State Dept imports devout Muslim to teach Montana kids Arabic, Islam

Taxation for Islamization in Montana. Where else in the U.S. are imported, devout Muslims indoctrinating our kids under the guise of Arabic language skills? via Missoula teacher seeks to dispel Muslim myths |

As a young man, Wael Salah Elkhateeb pummeled opponents with his fists as a boxer for the Egyptian national team.

An English teacher from Cairo, he comes to Missoula via the U.S. State Department’s Teachers of Critical Languages Program, which places Arabic and Chinese teachers in the United States for one-year assignments. The Missoula County Public Schools district was accepted into the program, which will help get its Arabic studies classes off the ground.

For the next year, Elkhateeb will teach the Arabic language, culture and traditions to Missoula students at Hellgate and anywhere else he is asked to visit.

A devout Muslim and “ambassador for my culture,” his message is simple: Ignorance of another culture leads to misunderstanding and even hatred, and that works both ways across the Arabic-Western divide.

Many in the West, especially in the United States, think of Arabic culture only in terms of what they see on TV or the movies, or what they see on the news.

“Politics is the main thing that keeps people apart,” said Elhkateeb, who left behind his wife and 3-year-old twins for the 11-month ambassadorship.

In Egypt and elsewhere, people are people. The Arabic world has all the diversity of viewpoints and ideologies that America does, he said.

“America believes in the diversity of herself,” he said. “And America should believe in the diversity of the Arabic world.”

The Muslim religion is gravely misunderstood, even despised, by people who don’t bother to understand it, he said.

“I think they don’t know we have the spirit of tolerance, the spirit of respecting other people,” he said. “We are very generous, very giving.”

And the goal is for Americans to understand the Arabic and Islamic world, and for that world to understand America and the West.

Another one of the things that he’s learned after only a few days in Montana is that we Montanans like to take things slowly much more slowly than things happen in Cairo, population 14 million.

“Sometimes I have to say, ‘OK, just take a deep breath, and let it out slowly,’ ” said Michal Malouf, a Hellgate Spanish teacher who is serving as Elkhateeb’s mentor.

Elkhateeb smiled. Yes, it’s true, he can be a bit passionate and talkative, especially when it comes to Arab-American relations.

While in Missoula, Elkhateeb will meet with any interested groups, giving talks about his role as teacher and ambassador, spreading the culture of the Arab world to foster understanding and, ultimately, peace.

It is what his Muslim faith, after all, commands him to do.

It sure does, it’s called dawah. And the goal is to spread Islam and sharia law until Allah alone is worshiped.

Islam commands Muslims to do a lot of things, most of which the devout Muslims being imported at taxpayer expense by the State Department will never tell your kids about.

Stealth jihad on your dime. Indoctrination.

PS: Elkhateeb is from Egypt – home of the Muslim Brotherhood. Recall the Muslim Brotherhood’s strategic goal in North America,a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.”

35 thoughts on “State Dept imports devout Muslim to teach Montana kids Arabic, Islam

  1. I’m kind of torn on this. I do think we need a better understanding of the Arabic world, but I don’t think that importing “devout Muslims” from another country is the best way. What about Arabic Christians from predominantly Muslim nations ( such as Saudi Arabia which boasts 100% Muslim (not entirely accurate but whatever))?

  2. Whom does his wife belong to while he’s in Dar-al-Harb? I mean, who gives her written permission to leave the house or travel?

    In the meantime, this kind American woman has brought him back to her community, where over the last week she has been slowly coming to terms with what she has done in the name of goodwill.

    What kind of diversity did she experience when she went to pick him up in Egypt? Was she allowed to accompany him? Unmarried and unrelated?

    Where is he living? With whom? He now has a social security card and a bank account. Who is watching this man?

    I am sure many Egyptians have the same diversity of thought that Americans do. If they dare open their mouths or publish such a thing, they will end up imprisoned faster than you can say knife.

    Qutb part deux.

  3. Ok, so this guy has a visa to come to the United States, but I now see an ad dated 8/12 showing that he and his fellow da’wa representative Fadi Ehlin are looking for a two-bedroom apartment or house in walking distance to the high school in Missoula.

    I wonder if his mentor, who went all the way to Egypt to retrieve him, knew that there was no place for him to live when he got there. Or, maybe she had offered her or someone else’s home and because of the female/unmarried aspect they had to decline. After the fourth day of arrival they still had no permanent place to live.

