Paris police ban “Sausage and booze” street party in Muslim area

Creep creep. Coming to a city near you soon.

PARIS (AP) — French police are banning a street party whose organizers planned to serve alcohol and pork-based sausage in a heavily Muslim Paris neighborhood.

Police said Tuesday that the party, called “Sausage and booze,” was banned because it could have been viewed as a provocation in the Goutte-d’Or neighborhood of northern Paris, where Muslims pray on the streets on Fridays because there are not enough mosques. Alcohol and pork are banned in Islam.

Organizers said they were organizing Friday’s party to protest Islam’s encroachment on traditional French values in the neighborhood. The party was backed by several extreme-right associations. Muslim groups had announced a counterparty serving halal food.


6 thoughts on “Paris police ban “Sausage and booze” street party in Muslim area

  1. When traditional foods can’t be served in ones own country it’s time to say “enough is enough” but then the French have a way of capitulating to encroachers so what can one say for them or to them other than WAKE UP FOOLS, before its too late.

  2. If it wasn’t for the US and England, France would have been serving kraut and beans up until today.
    Islam is like cancer, it kills you from within. Nothing helps. The only thing you can do is remove it completely before it kills you!

  3. the ones who are fighting back are being prevented from doing so-
    France will split as it did in WW2-resistance will have to be underground

  4. Don’t write off France that had removed the Hamas TV channel to Europe and parts of the Arab world because of concerns that it spreads incitement.

    The liberators of France in WWII are today the biggest appeasers, the biggest arselickers of muslims and propagandising islam in their country.
    France will not go down. It will team up with Germany and the rest of Europe when muslim push becomes shove.

    France biggest problem is not so much the muslims but the Leftists and Liberals who brought them in by the hordes.

  5. The authorities were expecting trouble and even violence? From who? From the ones who wanted to have a good time while proving a point, or from the violent religion that looks for any opportunity to pull out their swords against any/all unbelievers?

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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