4 Responses

  1. like the mafia they will get you— if there is a fatwa any MUSLIM anywhere may kill you legally

    why does interpol respect extradition or apprehention requests from IRAN anyway? are not most nations boycotting IRAN?

    SHAME ON YOU OBAMA for not supporting the dissidents- passed an opportunity to disgrace our enemy – I long for the good old day when we had the sense (and the balls) to support internal revolutionary movements

    DO NOT LET OBAMA take our guns away- or this will happen here too

  2. This is the obamanation’s doing: what about the red notice against the Iranian Gov’s Defence minister who organised the murder of Jews in Buenos Aires?

    This is islamonazism, O is supposed to PROTECT American citizens! How unspeakably disgusting!

  3. […] say again because we’ve reported on Interpol enforcing sharia here and here. via Reports: Interpol hunting convert to Christianity | Times 247. Since late July Saudi […]

  4. […] Iran Enforcing Sharia on Dissidents in US through Interpol (video) […]

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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