Female genital mutilation of Muslim girls in UK (video)

Video from Vlad Tepes.

23 thoughts on “Female genital mutilation of Muslim girls in UK (video)

  1. This is monsterous! Every cicilized country should outlaw this cruel barbaric form of child abuse with the harshest consequences possible.

  2. this is the course for america. sharia law. the spineless are leading us down. our gov’t will stand by these barbarians.

  3. This is a powerful video… It’s amazing that cutting is happening in the UK. It’s probably happening in America, too, and we just don’t know about it. Who is protecting the children?

  4. Thank you for posting this important video, which must be forwarded to every politician, to every newspaper. These young women have no one to help them without people waking up and helping them.

  5. Where are all the so-called feminists who claim to care about womens’ rights? Why is there not a universal uprising? Oh, could it be that by embracing the stupidity of ‘multiculturalism’ they, and too many others in the West, turn a blind eye to this disgusting practice???

  6. It’s about time that every Country in Western World should have a Politician like Geert Wilders.
    People wake up and stand firm against islam and it’s pedofile profet.

  7. It is very important when arguing this topic to understand the difference between circumcision of males and female genital mutilation because the apologists for ISLAM use this to justify themselves by pointing out that we do allow that custom in USA and EU

  8. Keep in mind that these are the same people who cry torturer to AMERICA for SCARING grown men with a dog- or “humiliating them” or even waterboarding with no lasting ill effects

    the same see nothing wrong with this butchery and torture of little girls

  9. Obama’s people have asked the feminist groups to tone down their criticism. You notice that feminists were much more vocal during the Bush administration against female genital mutilation than they are now.

    • I hpeapn to think that discourse about Islam should include acknowledge the manifestations of fanataism among Muslims, as well as an acknowledgement that most Muslims are not fanatics.Hah! It would be great if that hpeapned. But you seem to imply that reminders of the extremist element are somehow getting lost, while moderate muslims are flavour of the month. That’s not the case, even in the liberal media.In fact, the reverse is true, and we hold up the manifestations of fanatasism as the best that Islam can ever be. This excludes and alienated our allies within Islam. Our message to them becomes: we don’t want you to succeed.The discourse is, at its heart, still about trying to prove the cultural superiority of one religious tradition over another. It’s an impossible task. For every instance of terror, moral depravity, denial of human rights, falsehood, bigotry, and fundamentalism that is displayed about Islam, they can and will send us a Christian/American/Jewish/Russian/South American/Occidental/Takeyourpick example right back to compliment it and (if you will) balance it (Britain used to be a pretty fundamentalist place once: I can see the place where they burned the heretics in Edinburgh as I type).

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  11. This is unthinkable.
    posted on my blog. I think that the more that we make it known and the horror of it exposed then maybe more people will get the fact that this is a reality.
    This is about the UK, but how many girls are subjected to this that are US citizens? Canadian citizens? Australian citizen?

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  14. The sentencing for this must be castration, but since it appears to be women administering the mutilation, someone would need to investigate to find the man ultimately responsible. If there was none other than Mohammed, the woman who instigated it, as well as the one cutting, (if they be not one and the same) would need to have a permanent restraining order barring her from contact with children…

    This insane practice was probably designed much like the Iron Maiden to calm jealous husbands’ worries about their wives’ fidelity. How ignorant! We love with our hearts, not our genitalia.

  15. It IS happening in America.
    I can’t cite the information, because I read
    it some years ago (maybe six yrs ago).
    Even lately, Muslims pressured American
    Pediatric Association to approve it for Muslim
    young girls. I believe that was finally resolved
    by the APA by saying that they would do
    a “nicking” — not total genital mutilation, but
    just nick the clitoris enough to satisfy the
    Muslims. Now, whether that is still being
    approved by APA, I don’t know. It was
    discussed a lot about (?) two months ago.

  16. muslims are talking to much.quran never explained that kill kidnaped rape or attack on other countries or punish woman .quran explained if you do not like divorced her one side muslims talking too much and other side they are not the quarn. Propht never explained to any muslim go to attack or insult the other religions but they always saying this kafar or troublemaker. I suggest not allowe any mosque in eurap usa london canada .if they want religion let them go back to there own countries

    • But Muhammad is the perfect role model for all Muslims, is he not? If so, it’s not only what he said, it’s what he did.

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