The Flight 93 Memorial mosque (must see videos)

We’ve posted many of the blogbursts on the Flight 93 memorial since our inception. With the heightened attention on the proposed mosque at Ground Zero, it’s time equal scrutiny, exposure, and awareness be brought to the giant outdoor mosque being built in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

Videos exposing the travesty taking place, almost silently, at the memorial site are below. It’s time for Americans to get educated, speak up, contact your elected officials, and stand up for America and those murdered by Muslims in the name of Islam!




Also read the letter Tom Burnett, Sr. wrote to the American people and was published at Atlas Shrugs, that included this:

We too need your help; we need to stop the National Park Service building another mosque in Shanksville. PA.

I served on the 2005 2nd jury that was commissioned to select a design honoring the passengers and crew on Flight 93. The public submitted over 1100 designs. The first jury went through those 1100 designs and selected 5 designs that were presented to the 2nd jury.

When I saw Crescent of Embrace, I immediately saw the Islamic symbols. I spoke out against the design and explained my reasons to the other members of the jury. The vote was taken, 9 for the Crescent of Embrace and 6 against that design. That vote was not unanimous.

There were 4 excellent designs left; there was absolutely no reason to select a design that even suggested Islamic symbols.

I knew that the public would agree with me when they saw the Crescent of Embrace design. They did, but our government would not listen or investigate our claims. All of our letters ended up in the same hands, the National Park Service. We can’t give up; we must stop this mosque being built in Shanksville, as well as the one in New York.

Other mosque features:

Mosque design is based on a dozen typical mosque features, every one of which is realized in the Crescent/Circle design, all on the same epic scale as the half mile wide crescent-mihrab. Note, for instance, that the 93 foot tall minaret-like Tower of Voices is topped with another Islamic-shaped crescent, akin to the crescent-topped minarets seen in many Islamic countries:

An Islamic shaped crescent, soaring in the sky above the symbolic lives of the 40 heroes, which literally dangle down below. In Islam, there is only heaven and hell. Symbolic damnation?

The Flight 93 mosque needs to be stopped, along with the Islamic victory mosque at ground zero in Manhattan. May the fight against these two desecrations strengthen each other.


Tom Burnett Senior
Loving father of Flight 93 hero Tom Burnett Junior

Contact information for the Flight 93 Memorial Project here.

If you would like to help stop the crescent mosque, please email Alec Rawls ( who is helping to coordinate opposition.

There is also an online petition that people can sign.

306 thoughts on “The Flight 93 Memorial mosque (must see videos)

  1. This is truly mind boggling. Americans do not readily identify with symbolism and need to be education with information such as tht you have provided. Thank you for your work! Not only is the current President of the US aiding Muslim take over our our great country in my opinion but people are woefully uniformed as to what is taking place. Wake up America before you are bowing to Mecca and under Sharia law and disfiguring your girl children to conform to dirty old mens sexual standards. I pray for God the Father to help us.

    • In 2012 when we as Great Americans go and vote this Muslim dictator out of office and prevail, our next move should be to clean up our country. Get all Muslims out and send them back to their own lands. Get all illegals out and bring jobs back here to America. Next rebuild our military. Bring our servicemen and women home from the middle east and then point our nuke missiles at all aggressors and let them know our finger is on the red button.

      • Where were your descendants from that you wanna kick all Muslims out of USA. There are probably Muslims that came to USA before your descendants. I do not support terrorism and Islam in no way supports terrorism. and what i would suggest to you and all the people on this page is to study history and educate your selves. do u know who is the biggest terrorist in the world the United States Government. The US economy is going down every single day Americans are losing their savings and their livelihoods but the government still has its nose in Islamic country and you Americans should be happy because you are living the american dream out of our oil,gold ,silver,Uranium …… money.

        • Just shut up. Most people, yourself not included, are smart enough to understand that when Captain America said ‘all muslims out of America’, he meant all American hating, Sharia supporting muslims who DO seek the downfall of this great country. Those people, muslims or otherwise, who don’t seek to become a part of America and assimilate and live under it’s great constitution and laws, but want to bring the laws of their countries of origin with them to make the USA the very country they left. My family is a blended Muslim/Christian family and we couldn’t agree with Captain America more! Just shut up your anti-American nonsense. You don’t like that the USA has it’s nose in all over the world, tough. I’m sorry that your governments and businesses want our money, patents, business, etc., but go overthrow your own government for asking the USA to take care of everything. EVERY time there is something wrong, it doesn’t matter if a disaster or military threat from a neighbor, the USA is summoned and screamed for. So YES, we have our nose in all over the planet BECAUSE YOU WON’T LET US LEAVE!

