The Kosovo Tragedy – where are the churches?

St. Nicholas Church at the World Trade Center may not have been the intended target on 9/11, but it’s far from the only church Islam has destroyed. Read this piece on the destruction of churches in Europe, and view the extended gallery at Interfax.

In early 2001 the world was alarmed by reports that the Afghani Talibs destroyed the gigantic statures of Buddha, unique monuments of ancient culture. At that time the topic of prostrate sculptures firmed up in the headlines of major newspapers and news reports from leading TV networks. Almost unnoticed against this background was another tragedy, which had begun a little earlier and continues to this day, namely, the destruction of monasteries and churches in Kosovo.

It did not happen in a remote country where the Talibs exercised complete sway, it, the crucifixion of Kosovo, was taking place in the very center of Europe, before the very eyes of peacemakers from the most developed countries. The Albanian extremists were finishing now what they had no time to complete during World War II. According to the data from the Serbian Orthodox Church, nearly 150 churches and monasteries have been destroyed for the last five years in Kosovo and Metochia, the cradle of Serbian Orthodoxy.

It was not just cultural monuments or sacred things that were destroyed. What was profaned was the very soul of a nation with rich traditions and an outstanding fate, a nation which helped to liberate Europe from fascism 60 years ago, sacrificing to the Victory about a million of its people.

According to many experts, Kosovo today has been turned into a breeding-ground of terrorism for the whole of Europe, a transfer point for drug dealers. Only a few surviving churches and the ruins of the churches which had no chance to survive the new barbaric times stand as tacit reminders of the past of that land.

More: Eradication of an ancient culture, and more here as well.

10 thoughts on “The Kosovo Tragedy – where are the churches?

  1. I wore Uncle Sam hat red T-shirt/black lettering–jihad Xd out on front. REMEMBER 9/11 on back—-Copy cats wanted!!!!!Wore to Third jihad in philly 8/16 010, Probably going to moslem mafia/26th in Kenneth Square,Ground 0 9/11 ,9/12

  2. I’m an agnostic but I am appalled by what islam is doing to the churches & synagogues.

    They must be stopped.

    Shame on our government for abandoning the Serbs in favor of the murderous muslims. Shame. They have made it possible for islam to take over.

    If the muslims have their way, there will not be a church left standing, only mosques sitting where churches used to be , the symbols of conquest.

    Where are the armies, the Crusaders that saved the Christians from the onslaught of islam? It’s time for them to be resurrected.

    Oh, they’re too busy appeasing, apologizing, caving in to demands and careful to be politically correct? Cowards, you say?

    I’m humiliated, but I have to agree, we are governed by a bunch of cowards.

  3. Unless and until the pain of accusation that they are enabling Islamists by not fighting (jihad) back reaches the average muslim in his every day life, there will be no change. The problem is how to make this possible. There is no safe haven for those muslim men and women who truly want to live in peace and raise their families. This used to be the role of the United States. Now that we have a muslim president, even our shores are not safe.

  4. This can only happen with the consent of those who govern.

    There appears to be such consent among the governments worldwide – in spite of what the people who are governed want. They are expendable.

    This is what oil money is doing to the world. And who is it that will make a stand, where will that stand be made. Its likely to be on the streets of America, in spite of the fact that our government is just as complicit in achieving this world domination goal under Sharia law that these Muslims have.


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