$500 million more to Pakistan, plus U.S. military equipment

Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot! Another $500M in U.S. taxpayer dollars to a sharia-enforcing, terror-breeding country that aids and abets the Taliban. Taxation for Islamization – contact your elected officials ASAP. via U.S. Announces $500 Million Pakistan Energy, Health Aid on Clinton Visit – Bloomberg.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced more than $500 million in new aid programs for Pakistan today with the bulk of the funds going to improve the management, access and storage of water.

Other packages will combat infectious diseases, seek to boost food exports and provide credit to small- and medium-sized businesses. The Barack Obama administration will also ask Congress to let Pakistan’s military have excess U.S. defense equipment. Clinton made the announcements at the second U.S.- Pakistan Strategic Dialogue, a forum on multiple issues, including energy and public diplomacy.

The new aid projects, created from existing pledged funding of an annual $1.5 billion for five years, reflect Pakistani priorities and are multi-year investments that show “our commitment is broad and deep,” said Raj Shah, administrator of the U.S. Agency for International Development. “We are there for the long term.”

The first phase of the multi-year water program will encompass seven initiatives at a cost of $270 million and include dam irrigation projects in rural areas to control flooding, and improve water supply and quality.

USAID will provide $100 million over five years to expand credit for small- and medium-sized businesses. The State Department will take a group of U.S. business leaders to Pakistan with the goal of creating new business opportunities in both countries.

Energy projects will get $60 million to be used to complete two dams, help identify natural gas resources, conduct feasibility studies on wind and solar systems as well as on a new grid system in Karachi.

Defense Equipment

In an effort to support Pakistan’s anti-insurgency efforts, the administration will also ask Congress to include Pakistan as a “priority country,” which allows it to receive defense equipment the U.S. military no longer needs.

Clinton also announced the first phase of a three-year, $28 million health program for Pakistan that would build an obstetrics and gynecology hospital ward and training center at a hospital that handles 17,000 births a year.

The health funds would also increase bed capacity at Pakistan’s largest maternity hospital, Lahore’s Lady Willingdon.

USAID will oversee $21 million in agricultural projects designed to promote Pakistani exports and improve the ability of women to manage dairy-related businesses. Based in Punjab, the program is expected to reach 16,000 women.

Clinton said that Pakistanis had work to do as well. “Now you face some hard choices, such as the meaningful tax reforms that are needed to put Pakistan on the path to long-term economic progress,” she said today.

Taxes? Clinton is worried about taxes while Muslim women are burned with acid, and Muslim mobs demand and then kill non-Muslims for supposed blasphemy? This is deserving of billions of dollars in American aid to our enemies? Making Carter look good.

Clinton, again, states someone in Pakistan knows where bin Laden is. Maybe if she stops giving them billions of dollars someone will drop a dime.

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8 thoughts on “$500 million more to Pakistan, plus U.S. military equipment

  1. What assurances are there that this money won’t drain into the sands of corruption like so much of the other USAID project money and US/international assistance to Pakistan? Unless we are talking about creating a system of accountability and rule of law, we are throwing good money after bad.

  2. None of this money or military equipment will go for anyone or anything that is pro-USA and pro-Democracy.

    Virtually ALL of it will go straight to enabling even more Muslim takeover of the world and more terrorism.

    This planet is done for. It really is.

  3. provide credit to small- and medium-sized businesses.

    Funny we are not doing that in USA for our OWN – It is near impossible for any small business to get loans now

    Obama loves Muslims, it is clear he does not love US

  4. I often wonder exactly what Obama’s end game is as he seems intent on strengthening the enemies of the USA worldwide, whilst at the same time emasculating the USA.

  5. Most of that money won’t hit those targets, it’s destined for private pockets, we all know that. We know that the money (jiyza) the US pays to Pakistan helps support the Taliban whom Pakistan is supposed to be terminating. What a joke!.

    They laugh at the American gov’t as it funnels them buckets of taxpayer dollars. Or is that just the cover for Obama’s pandering to islam, the cover for his support of his muzlim brothers?

    I can think of better solutions for Pakistan, they don’t include money but they do resemble a rather large parking lot.

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