Peaceful Georgia neighborhood requires around the clock police patrols after mosque expansion denied

An update on the Lilburn mosque a replica of a shrine to a Muslim holy warrior in Iraq (where more than 4,000 U.S. soldiers have been killed). When expansion plans were denied, the harassment of infidels began, the legal jihad kicked in, and apparently the Islamic intimidation has continued. ROPMA.

Lilburn’s Hood Road carries new Gwinnett into old Gwinnett. The mile of asphalt begins with a mosque at U.S. 29 and turns into a byway of houses, trees and gardens.

But now, when the sun goes down, tension grows in this tidy, middle-class neighborhood.

Some residents opposed to a mosque expansion on Hood Road say for the past seven months, they’ve been the frequent targets of harassment, mostly by those they describe as “Middle Eastern men”. But a founder of the mosque says the claims are unfounded and the city’s mayor, who lives on Hood Road, hasn’t witnessed anything unusual.

Nonetheless, residents have reported vehicles traveling the road at night with occupants yelling, making obscene gestures, snapping photos, even confronting two women in their driveway.

Since November, when city leaders ruled against a local Muslim congregation’s plans to expand, the Lilburn Police Department has received 21 calls of suspicious activity along Hood Road.

Lilburn police officials say they have investigated every claim and patrolled Hood Road around the clock for two months starting in April, when reports started to escalate.

Still, residents say, the harassment is real. Some have installed security camera systems. Others are carrying guns.

“A lot of people are locked and loaded because they don’t know what’s going to happen,” resident Angel Alonso, 46, said. “We have a feeling somebody is going to get hurt.”

Residents say the harassment started Nov. 18, the same day the Lilburn City Council rejected the congregation’s proposal for a 20,000-square-foot mosque, cemetery and gym at U.S. 29 and Hood Road. The council’s decision has since sparked a federal religious discrimination lawsuit against the city.

n November, more than 400 residents packed the Gwinnett County courthouse to protest the rezoning. They argued it would pose traffic and parking problems and run afoul of the city’s land-use plan.

After the meeting in Lawrenceville, resident Janie Hood said she was followed and boxed in on U.S. 29 by a van and sport utility vehicle full of “Middle Eastern” males, according to a police report. The vehicles were pulled over. Hood didn’t pursue the matter further, the report said.

But Hood said she didn’t drop it. Since March, she said she has spoken three times to the Gwinnett County District Attorney’s Office, which is investigating.

Now the 56-year-old Hood, whose father and grandfather built Hood Road, won’t sleep at her house at night, not since an attempted break-in in late December, she said. And on April 23, Hood said five vehicles pulled in front of her property. Two to three men exited and approached, according to a police report. Hood’s daughter, Christi Nichols, who feared for her safety, grabbed a firearm and told the men to leave, the report said.

“It’s getting worse and worse,” Hood said. “All we get from the Police Department is, ‘Stay in your house.’ We will stay in our house, but we should haven’t to.”

A month ago, a group of residents met with the city manager and police officials.

“We were told that yes, people can take pictures of our houses. Yes, they can stop in front of our houses,” resident Allan Owen said. “The city has essentially been useless.”

Capt. Hedley said Lilburn police officers now patrol Hood Road twice a day, and they will continue to investigate all leads.

“I’d love for the community to return to where it was,” Hedley said. “A nice, peaceful neighborhood.”

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22 thoughts on “Peaceful Georgia neighborhood requires around the clock police patrols after mosque expansion denied

  1. American’s will eventually “wise up” and kick these thugs asses up between their shoulders. As soon as they realize that the “government” is betraying them, it will be on!

  2. the gov’t. is betraying the american people. so many americans despise america and sympathise with islam “the enemy of my enemy is my friend ” “spinozza.

  3. Another example of intolerance by the “religion of peace.” When will Americans understand the fact that these people are dangerous? They have a literal hatred for the free world and will not stop in their quest to conquer it. Meanwhile, the American government has become too corrupt and inept to stop it. I pray Americans wake up before its too late.

  4. America is a tolerant Country, and if we don’t wake up and recognize that muslims are using it against us to take us over, it will be too late. muslims cannot and will not coexist with us. They are “pretending” to coexist until they get sharia law ingrained in our society.

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  6. It is typical Islamist intimidation, and it takes place wherever anyone works against their will to dominate and put us non-Moslems ‘in our places’. The only way is to respond in a manner they can understand. Take their pictures. Get their license numbers and file suspicious vehicle reports with the police. Married women should, by now know how to do their ‘crazy act’, and when a Moslem even approaches or looks their way, they need to ‘go hysterical’ with lots of scrams and rants. It scares the hell out of the Muzzies and they’ll back off from ladies. Everyone must fight back. If you strive to avoid them, they win……

  7. jim horn you said it right. take their pictures, get active in the fight to save our nation. the internet gives me hope. i tell many friends it’s not hopeless, their are so many grass roots organisations fighting in different arenas.

  8. “muslims cannot and will not coexist with us” BINGO!
    usa jim you are so right it hurts! They HATE US and will never stop trying to take us over. more people need to WAKE UP!

  9. This is frightening I hope that the “Muslim Mafia” is soon quelled but it will take brave actions in this Georgia town and elsewhere to get rid of the Muslim terroists. I hope America does wake up soon and stop all this PC madness. If we don’t fight back, the Muslims think they have won. In their world, you are either the Master or The Slave. No compromise. In their world, they are allowed to lie to Infidels [non-Muslims]. We Americans need to be the Master and tell them to leave.
    Read: “A God Who Hates” by Wafa Sultan to understand more about Muslims and their views.

  10. the2nd amendment needs to be supported. the n.r.a. has a legal division i.l.a. a subscription will help fight the watering down of “the right to bear arms” imagine georgians without that basic protection, the incedent in deerborn mich. is becoming all to common.

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  13. If the local authorities won’t protect the citizens, then the citizens will be forced to protect themselves. Check on YouTube to see what’s happening in London, they push the citizens to the edge, and when someone defends themselves, they start with their “islamophoic” crap.

    Always remember, they don’t come here to be like us, they demand everything and everyone to evolve around their Religion, and the child rapist they pray to.

  14. kevin the worst part is the authorities protect these abominations. true londoners (youth) are fighting back. might i suggest google “” and see the many grass roots org. fighting back. on all fronts.

  15. It is encouraging to see that non-islamists across the world are finally waking up to the dangers posed by Islam, (a political system just like maoist-marxists. But our movement needs to be much faster and vigorous, because these bru tal system has already spread its web already killing, raping and intimidating innocent people. Go organize, spread the word across your community, your state, your country and across the world and stop this menace, before it destroys you.

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