    I wonder if that is of interest to the immigration folks. Usually those kinds of visas are issues when support and stable living quarters can be established.

    And I love the premise of the article that the dhimmi romantic reporter swallows whole that if only people got to know Islam better, there would be less hate of it. Lady, the more you know Islam, the less there is to like about it. Not more.

  4. Alex, precisely. Hundreds of Arab Christians and Jewish Arabs have given their offers of translation support to federal and state officials, and they are often rebuffed due to the quotas for the sake of diversity that the government sets for itself. Better to hire Muslims.
    Why would you want Muslim Arabic speaker translating Muslim surveillance? Ludicrous.

  5. I wonder how many Christians from America are allowed to enter their country to teach? Please take the time to read up on Islam. Once they get in, they will grow like cancer and we will wake up with no Constitution, engulfed in Sharia Law. They are a cunning bunch and are instructed to lie to further their agenda. This is madness.

  6. Wow, this is absolutely amazing stuff. I was just reading up on how Egypt is one of the top 10 nations that persecute Christians, and how intolerant they are towards non-muslims as a whole. We as a nation should be outraged at the true nature of Islam that is seen by these human rights abuses. Islamic intollerance is an officially sanctioned policy as seen by the governments of Iran, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Sudan, Egypt, Turkey and more! Islam is as intollerant a religion as they come. I urge your readers to take a look at some of the internet sites devoted towards tracking Islamic intollerance such as that reveal the true nature of what Islam actually is.

    Thanks you SO much for this site, and for helping to reveal the true nature of Islam.

  7. The Muslim religion is gravely misunderstood, even despised, by people who don’t bother to understand it, he said.

    “I think they don’t know we have the spirit of tolerance, the spirit of respecting other people,” he said. “We are very generous, very giving.”
    Oh we have been trying very hard to understand it. The trouble is that the more we try understand it, the worse Islam appears to be, particularly in its daily acts of murder of innocents.

    Tell that to the Copts or the people of Mumbai, Beslan, Madrid, Kashmir, Thailand and many many more. And lets not forget honour killings.
    The Copts were a majority in Egypt. Now through persecution and murder by Muslims, in accordance with the koran, and the example of Mohammed, they are a threatened minority.

    Enough of this Taqqiya. Islam is not misunderstood. Our ancestors understood it very well, and did not allow the mass immigration of Muslims to Europe/West. They must be spinning in their graves.

    Both in its internal dealings with its followers, and dealings with Infidels (charming), Islam needs to learn manners.

    • DP111. ” The Copts were a majority in Egypt .Now through persecution and murder by muslims,in accordance with Quran,and the example of mo-ham-mad,they are threatened minority ” Very true. Same way the majority of the population is Afghanistan were Buddhists and minority Hindus,before the barbarian muslims came invading East ward , where are they [ Buddhists]today? There are none left in Afghanistan, they were forcefully converted to Islam and those who rejected Islam were put to death. Do you also know majority of the Far East was Buddhist too, today majority muslims, just as your self why? Good Book to read by V.S Naipaul ” Beyond Belief ” tells you how Malaysia became majority Muslim. If Americans don’t fight now I believe in 100 years from now USA will be an Islamic state, if not whole then part of it, as happened to India in 1948 partition. Pakistan and Bangladesh carved out of India. Same fate waits you. see

  8. I would be more likely to believe these so called moderate Muslims if these ideologically diverse, tolerant, generous, and respectful people would take care of their own (i.e. arabs of Gaza & West Bank and flood victims of Pakistan) and rise up against the religious extremists & terrorists that have corrupted their beautiful “religion of peace.” Until then, they are all suspect and a threat to my country, my family and my faith.

  9. The only people who seem to misunderstand islam are the Obamination administration and their leftist, libtard enablers.
    Everyone I know grasps the fact that it’s a violent, bigoted, misogynistic, zombie death cult masquerading as a religion.

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  11. The left constantly presses “separation of church and state” on us–to the point that there are no more Christmas or Hanukkah celebrations or discussions of Judaism or Christianity in Middle School ancient history classes (but your kids come home spouting the 5 pillars of Islam). All supposedly to keep a “wall of separation” and keep things “secular” (its own religion, but that’s another discussion). However, the STATE DEPARTMENT is using taxpayer money to bring Muslims to the public schools and force their world view on us. Time to invoke the separation of mosque and state.

