Tenn: Congressional Candidate Receiving Death Threats for Opposing Mosque

Jihad is picking up at a feverish pace in Tennessee. Now, the ummah is attempting to strike fear into the hearts of the unbelievers, in this case a politician who has spoken against one Tenn. mosque.

by Nick Beres via Congressional Candidate Says She’s Target Of Death Threats – NewsChannel5.com.

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. – Murfreesboro detectives are investigating alleged death threats made against a candidate for the U.S. Congress.

This comes as tensions escalate over a proposed new Islamic Center in Rutherford County.

Republican candidate Lou Ann Zelenik is running for the 6th district Congressional seat and said she and her staff are dealing with some scary phone threats.

“They’re saying things you wouldn’t want to hear,” said Zelenik.

According to Zelenik, the threats target her, her staff and some supporters.

The alleged calls started coming late last week after Zelenik issued this statement critical of the proposed new Islamic Center: “This Islamic Center is not part of a religious movement; it is a political movement designed to fracture the moral and political foundation of middle Tennessee.”

The comment made news not just here, but across the country. Zelenik still stands by what she said,

“Those who know me know I’m not the politically correct candidate,” said Zelenik.

Zelenik and her staff have filed a report with the Murfreesboro police department.

“We always take that very seriously,” said Major Clyde Adkison.

Adkison said police were aware the proposed new Islamic Center has polarized the community. Already, someone vandalized the proposed center’s sign at the new site. And now there are alleged threats against Zelenik.

“You’re entitled to have your opinion, but violence? That’s no way to solve any problems at all,” said Adkison.

The Islamic Center of Murfreesboro hosted an open house this past weekend to help educate the public and clear up misconceptions. Members told Newschannel5 on Monday they do not condone violence or threats. Police say there is no evidence anyone local is responsible for the threatening phone calls.

Zelenik conceded many of the threatening calls appear to be coming from out of state. She said she’ll still take precautions while on the campaign trail.

“We have added patrols,” said Zelenik. “And we’ll watch our backsides a bit more.”

Three reports of this situation pop up in a search – not one goes so far as to even suggest that Muslims are behind the threats. Not even radicals, extremists, or jihadists. ROPMA.

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27 thoughts on “Tenn: Congressional Candidate Receiving Death Threats for Opposing Mosque

  1. The interesting thing here is a political candidate makes a hateful speech against something which is totally legal and constitutional, then is fabberglasted when it comes back at her. She obviously used this to gain recognition and since all politicians get death threats this is really not news but political self promoting. In Tennessee, she’ll probabley get elected because of it, since we already have a lady congressman from Tennessee who got elected because she had a bunch of thugs throw rocks through the governor’s window when an income tax meeting was being held. Down hear Fox News is King and breaking the law gets you elected and Hate is truly popular.

    • Shut up YOU! Her speech wasn’t ‘hateful’ it was honest. ALL politicians do not get death threats, and that is a bogus lie. Also, one of the main differences is that muslims will submit death threats to ANYone who complains, asks questions about, or do not accept their vile tactics – AND quite often follow through or try to.

      Making death threats is their NUMBER ONE way to try to enforce their beliefs, their agenda, their laws, and their their own way on to the rest of the public. That one detail should be enough for anyone to realize what total SHIT they are.

      I love how you minimize by saying ‘flabbergasted (sic) when it COMES BACK ON HER. It didn’t ‘come back on her’ – a typical muslim made typical death THREATS (numerous) against her, the people who work for her AND for her supporters.

      YOU suck.

  2. to Springcreek etc etc She’s right…..Islam is not part of a religious movement; it is a political movement designed to fracture the moral and political foundation of the entire world…Tennessee just happens to be an area of nice folks who believe in the US constitution and it’s freedom of religion, that unwittingly let this “agenda” in their proverbial door…it’s like the song about the tender woman who saved the life of the poisonous snake…

  3. 1. islam must be purged from the military

    2. islam must be purged from the government

    3. islam must be purged from America

    4. islam must be purged from Europe

    5. islam must be purged from civilization

  4. Whenever a civilized person speaks out against that which is absolutely hateful and intolerant of anythong non-Moslem, they are branded by some useful fools and jackasses as hate mongers — by the intolerant hate mongers themselves.

  5. I think it would be prudent to let the public know that should anything happen to Ms. Zelenik that mosque will not be built and if built, will not stand.

