NYC yanks Ground Zero mosque protest permit

The dhimmitude and submission to Islam is pathetic. Not only is it beyond shameful how America fails to even attempt to prevent another 9/11 from happening but gives Muslims special protections while preventing Americans from even voicing their disgust at such treasonous behavior. Find a reason to get to the area June 6 – go.

The organizers of a massive June 6 rally opposing the Ground Zero mosque are not allowed to protest at their planned location in Zuccotti Park, DNAinfo has learned.

The NYPD has not issued a permit for the D-Day demonstration by the group Stop Islamization of America, a Police spokeswoman said. And Brookfield Properties, the owner of Zuccotti Park, generally does not allow political protests on the plaza across from the World Trade Center site.

“A protest event will not be happening in Zuccotti Park,” said Melissa Coley, Brookfield spokeswoman.

A person with knowledge of the permitting process told DNAinfo the anti-mosque rally was initially pitched as a gathering for 9/11 family members, and the city approved it several weeks ago.

But once it became clear that the event would be a protest against Cordoba House, a 13-story mosque and community center slated to rise near ground zero, the city withdrew the permit, the source said.

Pamela Geller, executive director of Stop Islamization of America, said the protest would go forward as planned.

“We’ve cleared all the legal hurdles the city requires for a rally,” she said in an e-mail to DNAinfo.

Zuccotti Park is a privately owned public space, so both the city and Brookfield Properties have jurisdiction over what happens there.

U.S. Steel built the park back in the 1970s in return for a height bonus on One Liberty Plaza, an adjacent office tower. The park was then called Liberty Plaza.

Brookfield now owns both the tower and the plaza. Several years ago, Brookfield renovated the space using private money and renamed it for John Zuccotti, the company’s chairman.

Based on the online response to the rally so far, it appears that hundreds, if not thousands, of people could be planning to attend the June 6 rally. More than 400 people have RSVPed on Facebook so far.

Stop Islamization of America is helping potential attendees connect via its website. A post on carpooling has drawn 54 responses since Monday, with people planning to come from as far away as California, Louisiana, Texas, Missouri and Michigan.

Geller slammed the “insensitive” mosque plans at Community Board 1’s meeting Tuesday night.

“This mega mosque is going up on sacred ground,” she told the crowd of several hundred people. “This is an insult.”

Geller is the founder of, a conservative blog, and also launched a controversial ad campaign earlier this month on the city’s buses, purporting to help people who want to leave Islam.

While the number of people who will turn up at the June 6 protest is hard to predict, hundreds of people are discussing it on Twitter, YouTube and other sites, and more than 85,000 people have joined a Facebook group opposing the mosque.

16 thoughts on “NYC yanks Ground Zero mosque protest permit

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  2. While Americans are reacting to the insult of a Mosque on Holy Ground, we must be free from pride and engage in the clear thinking needed to understand our enemy, US law, repentance toward the God of the Bible who may be punishing us, and how we can defeat Islam.

    One doctrine of Islam is “Reconciling of hearts” in which the Islamic religious tax is used to give gifts of money to Americans who mistakenly think they want to be sympathetic to Islam. We obviouslyhave some of that here.

    The immediate goal is to persuade New York City council not to approve the Mosque near Ground Zero. However, this event may be the turning point to awaken substantial numbers of Americans into actively opposing sharia compliant institutions.

    Principles and case law of the US Constitution & criminal law
    in pro-life activism indicate that it should be possible to have
    sharia compliance declared illegal under US law because sharia
    is an indivisible law with parts that violate the US Constitution
    and American criminal law. These include honor killings of
    women, homicide of non-believers & homosexuals. Sharia
    violates the equal protection clause of the US Constitution as a
    substitutionary law that enslaves women and has unequal
    penalties for men & women in sex crimes like rape… etc.

    Sharia law is indivisible by Islamic doctrine. It’s all or nothing.
    Pretenses of being law abiding citizens are meaningless since
    the Islamic doctrine takiya** expressly permits Muslims to deceive
    nonbelievers in order to defend Islam. Islam has doctrines that
    specially permit Muslims to relax** or introduce non-criminal parts
    of sharia when Muslims are politically weak with the doctrinal command
    to practice all of sharia law in Muslim enclaves when Muslims are
    politically, numerically and militarily strong enough to do so. For
    example, non-violent practices like the public Muslim calls to prayer
    deliberately condition nonbelievers to submit incrementally to the
    whole sharia law.

