‘El Palestino’ reveals six Islamic jihadi training camps in Venezuela (video)

We’ve posted on the creeping threat in Latin America from Brazil to Venezuela to Honduras. This from Spain’s antena3noticias.com online reports on Antonio Salas’ new book, El Palestino which revealed at least six jihad training camps near Caracas.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

He has lived for six years in the skin of a terrorist. He had to learn Arabic and study the Koran. This time, the journalist Antonio Salas has been masquerading as a Muslim born in Venezuela determined to kill infidels in the name of Allah has gathered all these experiences in a book The Palestinian also recorded everything with a hidden camera.

Mohamed Abdallah is the Mujahideen which has become the journalist Antonio Salas for six years to infiltrate the world of terrorist organizations.

During this time, has traveled to several countries in the Middle East and North Africa, has studied Arabic, the Koran, and has even been circumcised because they were about to discover in a public bath.

But it was in Venezuela where he received his baptism of fire. Ensures that only around Caracas there are six terrorist training camps. He has learned to fire all weapons. And it has coincided with members of the FARC and ETA.

Salas learned Arabic, he pretended to convert to Islam and created a strong past to make his research have an effect. Remember that they are trying to “catch” you with small details like suddenly asking the direction of Mecca.

His research, Salas recalled, began in Venezuela, where his Latin-accented Arabic, he says, went more unnoticed. During his training he contacted various armed groups and even met historical ETA terrorists.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Hat tip Douglas Farah, The Evidence Against Chávez Mounts

7 Responses

  1. And these are the arselifters sneaking across the border into Arizona.

  2. I do not value pluralism so much that I would not be willing to oppress / suppress Islam the world over. You can not be tolerant of intolerance – especially the terrorist kind.

    • não atdcrieo. o mao fartou-se de matar gente , o estaline tb. o ceauscecu idem. a eta já matou 829 pessoas. essas pessoas que eles mataram eram culpadas de quê ao certo? eram assassinas ? não me digam que quem quer viver de forma diferente de qualquer cartilha vigente tem de morrer ? fonix.sei lá , e medir atentados aos palmos , categorizar mortos , mesmo sério que não me parece correcto. e tenho a certeza que uma andorinha não faz a primavera . completamente abusiva a extrapolação que fazem do caso do monstro . dá ideia que são tão tarados quanto ele.

    • Jihadi-takfiris have uldoaped it to Internet Archive and I have included two working (as of now) links to IA in my post in place of the embed.

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  4. […] ‘El Palestino’ reveals six Islamic jihadi training camps in Venezuela (video) […]

  5. […] ‘El Palestino’ reveals six Islamic jihadi training camps in Venezuela (video) […]

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