South Carolina: New sentence for Muslim who shot two in head

Litigation jihad via New sentence for man in SC fast food killings – South Carolina & Regional – Wire –

COLUMBIA, S.C. — A man condemned to death is getting a new sentencing trial after South Carolina’s highest court ruled Monday that prosecutors should not have likened the Muslim man to terrorists who attacked the United States on Sept. 11.

In October 2003, a Myrtle Beach jury found Angle Joe Perrie Vasquez, 31, guilty in the March 2002 shooting deaths of Kuma Walker and Joseph Williams, who had fired Vasquez for using profanity in front of customers and another employee.

Later that day, authorities said Vasquez and another man returned to the restaurant and shot both men in the head multiple times. Another worker found the men’s bodies inside the restaurant’s cooler.

During the sentencing phase of the trial – which happened over the second anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks – Solicitor Greg Hembree talked extensively about the tragic impact of the attacks and called Vasquez, a Muslim who wore a prayer cap during his trial, a “domestic terrorist.”

Vasquez was subsequently sentenced to death. But on Monday, the high court granted Vasquez’s request for a new sentencing hearing, writing that Hembree’s comments compromised the defendant’s case and that defense attorneys should have objected to them.

“We hold the solicitor’s comments so infected the trial with unfairness as to make the resulting death sentence a denial of due process,” Justice Don Beatty wrote in the 14-page opinion.

Chief Justice Jean Toal dissented in a separate opinion, writing that Hembree only commented about terrorism in general, not as it related to Vasquez.

“During his speech, the solicitor mentioned September 11, 2001, as a tragic, life-changing historical event,” Toal wrote. “He did not call attention to any racial or religious aspect of that event, and he did not liken Petitioner to the attackers.

A new sentencing hearing has not been set. Vasquez’s appellate attorney said he was pleased with the court’s decision.

“We hope that Mr. Vasquez will now receive a fair sentencing hearing based on the evidence, not his religious beliefs,” Joseph Savitz said Monday.

Absurd. Using the Islam-card whenever and wherever they can, despite the evidence and brutality of the crime.

12 thoughts on “South Carolina: New sentence for Muslim who shot two in head

  1. I don’t agree that this i’s absurd. One’s religion should be absolutely irrelevant in determining the sentence one gets as the result of a crime.

    He may yet get the death penalty again, but this time it will be on the up and up.

  2. The judge was remiss to interject his own feelings; two people’s death could have gone unpunished if this had been labeled a ‘mistrial’ because of the judge’s comments.

    However, given the fact that 9/11 was still fresh in our minds, and not knowing other facts like friends, etc. of the judge that were victims, I can understand how he could have made those comments.

    None of us slept well for months after 9/11.

  3. Oh…and in case there are any gloating Muslims reading my post (because we know you do read our comments) that ‘none of us slept well for months’, know this: your god does not exist, Mohammed was an illiterate meglomaniac, the God of Abraham is the true and only God more powerful than anything you can ever do; one day you will stand in judgement before Him and there won’t be any virgins involved.

  4. @watchman55—never mind that he’s Muslim, but do you realize the outrage that would have resulted in SC had a mistrial been declared? Re-sentencing as the proper move here.

    I think he still gets sentenced to death.

  5. I hope he gets mahammy to sodomize him 5 times a day in his cozy cell for decades prior to his execution. I suspect that he shares my opinion, but I know others feel differently. That’s one more beautiful thing about our (the United States) system of a free republic. We all get to say what we hope for and how we feel about things.

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