New Discovery Channel – Hasbro network to air Hamas’ supporters Islamic superheroes tv show for kids

via Weasel Zippers….

A group of Islamic superheroes will move their battle against the baddies from comic books to a US cable network this year, its Kuwaiti creator says.

The 99, based on a group of ordinary people who discover superhuman powers and are influenced by messages from the Quran, will air a 26-episode series on the US cable channel The Hub, said Naif al Mutawa, the chairman and chief executive of Teshkeel Media.

“From day one it’s a for-profit company, but it’s a double bottom-line business,” Mr al Mutawasaid. “It’s to benefit both the socialbottom line as well as the financial.”

The 99 TV show is produced through a joint venture between Teshkeel and Endemol, the Dutch production company known for its series of reality television programs such as Big Brother and Deal or No Deal.

The Hub is a new cable network, a joint venture between Discovery Channel and the toy maker Hasbro, which will start broadcasting on October 10 into 60 million US homes. The 99 is one of six original programmes on the network.

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The backstory from a previous Creeping Sharia post, Hamas supporter creates Muslim superheroes, the 99, to conquer the West:

Its mission: to instil old-fashioned Islamic values in Christian, Jewish and atheist children.

The book’s creator, a Hamas supporter who had sold 40,000 albums and 12 million stickers in four months, brushed off accusations that he was inciting hatred, saying: “There is no escaping the everyday reality of the intifada.”

A mission Barack Hussein Obama clearly supports, The heroes will get together with Obama

12 thoughts on “New Discovery Channel – Hasbro network to air Hamas’ supporters Islamic superheroes tv show for kids

  1. Notice that our federal government has done everything it could to ensure that no cigarettes are sold to our youngsters. But which is really more dangerous–a world of smokers or a world of Islamic fanatics?

  2. OK. Not only did this Al-Mutawa guy grow up going to a Jewish summer camp in New Hampshire, he is receiving an award from a church based organization in New York City. I just googled him and found his website. Very interesting backstory…this is either very sinister or too good to be true…I for one will tune in and see what this 99 business is all about.

  3. I have read THE 99. The inker is a friend of mine Its written by the same people who write XMEN and Power Rangers. The creators are Christians and Jews and Hindus with names like Berkowitz and Babuta. I personally think its cool and different have downloaded every copy off the website. I may be too old to watch the animation but I am looking forward to sneaking a peak while my kids watch it.

  4. Its mission: to instil old-fashioned Islamic values in Christian, Jewish and atheist children

    which “ISLAMIC VALUES” would those be?
    death to apostates?
    killing all non MUSLIMS?
    demonizing JEWS?
    covering up and spanking women?
    hanging homosexuals?
    cutting off theive’s hands?

  5. Isahiah, just because you say that does not make it true. This is more positive than clearly anything you are capable to understand. There is nothing religious in these storylines. I have read 15 of them. They are very creative stories written by the best of the best American talent. If there is anything about Islam in THE 99 then I welcome it with open arms because there is NOTHING (that I have seen) in the content that is any way related to anyone’s religion. The stories are fun. The characters are awesome. And finally there is something new in the media space. Do you really think DC Comics would allow a crossover with their characters if the story lines were religious. Or that Hasbro and Discovery would support something like this if it were. Why don’t you download a few of the free copies and make an informed decision. But if all you want to do is hate, then hate away. But you do not represent America. That much I can tell you.

    • and it becomes clear why the Muslim terrorists are able to knock down buildings, kill thousands of Americans, attempt to kill thousands more, build mosques in place of the buildings they destroyed…because ignorant multi cultis who would be the first to have their heads chopped off in Muslim countries like some of those who boast of their dhimmitude here

  6. Take it easy there Jackie. This is America. Everyone is entitled to these opinion no matter how misinformed it is. But I agree with you, the more I research the 99 that more I am convinced this is misinformation. But I doubt that anything but ignorance is driving it. People like Isaih exist. There are Muslims like him and Jews like him and even Hindus like him. The ignorant can choose to remain ignorant. So lets cool off on Isaiah and together celebrate that although you and I may agree that the 99 is cool and important, that Isaih can have his opinion.

  7. So Sad that people with such opinions exist. But hey, you can’t have the good without the bad to compare with. It is exactly intolerance that THE 99 fight and it looks like this blog is a good place to start,

    • The 99…fighting intolerance and supporting Hamas terrorists…

      The follow a lineage of Hamas Mickey Mouse and others…

  8. Oh wow! Now that you say it that way it must be true. What was I thinking! Your Mickey Mouse logic is truly brilliant. And its heartening to know that there are maybe 10 people in the world that think like you and millions that have been supporting THE 99 over the last few years. I started off sceptical about the 99. Now I am sceptical about this blog’s intention. Go get ’em tiger. Anyone that supports you certainly deserves your company.

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