  6. @Springcreekriverocean- Apparently death threats to those opposing mosques is something you take very lightly- what do you think about stoning women for adultery, or the death penallty for gays, or making non muslims pay a tax to Muslims to be protected from Muslims who would kill them? (Which often results in their death anyway) How about marrying your 9 year old daughter or sister off to a 50 year old man? Maybe your husband would like 3 more wives, and the permission to beat you “lightly” if you don’t like it? These things are part of Sharia, and where Islam goes Sharia goes. Millions of people live and die by these laws throughout the Islamic world. If you care about freedom for your children and grandchildren, you will educate yourself on these issues instead of agreeing that someone who opposes these things deserves death!

  7. To springcreekriverocean: How will you feel when they start preaching about killing christians and jews becuase that is inevitable. Let’s get this straight that Islam is an ideology like nazism, marxism and satanism!! Congress need to make an amendment to the freedom of religion clause that states that when a religious organization puts forth a political agenda it is no longer protected as a religious organization!!!

  8. Also to Springcreek etc etc…it is NOT “hateful speech” to state the obvious, which is totally legal and constitutional….maybe all politicians get death threats in the realm of Islam, not American politics and she’s speaking out for her constituents, which is what she’s supposed to do……hate is NEVER “POPULAR”, but there seems to be a LOT of it when Muslims don’t get their way…and BTW, I never thought I’d defend FOX but in this case I’m glad they’re national….this country needs to know what is happening

  9. To Micrbu: There already is a law that you suggest, non profits are not permitted to be political – if they are they lose their 501(c)3 status. The reality though is that there’s a loophole around this and black churches use it regularly – they file differently, not as a 501(c)3.

    It would be a good idea to find out how the Muslim group in Tenn has filed. It would also be a good idea to find out if the Muslim group is MAS or MAS affiliated.

    MAS is the Muslim American Society and they are an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood no matter how much they deny it.

  10. With threats to a Congressional Candidate, why is the FBI and the U.S. Justice Department not deeply involved in investigating this? Could it be because the impostor in the White House is a Muslim?

  11. To Infidel – you’d better believe Comrade Obama is a Muslim, he was born into it and has stated recently that he’s a Muslim. Both of his parents and grandparents, including his step father are admitted avowed communists and made sure Obama was so trained.

    As I stated back in 2008 – he was the Manchurian Candidate, he’s now the president fraudulently of course since he was born in Kenya. Check out youtube video of Michelle Obama – there are 2 different speeches she gave where she told her audience that her husband was born in Kenya.

    Check out Phil Berg, an attorney who has a lawsuit to force Obama to produce his birth certificate and school records inclduing financial aide. He’s managed to get a financial aid transcript showing Obama received aid as a foreign student.. He has a video up on youtube too and he outlines all of the proof that Obama committed fraud, he knew he wasn’t entitled to run for or take the office of president of the USA. The info is out there if you want to find it. Ousting the Manchurian Candidate/President makes everything he’s done, all bills passed etc. null and void.

  12. Barbara: you are correct Obama is a Muslim…even worse he’s Taqqiya. Where Berg failed by trying to prove he wasn’t born in Hawaii is mute. the 3RD District Court is currently mulling this matter. I’ve been saying from day one amidst all of the theories that the thing that stands out and is incontrovertable is the FACT that he IS a USURPER……He’s a British Citizen automatically at birth, by British law which also doesn’t allow ‘dual citizenship’…..this is what the court is addressing right now. He was born to a British father and raised and indoctrinated to Islam at a young age and he protects anything muslim. Taqqiya is the muslim practice of denial of their faith if it protects them from harm or gains them anything.

  13. Funny, They will speak out about this, As I to do not agree with it but the constitution does uphold it,
    I could never realy get anyone
    I could never get anyone to really rebuke I.U. Bloomington Indiana Sports an the City an County of monroe for seeking to Take the Land a Church Across the the street to gain control of the rights to the money of the cell phone Tower an make the churches land a Parking Lot for the schools Over flow of The foot ball stadium for games.
    Bruce Anderson

    Bruce Anderson

  14. I hate to keep leaving this same message, but this will work. The Islamic theology is totally at odds with American values and equal rights for all peope. Please attend these mosque meetings, and use the line of questioning detailed below. They can be forced to admit to unsavory things, and when they do, public opinion will turn, mosques will be denied, etc.:

    To anyone out there who wants to prevent mosques from being built:

    It’s a pretty simple strategy. Attend a public debate. When it comes time for the Q & A session with the Imam, use this approach:

    1. Establish that Mohammed is the guide for mankind for ALL TIMES. Make certain the Muslim in question admits that there’s no room for moral relativism in Islam. Once he admits that the example of Mohammed is every bit as valid in the 21st century as it was in the 7th century, you’re good to go.

