Muslims videotaped themselves shooting at San Fran gays get just 6 months jail

Updates to these many posts on this story about three Muslim cousins who went on a field trip to San Fran and videotaped themselves shooting at more than a dozen people they thought were gay. Where are the angry mobs protesting these homophobic Muslims? via 3 sentenced for San Francisco hate-crime shootings – San Jose Mercury News.

SAN FRANCISCO—Three cousins face six months in jail after pleading guilty to shooting a man in the cheek with a BB gun in San Francisco because they believed he was gay.

Prosecutors say 24-year-old Mohammad Habibzada and 21-year-olds Shafiq Hashemi and Sayed Bassam pleaded guilty Monday to a charge of negligent discharge of a BB gun with a hate-crime enhancement.

Police say the cousins went to San Francisco on Feb. 26 with an air rifle and targeted people who they thought were gay.

Prosecutors say they could not pursue charges in the other shootings, recorded on a video camera found in their car, because no other victims came forward.

In addition to jail time, the Hayward men also will be ordered to do as much as 400 hours of community service and be on probation for three years when they’re sentenced on May 13.

A clue-less lawyer or a blatant lie?

Julia Jayne, Habibzada’s attorney, wrote, “None of what Mr. Habibzada is alleged to have done had anything to do with him being Muslim. Absolutely not.”

A Jihad Jayne in her own right.


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