Muslims treat women like terrorists, for wearing jeans

The deafening silence from CAIR, ISNA, Obama, Clinton, Sotomayor, Kagan… via Muslim Women: Say Goodbye to Jeans

As of Thursday authorities in a devoutly religious sector of Indonesia’s Aceh providence have disseminated 20,000 long skirts to Muslim women for inappropriate attire. Shops in the district that sell or display tight clothing can have their license revoked. The new rules apply to the Aceh providence’s Muslim population said Ramil Mansu, head of West Aceh district.

Mansu explained to the Associated Press that the skirts are given to women wearing clothing that fails to meet the restrictive dress code. These measures are all part of a two month campaign to enforce the regulation and promote strict moral values. As described by Mansur, inappropriate clothing is determined by the Islamic police. If the dress code is violated the risqué clothing is confiscated and a long skirt is given in return.

On Thursday during a police raid, 18 women wearing jeans received long skirts and only after speaking with Islamic preachers were the women released from police custody.

Imma, a 40-year-old housewife argued, “I am not wearing sexy outfits, but they caught me like a terrorist only because of my jeans.”

4 thoughts on “Muslims treat women like terrorists, for wearing jeans

  1. Clinton, Sotomayor, Kagan are busy counting cash received from Muslim Mafia Inc.
    Don’t be surprised to see them in burqas soon.

  2. Once again we have an example of failed policy on the Obama administrations part. Instead of commeniting on issues such as the above condemnation of innocent women for wearing clothing that suits their purpose in stead chosing to protect weakminded men with low morals from being offeneded by seeing what they can’t obtain and don’t deserve, we have Hillary say to the press that the “most important issue she’s facing”… is her daughters wedding.
    As Islamifacation creeps across the face of our nation we find Obama giving a three hour photo op on the Gulf then flying off for a weekend of golf and basket ball with criminal cronys in Chi town. Let alone he is forgetting of rituals such as placing a wreath at the tomb of the unknown solider he seems to never have a comment as civil rights through out the Muslim world are erroded away by small minded idiots and cultural bigots whos goal in life is the complete domination of all other peoples and cultures.This country needs to start calling a “spade a spade” and start reacting to the suffering and injustice being wrought throughout the world in the name of supposed Islamic law and justice. We need to lead not submit. Where is that leadership when the world needs it? Playing a childs game with a ball and thumbing it’s pompus nose at the rest of us.

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