  12. Wouldn’t the POTUS be the one to determine the State Dept. agenda? Or at least the “optional” aspects? This November is critical, folks.

    That routine about ‘if only people weren’t ignorant about Islam’ is hilarious. They know that this means some serious taqqiya to deceive as many as possible, as quickly and efficiently as possible. Only if liberalism and Leftism continue to dominate in the West will these sugar-coated lies have a chance to work in their favor.

    ” … Islam needs to learn manners.” No, Islam needs to go. WE need to learn manners and invite an unwelcome guest to leave before things get much worse. Back home they can engage whatever manners Allah commands.

  13. Forgetting the fact that these teachers are teaching Islam and Arabic—I didn’t know that there was money to even afford the teaching of such subjects. It shouldn’t be coming out of MY taxpayer dollars.

    Then again, it could come back to bite them in the you-know-where when they tell Americans what the Koran really means if followed to the letter.

  14. @Pinandpuller – you’re missing the point. Why are instructors (below the collegiate level and in fields other than science or math) being imported?

  15. I’m a little scared that no one is paying attention to the fact that there are also CHINESE teachers being imported. I mean, the Chinese are Communists, and very clear about their intention to rule the world. Plus, unlike the Muslims who rely on suicide bombers (bad enough), China has a huge, well-trained and VERY well-armed (can you say nuclear weapons?) army to help it take over the world. And that doesn’t include the fact that for the past decade or so, China has been buying up most of the U.S. government debt. So they might not even need that army.

    Have you seen China’s record on Christian oppression? It’s also in the top 10 anti-Christian nations. Check out how many of their “political prisoners” are Christians. That doesn’t include the daily harassment of Christians just trying to worship in peace.

    • Excellent point and presumably there are others monitoring that threat – don’t count on the govt or corp America to do it

      (see recent concern about Sprint deal w/ Chinese manufacturer that aids Iranian Rev Guard)

  16. Montana needs to fire the guy and send him packing. I would be very upset to have someone teaching ISLAM to my kids. They want us to think they are good and endearing tolerant people. It is not true.

  17. Kira-

    I share your concerns about China. For starters, China has no blue water navy and without that you cannot control much of anything globally and back it up. The U.S. does have that ability and we exercise it. They are also in a similar position as Saudi Arabia, where there is a mutually beneficial exchange of money for product. Who has who over a barrel? Both parties have an interest in maintaining the game, even as each tries to increase their power. It is players who want to cancel the show and tear down the stage that are much more dangerous. Islam is the only serious contender in this regard I can think of. They have nukes, too. The Chinese seem none too fond of Islam and could be important allies against its spread somewhere down the road.

  18. Teaching Arabic and Islam in American public – read taxpayer supported- schools. To hear our children speak, they don’t even teach English in Montana’s public schools!

    And as far as teaching Mohamedism, where the hell is the ACLU? Strangely silent on this “violation of church and state”.

    I live in Montana, and I object to this unamerican use of my tax dollars.

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  24. The whole idea that he would be coming to indoctrinate people is possible, but highly unlikely; it certainly is far from the conspiracy that has been portrayed in this article. Muslims are not like other faiths who have a culture of pursuing converts. If someone shows a personal interest in Islam that’s one thing, but the “conversion culture” is truly unique to the U.S. and predominantly to Christian faiths. With fancy, modern churches and socialization that is non-inclusive to non-believers, Christian faiths are very sophisticated in their conversion methods. (Just check out a local Billing church that is quite fancy). This article is a reflection of a local U.S. culture, one that that doesn’t even exist in Islam. The state department has dozens of programs like the above; they are not exclusive to muslims.

    I would suspect if they really wanted to convert people they would use Muslims who live here rather than importing and paying teachers from abroad. I’m not sure whether the article is suspicious of the state department or of the teachers. I am not sure about Muslim teachers being chosen over other faiths, I do know that Muslims, Christians and Jews have lived in coexistence in other parts of the world for centuries longer than they have here in the U.S. Remember the Middle East is where Christianity originated and continues to.

    This just seems to be another case of those who don’t understand or feel threatened by what they don’t understand use conspiracy theory to justify their illogical feelings. Better get used to it. This country will continue to grow as will diversity; it is inevitable! So good luck with that; I expect more conspiracy theories with a greater influx of diversity into the area. P.S.: the Mexicans are coming, the Mexicans are coming! Brace yourself, bigots!!!!!

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