Spain: City bans Islamic veils in municipal buildings

What’s going on in Europe?

The Spanish city of Lleida has barred women from wearing face-covering Islamic veils inside its municipal buildings.

The move makes the northern city – population 135,000 – the first in the country to regulate the garments that have triggered debate across Europe.

Lleida’s town hall passed the ban with 23 votes in favour, one against and two abstentions.

The gesture is largely symbolic, because only about 3% of the population is Muslim and only a handful of Muslim women in Lleida actually wear body-covering burqas or face-covering niqab garments.

The council said the veils were degrading to women.

via The Press Association: Spanish city bans Muslim veils.

3 thoughts on “Spain: City bans Islamic veils in municipal buildings

  1. in our societies covering the face is considered disguise and only criminals do it-
    not to mention extremely RUDE
    when in SPAIN—

    itis very easy to be modest- and no burqa is needed to do so- it is not even agreed to by most ISLAMIC socieites except the ones out to SHOW radicalism- putting your radicalism into people’s faces as spite or threat is not MODESTY-it is a calculated incitement and testing to push the limits of tolerance

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