    2. Establish that the Quran is the most authentic book in Islam followed by the hadith collections of Sahih Muslim and Sahih Bukhari. This is a common part of Islamic theology, so it should be easy to get them to admit to this.

    3. Once that has been established, bring up verses from the quran and hadiths from Sahih Muslim and Sahih Bukhari that express support for child rape, slavery and wife abuse.

    4. Force them to either admit they believe it’s morally acceptable in the year 2010 for grown men to have sex with nine year old children, beat their wives, enslave other men, or admit that Mohammed’s example is no longer valid in the 21st century.

    5. It’s going to be hard to get them to admit to this, so it’s up to the audience to force them to answer the questions.

    6. If they admit that it’s morally acceptable to have sex with children, beat women, enslave other men, you’re good to go. Public opinion will turn.

    I’ve provided a few examples that I came up with on the SIOA Facebook page.


    Good luck.

  15. to kellymm: Well now I know what its called when you lie and cheat to further the goals of Islam. Today I received emails about the 3rd circuit court’s review – let’s hope Obama doesn’t get to the judges.

    Judge Carter in California was somehow redirected in his rulings in a lawsuit brought for the same reasons as P. Berg’s – he had ordered obama’s attorneys to provide the long form birth certificate and do it fast back in January – they never did and the next thing that happened in that case was a dismissal. One can only wonder what the judge received as compensation for that ruling.

    Americans are good and fed up. I think we have a good chance of ousting the Comrade who spent a few years in Russia being trained 18 years ago.

    More will come to light as time passes.

    Pray that these cases are before honest judges.

    • Well, they haven’t been able to find an honest or patriotic judge to this date.. I wonder if we could advertise for one? I doubt if we would receive a reply.

  16. @Springcreekriverocean….

    She did not threaten anyone, and just because something is legal here does not mean that it is good for America. After the Barbary Coast Wars, Islam should of been banned.

  17. to Barbara Paolucci…I think you were referring to me (kellymm?) but that’s ok…I have gray matter between my ears…it looks like they took my name out (Katherine Magdangal) wonder why they wouldn’t want anyone referring to FB??

  18. Muslims are the first immigrants who have come here with the intent of changing our form of government to a theocracy.

  19. Islam is like a virus: it uses our own freedom to multiply in our midst and then attack us.

    I’ve been trying to start a drive to get Islam to modernize and change their name to “Tap Out”

    “Well the eagles been flying slow, and the flag’s been flying low, and a lotta people say that America’s fixing to fall.

    But speaking just for me, and some people from Tennesse,we got a thing or two to tell you all.

    This lady may have stumbled, but she
    ain’t never fell. And if our enemies don’t believe that, they can all go straight to hell.

    We’re gonna put her feet back on the path of
    righteousness and then, God bless America again.”

    Charlie Daniels-In America

  20. How very odd that the Watery One doesn’t think that a death threat against a candidate for political office is a serious matter. Oh, I see, all candidates get them so it makes it OK. Well, Water On the Brain, it doesn’t. Islam has throughout its history tortured, killed, raped, pillaged, and every other odious action one can imagine, including sexual mutilation of young girls and pedophilia. How do you feel about sacrificing animals?
    How do you feel about Friday night entertainment at the public square, beheadings? This culture has no relationship to a religion. It is a foreign political system which leaves no room for individual freedom, the very Constitution they wish to use to their advantage. The Constitution of the United States, despite your opinion of it, is not a suicide pact.

  21. Pingback: Tennessee: Muslims oppose law enforcement checking citizenship status…of inmates (video) « Creeping Sharia

  22. Its is impossible to have religious Freedom with muslims, it is there way or death. This cult is all about making people submit thru Fear. what a great Religion, Convert out of fear. Once these islamist out number you, Do you really think they Care about our laws or anything else.

  23. I agree with Rober Howerton. Those moslems don’t care about us nonbelievers. Those moslems only care about getting richer and getting more political power via their islam that would ultimately (if we nonbelievers are not careful) deprive us nonbelievers of our freedom of choice and a home.

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