Evidence Hizbollah, Muslims crossing illegally into Arizona (video)

Updated with video that includes Part I and II.

The title should really read, “More evidence,” as this is not the first evidence of Hizbollah infiltration into the U.S. From WSBTV.com

Agents say most of the illegals caught crossing are from Mexico or South America. Still, they say thousands of people caught are classified as O.T.M.’s, which stands for “other than Mexican”. They report that includes hundreds of people from nations that sponsor terrorism. Channel 2 Action News anchor Justin Farmer traveled to Arizona to view a detention center near Phoenix. He viewed records that show illegals in custody from from Afghanistan, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Sudan and Yemen.

WEB EXTRA: People Other Than Mexicans, Including From Terrorist Nations Captured In The Last Two Years

Former Arizona U.S. Rep. J.D. Hayworth has seen the reports. “We have left the back door to the United States open,” he said. “We have to understand there are people who definitely mean to do us harm who have crossed that border.

Farmer talked to an Arizona rancher who didn’t want to be identified because he’s afraid of the Mexican cartels who smuggle drugs near his property. He said he found a Muslim prayer rug on his ranch. “This is one more indication that there is a whole lot more than just a few Mexicans coming into the U.S.”. A recent congressional report on the border threat confirmed members of Hezbollah have crossed the Southwest border. It shows photos of military jackets with Arab insignias found on the border. One depicts a picture of a plane crashing into the twin towers in New York City. Dave Stoddard was a border patrol agent for 20 years. “The American public has been kept in the dark about this issue,” he said. “In my experience, for every one apprehended, at least 10 escape apprehension.” The congressional report also revealed the route Middle Easterners take to get the United States. It showed they travel from Europe to South America, then to the tri-border region. That’s where they learn to speak Spanish. The report said they then travel to Mexico and blend in with other illegals.

WEB EXTRA:People Other Than Mexicans Currently In Detention In ICE Custody In Florence Arizona Including From Terrorist Countries


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9 thoughts on “Evidence Hizbollah, Muslims crossing illegally into Arizona (video)

  1. This is a present danger and ALL Borders states,including those in the north,MUST tighen up the borders before it becomes necessary to start learning Arabic. BTW,our bogus POTUS has already “learn[ed]

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  3. don’t worry about all these islamics crossing over into Arizona because they head straight for Canada where they can live in safety supported by social services while they take English Classes, plan their attacks, raise money, and then head out to carry out their attacks. Toronto- and Montreal and other cities are filled with them…..Soon they’ll beable to gather in the 9-11 mosque with that idiot bloombergs blessing. Will they declare that area as a No Go Zone?????

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