Denmark: New ‘Muhammad’ cartoon (pic)

Take a moment and check out the image below carefully. There are a lot of nuances in this piece of art (and clearly that is not Muhammad). via Islam in Europe: Denmark: New ‘Muhammad cartoon’.

The Grenaa City Hall decided to remove a painting down from their Easter exhibition after complaints from visitors.

The painting’s motif is a veiled woman and a pig looking at a picture of Kurt Westergaard with a bomb in his turban – exactly like in his own controversial caricature of Muhammed.

Hans Christian Sørensen, a leisure artist, was very surprised by the city hall’s decision to take the picture down. He says it’s humorist and denies that the picture is a provocation.

“I think it’s OK that Kurt Westergaard drew Mohammed, but it doesn’t matter for my painting and if anybody should take offense by the subject matter, it should be Kurt Westergaard or the pig,” he says.

Hans Christian Sørensen doesn’t understand that City Hall say they’ve received complaints from visitors. He was at the exhibition for several days and he only got positive comments from the public. He says the picture is surreal and funny.

“Art should be original and not copy anything. We can all paint flowers, but people see so much of it. Art should be debated, that the point of it. That’s the difference between art and decoration,” he says.

It is pretty funny actually.

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25 thoughts on “Denmark: New ‘Muhammad’ cartoon (pic)

  1. Look out ! More murder on the way;the nasty murdering muslims just ca’t help themselves…
    Great cartoon,by the way…

  2. If we get rid of everyting tht “offends MUSLIMS”–poof no more you and me or any art with humans, music without allah, no bikinis, no dogs, no pigs etc

    In free sociietes everyone has the right to say what they please (under it’s is libelous or slander or endangering) and if it offends you TOOO FREAKING BAD, GET OUT AND LIVE SOMEPLACE ELSE– so far ‘you hurt my feelings” is not a prosecutable crime

  3. The function, or one of the functions of art is to pro-
    mote discussion and often controversy. Hans
    Christian Sorenson has done just that. Cute
    pig. Big Mo never looked better, probably a romantised image. Go Denmark ! Hope the City
    Hall lightens up and starts catering to Danes for a change. The muslims are pandered to enough and it needs to stop world wide.

  4. If only I had artistic talent. The masterpeices I would create ! Oh well, I guess I’ll just settle for exposing the Koran for the peice of hate propaganda that it is. Poor me.

  5. Creeping,

    Hans Christian Sørensen has created a nice cartoon. I’m glad there are still a significant number of people out there who are willing to stand up to the Jihadists, especially in this way.

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  9. What a perfect picture cartoon. Describes these devils and their antics perfectly. Are they getting angry with the artist? Good and so they should get angry, but, at the insane losers in their dammed religion.

  10. Violent Muslim religious fanatics need to evolve. The free world must not tolerate violent, childish religious neanderthal violence. The days of religion dominated governance of people is thankfully over. No more burnings or sacrificial killings in the name of. We have evolved! The prophet named Muhammad was an ordinary man who lived once and died. Their is no magic here worth dying or killing for. His story we can be proud of and honor if we choose, however no individual’s religious belief gives them the right to denounce that of another through acts of murder or violence. European freedom of speech is an advanced form of social tolerance and an invaluable tool for integrated social harmony in a global community.


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