Toronto School Board & Sharia

We were alerted to the logo of the Toronto District School Board. It’s eerily similar to an Islamic crescent and star, and even uses the color green.

Perusing the School Board’s website, they have an entire page about Hajj & Islam including videos of Mecca and a video of the racist, socialist Malcolm X. No mention of the fact that non-Muslims are not permitted in Mecca, Saudi Arabia where Muslims go to fulfill a pillar of Islam.

A 2002 lesson titled, “The Medieval World,” for students in Grade 4, requires students to role play as a Muslim:

Men’s Roles     Women’s Roles
– caliph             – khouttab (secretary)
– vizier              – teacher
– sultan             – doctor
– emir               – scribe
– nadim            – elite woman
– khouttab (secretary) – merchant in the souk
– qadi  [sharia judge]            – craftsperson
– doctor            – servant
– scientist          – slave
– teacher
– elite man
– merchant/trader
– merchant in the souk
– craftsperson
– shurta (policeman)
– postal worker
– scribe
– peasant
– servant
– slave
3. Fold the slips and place them into two boxes, one for boys and one for girls. [segregation?] Ask students to come and pick a slip out of the box to identify the role they will be playing.
4. Have students refer to the handout The Social Structure of the Medieval Islamic World (p. 000), given to them as part of the previous activity. They should use the information to help them fill in the blanks on their slip, for example:

5. Once students have completed their slips identifying their roles and responsibilities, have them create a name tag identifying their role so that it is visible to others.

Apparently they have something called Islamic History Month in Toronto as well, and a three-page list of dawah videos promoting Islam and the West’s stereotypes of jihad. It’s 2010 – do you know what your children are learning in school?

Many previous posts on sharia and jihad in Toronto here.

10 thoughts on “Toronto School Board & Sharia

  1. I had a weird yet wonderful dream. All those lectures who are teaching our children the falsehoods of islam where found in their beds with their throats cut. A little note pinned on the pillow read, not in my fkn country with our children. A weird dream that I have no doubt will come true, I am 100% convinced of this. Keep islamic shit away from our civilised children. Or according to my dream you will pay the price!!!

  2. Just amazing how the left is supporting Jihad (Global Islamic Theocracy) and teaching that capitulation is the key to life? What ever happened to teaching our young to grow a spine and stand firm against the encroachment of evil especially when it is being thrown in our faces? Islam is indeed using our tolerances, laws and freedoms against us and playing us like a fiddle. Islam has already captured the far left in this country and turned them in to allies. This current administration wears it’s Neville Chamberlain like appeasement as a badge of honor rather than learning from history of which they endeavor to rewrite at every turn.

  3. Anyone who sends their kids to public school is abusing their children. If everyone put their kids in private school, even just for the first week in Sept. you would see IMEDIATE change in the schools. Each kid brings the town mega bucks from the feds. The Towns will miss that money, believe me. PARENTS WAKE UP!

  4. Nice lesson for our future little Jihadi’s. Is this where the Toronto 18 got their inspiration from? Omar Khadir will be proud.

  5. I think the logo is supposed to be an apple. But, I can see where you get the Islamic similarity.

    What would happen if the children were made to act out “The Last Supper” or something???

    Separation of church and state???????

    What the heck?!

  6. On my last comment, I forgot, when typing my response (Alzheimer’s?) that this is in Canada… I don’t know if they have a “separation of church and state” law.

  7. Ridiculous. I moved from Alberta to Ontario. The amount of pressure the Edmonton Public School board is under now because of the radicalist Muslims there is mind blowing.
    Funny how they can teach about a purely Islamic religion, based on hate but heaven forbid a teacher wishes a kid “Merry Christmas” in this Country!
    You want to come to OUR country, fine, but don’t expect us to change our beliefs and teaching b/c you find it offensive! You don’t like how we do things here or the beliefs our country was built upon, then go back to your own country and blow yourselves up.

  8. ” they have something called Islamic History Month in Toronto ”
    So when are the History Months for Christianity, Judaism, Sikhism, etc.?

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