Reuters removes kidnapped Israeli soldier ad at Hamas’ request

Hamas says jump, and al-Reuters says how high, inshallah. From Elder of Ziyon: Reuters caves to Hamas.

I mentioned yesterday that Hamas was upset at an on-line ad that was seen at the Reuters Arabic service site, offering a $10 million reward for information on the whereabouts of Gilad Shalit.

Reuters’ response to the terrorist group is instructive.

Palestine Today reports that Reuters responded to the criticism, saying that it was an automated ad placed there by Google Ads, and not – Allah forbid! – placed by any Reuters staffers. After all, an ad that seeks to free a prisoner illegally held in an unknown location without any access to the Red Cross would be thoroughly offensive to any Reuters employee, right?

Reuters then cravenly added that they immediately acted to remove the ad, and “we are now taking steps to ensure non-recurrence of such things in the future.”

Reuters additionally wrote back to the offended terrorist organization that Reuters has a long history of covering the Middle East in a neutral and accurate manner, stressing that they are committed to continuing this approach, they wrote “We are clear and faithful to our principles of integrity, independence and distance from bias.”

Clear and faithful to Islamic principles, which explains Reuters principles of integrity, dependence, and bias. Keep this in mind when reading any of their “news.”

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3 thoughts on “Reuters removes kidnapped Israeli soldier ad at Hamas’ request

  1. The Radical Fundamentalist Muslims are always crying about their RIGHTS; yet not affording their Captives any such writes…These News Agencies trying to be Politically Correct is for the Birds & should be ignored…

  2. Any form of media groveling to these tyrants shoud be ignored and boycotted and any of their sponsors as
    well. MSM liars all.

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