    The US Constitution & individual liberty stands in the way of
    sharia. Unlike the religious Amish Community or American Indians,
    Islamic doctrine incites sedition against US and state governments
    by rejecting their authority. Where ever Muslim populations exist,
    from the Philippines to Nigeria and Sudan, they are either engaged
    in military insurrections against governments to establish the caliphate
    or forming seditious parallel societies in Europe under sharia
    compliant law against the governments of Europe.

    Along with the illegality of sharia compliance, Muslim immigration
    must be halted. To work, jihad requires people. Hijra** is the
    Islamic doctrine of immigration that supplies the people necessary
    to overthrow a nation.

    ** To learn the doctrinal tactics of Islam from a former Islamic scholar,
    order the paperback online: The Trojan Horse: Islamic Doctrine
    of Immigration by Sam Solomon & E Al Maqdisi.) @@@

  3. I think you’re missing the point—this is PRIVATE PROPERTY, and Brookfield Properties, and not the city, calls the shots. The protest should have slated for Battery Park instead.

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  5. As long as an assembly is peaceful they are constitutionally protected activity. Where the hell did “permits” come from?

  6. A national study conducted by asked about American opinions regarding plans to build a mosque and Islamic community center near “Ground Zero” of the World Trade Center attacks. Results found that Republicans were the least favorable of plans to build the mosque, with the majority of Republicans (63%) reporting that it was “not at all appropriate.” Also, 37% of Democrats and 39% of Independents indicated that the plans were “not at all inappropriate.” The majority of all political parties reported that it was disrespectful to the victims of the World Trade Center attacks to build a mosque near ground zero. More results can be seen at

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  8. I want to go to the protest so much. This is nothing but the planting of the flag of the enemy at the secen of their most vicious attack. And Cordoba House is a 100% front for radical extremists (and one of its best friend organizations is a tool of IRAN).

    BUT, as a practical matter, how are 100s–maybe even 1000s–of us going to stand on a few square yards of sidewalk, now that the bastards of silenced us?

  9. Faiz, how so? The Koran claims that semen comes from between a man’s backbone and ribs. How scientific indeed.

  10. Why did you yank my posting?
    Is it because you can’t bear to see reality in the center of attention rather than your propaganda?
    This blog is lying about the meaning of Hijrah by the way which means, in easy terms, to emigrate from a place of oppression to lands in which one can safely practice ones Religion, the Religion of Truth.
    I’m from this country; wake up folks, ’cause the truth is that you won’t find a valid religion in place of Islam, it’s been prophesied since the Torah at least, mentioned by Jesus, and its Law can be seen in the Ten Commandments (stoning), the answer of Jesus regarding the most important Commandment (your Lord is One God, worship Him, take no gods before Him), and when looked at objectively, is undeniably the religion practiced by the Prophets of the past (David: I pray seven times in a day; I glorify the Lord in the mornings and the evenings).
    Who do you think you are fooling… yourselves?

  11. William, your lying and misrepresentation is easily disproven in analyses from the contemporary scholars of Islam and even most laymen are likely able to refute you.
    Look to fatwaonline for references as well as salaf . com and the resources linked to that page.
    Killing anyone is restricted to extreme situations such as married adultry, homosexuals found committing the act of the people of Sodom and Gemorah, and murderers who have committed murder unless the family of the deceased would show mercy to the murderer and take a price from him instead of calling for the Qisas punishment.
    This system is not arbitrary as you misrepresent it, and you’re definitely not fooling me… I don’t know about the rest of those visiting this website.
    In sex crimes, the punishments are equal generally except in the case of open lewd activity, for men it is more severe, for women it is less severe, especially if they repent.
    Modern application of morals and ethics based in Islam have often become adapted to that which cannot be called Sharee’ah such as the ‘honor killings’ which are murder and dishonorable to the family as well as extreme.
    There are many global examples like those in Shee’ee (Shiite) countries where people authored sayings and attributed them falsely to the Prophet Sal Allaahu ‘alaihi was Sallam, then used them for false bases for law.
    Islam is perfect, those claiming Islam for there Religion make mistakes because we are human.

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