U.S. funding mosques around the world (updated)

While they are shutting down a terror-linked mosque in Germany, the U.S. seems to be misusing taxpayer dollars to fund Islamic madrassas mosques around the world. Glad to see other writers picking up on the multi-billion dollar Taxation for Islamization effort, via American Thinker Blog: Newsweek columnist says US funding mosque construction.

Truth, even in the tightly controlled prison of the Obama media complex, occasionally bursts forth like a swordfish cavorting on the waves of a golden August afternoon.

Newsweek, the Washington Post’s former progressive stepchild, published an op-ed by Fareed Zakaria, the in-house lapdog for the Administration, extolling the virtues of building the Ground Zero Mosque. A couple of sentences demand a great deal more explanation.

To that end, early in its tenure the Bush administration began a serious effort to seek out and support moderate Islam. Since then, Washington has funded mosques, schools, institutes, and community centers that are trying to modernize Islam around the world.

We should be encouraging groups like the one behind this project, not demonizing them. Were this mosque being built in a foreign city, chances are that the U.S. government would be funding it.

Perhaps we all missed the memo where US taxpayers are gleefully funding Islamic “mosques, schools, institutes, and community centers” around the globe. Of course, US troops have restored hundreds of schools and community centers in Iraq and Afghanistan, but mosques and Islamic institutes? This seems very difficult to believe.

So, as an enraged and curious taxpaying citizen, I have a few questions for Mr. Zakaria, our Congress and this Administration. What are the locations, costs, and dates of construction of these US taxpayer-funded mosques and Islamic institutes? If some of these mosques were built in the America, didn’t anyone contact the ACLU? (I would pay real money to be in “the room” during that discussion.) What particular piece of Congressional legislation authorized US taxpayer dollars to be spent on these mosques and Islamic institutes? Did our government apportion these funds fairly and equally between the Shi’a, Sunni, and Sufi sects of Islam?

The Constitution states “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;” I’m damn sure spending US taxpayer dollars on constructing mosques was not envisioned by the Founding Fathers nor by the overwhelming majority of American citizens.

Update: More detail on the funding of mosques by the U.S. government using your taxpayer dollars, from the Washington Times, Tax dollars to build mosques:

Americans also may be surprised to learn that the United States has been an active participant in mosque construction projects overseas. In April, U.S. Ambassador to Tanzania Alfonso E. Lenhardt helped cut the ribbon at the 12th-century Kizimkazi Mosque, which was refurbished with assistance from the United States under a program to preserve culturally significant buildings. The U.S. government also helped save the Amr Ebn El Aas Mosque in Cairo, which dates back to 642. The mosque’s namesake was the Muslim conqueror of Christian Egypt, who built the structure on the site where he had pitched his tent before doing battle with the country’s Byzantine rulers. For those who think the Ground Zero Mosque is an example of “Muslim triumphalism” glorifying conquest, the Amr Ebn El Aas Mosque is an example of such a monument – and one paid for with U.S. taxpayer funds.

The mosques being rebuilt by the United States are used for religious worship, which raises important First Amendment questions. U.S. taxpayer money should not be used to preserve and promote Islam, even abroad. In July 2009, the Office of the Inspector General published an audit of U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) faith-based and community initiatives that examined whether government funds were being used for religious activities. The auditors found that while USAID was funding some religious activities, officials were “uncertain of whether such uses of Agency funding violate Agency regulations or the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the Constitution” when balanced against foreign-policy objectives.

For example, our government rebuilt the Al Shuhada Mosque in Fallujah, Iraq, expecting such benefits as “stimulating the economy, enhancing a sense of pride in the community, reducing opposition to international relief organizations operating in Fallujah, and reducing incentives among young men to participate in violence or insurgent groups.” But Section 205.1(d) of title 22 of the Code of Federal Regulations prohibits USAID funds from being used for the rehabilitation of structures to the extent that those structures are used for “inherently religious activities.” It is impossible to separate religion from a mosque; any such projects will necessarily support Islam.

Update 2: The United States Marine Corps is also building mosques for Muslims, Marines Open Marjah Mosque:

End update.

Also glad some are finally recognizing Newsweek and Zakaria for what they are. We’ve covered their blatant Islamophilia previously.

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19 thoughts on “U.S. funding mosques around the world (updated)

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  2. It’s that muzzie nigger from kenya who is behind this. I’m not now or ever have been religious but these days I pray every morning that this day will be the day someone blows that niggers brains all over the sidewalk.

    • Ah yes, if only it were true. Patience my pet, pcinetae.”Muslims are so gullible for crazy conspiracy theories.” I have been fascinated with why some cultures or countries are are so prone to conspiracy theories. This is not a slight to my many Russian friends but they are also very prone to this as well. I suppose it comes from years of living under the boot of communism where truth was something very elusive and the government was capable of anything.

  3. Please DELETE Harry-O’s comment! It is vulgar, racist, unquestionably illegal, inflammatory, and will likely get this web site shut down or censored and those behind it jailed.

    No one I know talks or thinks like that. He doesn’t speak for anyone I know, and I’d rather he not speak for me here. That comment scares me.

    Harry, if you’re reading this, please delete your comment. It WILL get you in trouble.

    To the owner(s) of this blog, please delete that comment ASAP. Free speech is one thing. Illegal speech or ugly hate speech is another.


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  7. $770,000,000. is a lot of money to repair mosques. I suggest that money is going to islamists who will use it for what ever unholy purpose they wish; the least of which is going to fix old crumbling mosques. This money is going straight into the hands of terrorists who will use it against America and Americans. obama should not be preparing for the 2012 election. He should be on trial for sedition and treason

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  11. It amazes me just how ignorant and gullible the college graduates of the United States are. WOMEN seem to be the obsession of the mega buck media, so tell the cutie pies they should be stocking up on black and blue cloth, they are going to need it very soon.

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