this man had serious mental issues& any one suggesting that Islam was the cause of this horrific act must have mental issues as well.

    • apparently, the rate of “mental illness” is abnormally high among muslims, or the rate at which muslims blame mental illness for their sickening actions is abnormally high

    • you hadithers do shit like this and more,like cutting off young boys dicks in south asia, fucking girls as young as for 4 years old in arabia and always telling lies on PROPHET MUHAMMAD by saying a man from bukhari russia said it . I see sunni and shia muslims are like the catholics of the 1200.s ALLAH will dam you all and soon I PRAY

  8. Once again the fools of the HADITHS are doing all these crazy thing and is calling it or blaming these barbaric actions on ISLAM ,

    we do not find this stupid stuff in the QUR “AN, when are Muslims going to take back Islam from these murderous HADITHERS.

    I n the QUR’AN ,god says”there are those who uphold hadths thus to divert other from the path of GOD”

  9. Yes, there really is something wrong with him. I do not believe it is a mental case/situation, I do not believe he received any direction from Allah. He is just sick in his own state. The voices he was hearing were from his own nightmares.Not only has he now endangered Leona, my neighbor, he has intentionally taken the lives of children.
    I called the police on him many times for abusing his then girlfriend, he had been seen chocking her even in front of children, pushing on her, trying to really physically force her in that van he consistently drove knowing he was not a legal operating driver; he would tell the police that they just had an argument, a disagreement, that he didn’t hit her and she would say the same to keep him from going to jail. Now if that is love – then no one in the world needs it. He would park that van in the complex garage without proper authority. He was very mean, called his own mother whores, bitches. He also smoked marijuana because he dropped a small bag from that van and the police were called to come get it. At some point I believe they were homeless, there would be 4 or 5 people in that van and they’d park in the complex parking lot all night and then go in his mothers’ apartment to freshen/clean up I guess. Then when it started getting cold they were staying in his mothers’ apartment.
    You know what’s funny – of all the days in the last 10 months or so not once when I’d see him and / or her, did I see a Holy Quran in his hand; oops – he must have left it in that van.
    This hanging out, drinking, doing drugs, driving with no license, all the loud music, cussing, the pants hanging off the males and some females, having sex with any and everybody, not supervising our children or giving parental guidance, letting our children run rampant and doing dumb stuff ain’t cool, it really isn’t. When is it all going to stop? We are destroying our lives and our world with ignorance.
    If that happened in Madison, it could have been myself or anyone in the complex.
    You could look at Twanda and tell she really wasn’t happy; she had a look on her face as if she hated him and wished she could get away from him but being with him was better than being alone.
    I would tell every woman, if you have to be by yourself, be by yourself, it ain’t that much misunderstood love in the world. Like Tyler Perry says – I can do bad by myself. And it makes sense. But in reality you are learning yourself and you have to heal.
    Yes he is sick and I’m sorry to say she was sick from thinking that was what she deserved to be treated like.
    I pray for the families and I pray for him. I hope that the families can somehow find it in their hearts to forgive him so that they can go on in life.
    I am saddened that he has taken away so many precious lives and left so many hearts broken. Yet I know that God heals the brokenhearted.
    This is happening everywhere. We as humans are destroying each other. We have to do better; we have to live better.
    There has got to be an end to women who feel they have no self worth. There has got to be a way to get women to understand they don’t have to accept such treatment, there is better treatment to be given and love doesn’t come from being treated in a harmful manner and they are so much more deserving of a quality of life. Now there are many suffering because of one mans selfishness and stupidity.

  10. I am engaged to one of the family members pf these victims and I am so sad to hear that James is sayin that he is crazy—-CRAZY aint tha word for him. How could u kill yo wife, unborn daughter, yo son, you niece wit a baby growin in her, and lil 3 year old Pooh Pooh, and shot yo mom and nephew—-u aint Crazy u SICK MINDED. I can oly be strong for my fiancee’ and his family. Kiesha I LOVE U and yall are always in my prayers.

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  15. when are you going to kill off the feminists?

    beat your wives….you might need them

    ive been thinking of how we can run a smooth operation on this won!

    im waiting, and i wish you well…i’ll be watching the news, and i look forward to the day, you muslims, rise and kill these women, and slaughter them, yes, and like mark lepine did…and i dont blame you, and yes, good luck.

    Feminism isnt about freedom, it’s about lesbianism, and endless wars for israel. about the destruction of male and female, and the church.

    a cancer that pooped forth from those fabian socialist and losers who couldnt have EVER EVER EVER had the time or platform to do this madness, had not some WHITE MAN fought for the FREEDOM for them to use their time in charge….to do what exactly?

    destroy the world

    kill them

    god is great

    • so katie you are advocating more murder of women and children b/c you blame feminism , lesbians and Jews? and not the man who did this?

      thanks for revealing the truly sick perverse thinking that goes into making JIHADIS, the kind of twisted mental illness that finds a home, a kinship with ISLAMIC doctrines.

      people like youwillnever RISE anywhere- the home for you will be an eternity in HELL with your lover the devil

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