Growing number of Canadians adopting violent jihad is alarming

The Mountie in charge of investigating terrorist threats says he’s alarmed at the growing number of Canadians adopting violent jihad.

Assistant Commissioner Gilles Michaud said RCMP are aware of a number of Canadians who are currently training at Islamic terror camps.

“We have some in Pakistan, we see some in Somalia, we see them in Afghanistan,” he said.

RCMP believe that two-dozen Canadians have trained at camps in Somalia, Afghanistan and Pakistan (the same country where the Times Square bomber is believed to have sought instruction in terrorist tactics). They suspect that several Canadians hold leadership roles in al Qaeda-linked groups.

The Mounties are investigating at least six young Somali-Canadian men from the Toronto area who are believed to have left the country to join al Shabaab, the Somalia-based group responsible for last week’s suicide bombings in Uganda that killed 76 people.

But Michaud is also concerned about the threat of Islamic extremists unleashing terror on Canadian soil, particularly if those trained at terrorist camps overseas return to Canada.

There are those in Canada who are fundraising for terrorist groups “through charities, drug dealing and credit card fraud,” he said.

What’s more, threats from “neo-jihadist groups” are no longer limited to major Canadian cities, he said — they now affect smaller communities across the country.

Many of the suspected terrorists being investigated by RCMP are second or third generation Canadians who have been integrated into Canadian society before becoming radicalised, Michaud said.

RCMP have even set up a national security tip line, at 1-800-420-5805, where concerned citizens can report suspicious behaviour 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

But some Islamic groups say the Mounties are exaggerating the threat.

“I don’t get the sense it is a huge problem within the Muslim community,” said Khalid Elgazzar with the Council of American-Islamic Relations Canada. “I would say these are isolated incidents.”

via More Canadians turning to violent jihad: Mountie – CTV News.

Many of CAIR’s leaders are isolated too – in jail cells after being convicted on terrorism related charges.

9 thoughts on “Growing number of Canadians adopting violent jihad is alarming

  1. I ma surprised hat our authorities are surprised- any law enforcement and intel should see the history of attack –

    9-11 mass murdereres lived in USA dfor SEVEN years- on LEGAL passports- long enough to try for citizen- WE KNOW using citizens allows them more rights and freedom to do dirty work- to travel unchecked to have access to sensitive jobs and places–

    are they STUPID? how did they not FOREsee this>???

    and once again CAIR- puts up BLUFF and LIES
    and WE DO NOTHING to stop or prevent it

    they understand us -their enemy – but WE still have not “GOT IT” yet about them

    • More surprised he actually used the word jihad – he must not have been officially brainwashed or threatened with demotion yet

  2. We know they are attacking Christians wordwide, ( How many more attacks here is it going to take to put them in lockdown ?

  3. canadians, americans, europeans, brittong– all all bleeding heart liberals and let thier own raped and killed and converted in the name of liberty, democracy and freedom of speech. Unless they change thier poitica and personal philosophy of living all these cowards are destined to die and lose thier identity and even their counries under assault from creeping sharia, in other words aggressive Islam. I have lost all hope of recovery from these cowards hiding under democracy and secularism, both words are anathema in Islamic dictionary.They do not believe these cowrdly words. Good luck and God Save these losers!

  4. People of the West have been sold; body, mind and soul to Muslim Mafia Inc.
    Your leaders are busy counting the money, money, money they receive like windfalls while their wives are out shopping for diamonds.

    Eternal vigilence is needed for preserving your liberty, your western values based on Judeo-Christianity that propelled you to highest achievements and enjoyment, but you were found wanting; and now must pay to become serfs of your muslim masters.

    • QV- I ‘m not paying one red cent. I’ve done my homework and do everything I can utilizing social networks and every thing I can to expose the Koran and
      its author to every living person I know and quite a few have received and internalized the message, They in turn are now doing likewise. Our leaders will be in
      for a big shock. Americans are not socialists nor are we suicidal. The far left have no God but that may change when their islamic jihadi pets ream them a new one. Defeat isn’t an option. Don’t fear these
      pipsqueaks ! Expose the Koran,hadith and sira to the biggest possible audience utilizing every form of communication. You can’t disguise the HATE in
      that odious screed. Take back North America one
      American and Canadian at a time.

  5. Second & third generation?
    They are either inadequate little males grasping at the tiny bit of power islam bestows on them (mostly over women & children) or the disease spread by islam is more contagious & deadly than previously thought. Perhaps it even infects the genes of the parents & is passed on.

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