Drug cartel’s car bomb near U.S. border has hallmarks of Islamic terrorist attack

Mexican drug cartels smuggle Islamic terrorists into the U.S., and in return Hizbollah and al Qaeda terrorists train Mexican drug cartels in the use of explosives? Luring first responders to the scene using a decoy in a fake uniform. Setting off a car bomb when responders arrive – killing the decoy. It has all the hallmarks of an Islamic terrorist tactic we’ve seen in Iraq, Afghanistan, Gaza and elsewhere. Now it’s creeping closer to the U.S. via Experts: Car bomb in Juárez mimics Middle East terrorist tactics – El Paso Times.

EL PASO — The car bombing in Juárez on Thursday in which three people were killed signifies an escalation of brutality and sophistication in the city’s 2-year-old drug war, officials said.

Juárez officials on Friday confirmed a car bomb with C-4 plastic explosives was detonated from a remote location.

Local experts said the Juárez and Sinaloa drug cartels apparently have adopted terrorists’ tactics that use suicide bombers and car bombs to kill foes or to make a point.

“It certainly seems like they’ve taken a page out of the Middle East,” said Richard Schwein, the former FBI special agent in charge of the El Paso office.

“The cartels read the news and they hear about what is happening in the Middle East with the use of car bombs and suicide bombers. I don’t think they will ever use suicide bombers here, but car bombs are easy to make and to use.”

Actually, it appears entirely possible that the decoy involved knew he would die, or at least be arrested, and therefore the cartels are using suicide bombers, or adopting another Islamic terror tactic – using unknowing stooges. See second story below.

This is the first time a car bomb has been used in the Juárez drug war, which has claimed the lives of nearly 5,800 people since in began in 2008.

Experts agree that the use of a car bomb with a sophisticated detonation system and C-4 is a new tactic, one that requires planning and deliberation.

According to Juárez officials, officers responded to a call that a police officer had been killed. As an officer and a paramedic approached the car, a bomb exploded. The officer and the paramedic were killed. The third man killed is believed to have been the decoy.

El Paso County Sheriff Richard Wiles said the use of a car bomb is of major concern, and something law-enforcement officials on this side of the Rio Grande should pay attention to.

Juarez Mayor: Criminals used terrorist tactics

Criminals using terrorist tactics detonated the car bomb that killed three people in the Downtown district, Mayor José Reyes Ferriz said today.

Ferriz said law officers were lured into the deadly trap Thursday night at a busy intersection on the 16 de Septiembre Avenue. Police thought they were responding to a homicide in which a city officer was the victim.

When police and paramedics arrived, they found a man impersonating a city police officer still alive. They noticed that his uniform was slightly different from others and that he was not wearing a badge. Still, they proceeded to treat the area as a crime scene. Then a Ford Focus at the intersection exploded about 8 p.m.

We’ve seen this tactic in Iraq, Afghanistan, Gaza, and likely other places as well. The evidence of Islamic terrorists in Latin America and on the southern U.S. border has been building since at least 9/11.

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  1. With lots of unemployed Mexicanos and poor Mexican law enforcement and security. Who cares about the rich drug users. How much you got amigo.

  2. Hitlerly Rotten Clinton and the Wahhabist POS stenching the WH gave red carpet welcome to Tariq Ramdan of the Muslim Brotherhood.
    Get ready to pick up dismembered limbs of your loved ones in the days to come.
    The Wahhabi you elected to murder you will stand by his muslims — he’s already licking Hamas arse.

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