Pic: Breasts removed from mannequins in Islamic Iran

The glories of sharia, thanks in part to Jimmy Carter. hat tip loulou

This is an actual photo of a women’s clothing store in Tehran. The manikin breasts have been removed on orders of the vice police during the current crackdown on “un-Islamic” bad hejab practices. Isn’t this a shocking image? I believe volumes could be written about this. The photo was first posted here.

via Women with no Breasts | Iranian.com.

12 Responses

  1. hatred of all things feminine
    Muslims still trying to erase the goddesses they worshipped

    the kaaba is vagina shaped- they worshipped the 3 moon goddesses and one male diety named AlAilah by marching around it, as they still do today– when the people told Mohammed they would not accept his ONE God ideas- he decided to co-opt the male diety- and abolish the females

  2. Next thing you know, they’ll be cutting to breasts off living women so as not to offend the muslim male.

    Oops. Too late… http://www.flex.com/~jai/satyamevajayate/terrorist1.html


  4. yes the kaaba was originally a site dedicated to Allat – very gory what the barbarians did there – its recorded to in the texts – rape – kill
    as for hacking breasts one only has to visit a few ancient indian temples – breasts – faces – hand all massacred

  5. Creeping,

    Just another sign of how backwards and intolerant our enemies in this conflict are.

  6. Isahiah62,

    I knew that it was once a pagan shine, but if that’s true, it does kind of surprise me.
    That said, I’ve never heard that claim before, about the Kaaba. I’ve seen pictures of the Kaaba and it doesn’t look like its shaped like any part of a woman’s body, or even shaped like any part of a human beings body. Can you provide a source to back up your claims?

  7. sick bastards

  8. Hola
    Boenas Tardes!

    your blog’s pictures is very interesting :)

  9. سلام
    من زیاد به مراکز خرید میرم از میلاد نور گرفته تا گلستان، قائم، ایران زمین و گلدیس و هزارجای دیگه همچنین چیزی که شما میگید نیست و در هیچ مرکز خریدی اینچنین مانکنهایی ندیدم تا به امروز این بریدن سینه های مانکن سلیقه فروشنده بوده یا این عکس متعلق به دوره روسای جمهور قبلیه…

  10. I should have said inside the kabaa where they keep the moon rock

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