          • thank you for that comment Abdel- The wrong-headed Muslims will and are ruining your home too!! Just as ALL GERMANY paid in blood and tears for Hitler’s crimes, so will all Muslims be reaping the whirlwind of revenge they have spawned. And no it may not be fair, but there was no way to tell which German was the Nazi from a bomber and which was the righteous Gentile saving the oppressed – they died in the bombs and they starved and froze with the rest of Germany after we defeated them. USA has never remianed as a colonizer, we helped rebuild what was demolished and LEFT them to their own. Itis only ISLAM that conquers and never leaves and if defeated keeps returning.
            As long as Islam is controlled by forces of fascism, it makes all Muslims a target. As long as the Muslims who are not insane, brainwashed killers who want world domination, dont stop them, they will be under suspiction.

          • to isahiah62’s comment, but I cannot reply to it for some reason.

            “USA has never remianed as a colonizer, we helped rebuild what was demolished and LEFT them to their own.”

            True. I mean… except for the ENTIRE United States, which was a colony, then a nation. Which then committed genocide against Natives to claim the land for themselves, then took a large chunk of productive land from Mexico. Kept expanding, eventually took from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Eventually took over Hawaii too.

            Yeah, America is great. But I just had to point out that America is where it is essentially because of the conquesting that you criticize historical Muslims for doing.

          • Ben,

            I need to ask you one question. You talk of Sharia and the ‘American Muslims wanting it. Why did they come here? Why do they want to change OUR laws to there? How long do you think I’s last in Saudi Arabia if I disrespected their laws? Did not wear a head covering or habib? Or wore a cross there, in Pakistan, in Egypt, Iran and all the others? Also, this subimt to Islam or DIE! WTF is that? I have seen them say that here in the Middle of the united States. I do not care what religion is practiced, they have every right to do so as I or you do. But by damn repect ours! It is a two way street! It is called RESPECT!

          • I agree with you regarding Abdelghani comments. HE’s the one who doesn’t know what he’s talking about. His mention that ‘Islam in no way supports terrorism”. However he did not include that Sharia law IS violent at its core. An example of this is especially to those Muslims rioting in the streets of France because the French banned all head scarves and burka’s.

            I see this article is dated December. 2010. Most of these comments are probably moot at this point.

          • Oh my goodness, thanks to all for helping me understand this mess. Thanks for letting me know that there are some people out there that can actually see just what is going on here.
            That I am NOT all alone in here in the belief that these HATERs within our government and schools are trying to take us down to and beyond their lowest levels.
            We need a place to go, to be with others, to be able to put out the word of what’s really happening without others looking at us like we’re the stupid ignorant deniers.

        • Don’t you just love the term “Muslim American.”..Tell me –How can anyone be Muslim American? If you are Muslim your allegiance and loyalty is to Islam not to the USA–NO SUCH THING AS A MUSLIM AMERICAN!!!!! The USA was built upon Christianity –one nation under GOD ( not allah)..We have already stopped prayer in school, now they want to eliminate the Pledge of Allegiance from school, The National Anthem at sports events, and take the words IN GOD WE TRUST off of OUR money–This is my take–you don’t like our money–leave, go back to where you came from and spend your OWN money, don’t wanna say the Pledge, sing the Anthem — go back to where you came from and you won’t have to–I applaud the President of Australia when he said to the Muslims whining that there were not enough Mosques — This is OUR country, we did not invite you here, if you don’t like it BYE BYE–too bad we haven’t had a President thats has enough balls to do the same—STOP THE BUILDING OF ANYMORE MOSQUES IN THE USA–SEND THE MUSLIMS PACKING—AND GOD BLESS AMERICA

          • First of all, Allah means God. Christian Arabs used the word “Allah” to refer to God before Islam even existed. I guess you also must think Jews worship the wrong God since they say Yahweh. Even though it’s three words for the same belief.

            Second, how can someone be a Muslim American? Same way someone is a Christian American, Jewish American, Hindu American, etc. They have their faith, and they have their citizenship documentation.

            Third, it’s not the Muslims who want to take the word “God” out of everything. You’re combining two completely unrelated issues here and possibly confusing yourself.

            Finally, what would be the point of not building any more mosques? That’s just absurd. Whatever energy you expend hating people you don’t know, you could put it towards something more productive.

          • Allah and Yahweh are not synonymous for the God as Jehovah is Yahweh.

            Allah was originally a lesser God in the Pantheon of Ba’al (sometimes called Baal Zebub which is where we get the name Beelzebub, one of the Devil’s chief lieutenants. This is the same pantheon worshiped by the Philistine’s, the chief rival of the Israelite s from the Old Testament. Therefore he is a rival God.

            Jehovah comes from Yahweh etymologically from ancient Hebrew through Greek to Latin and therefore is the same God. In fact, after Mohammed was exiled by the Meccans (Founders of the city of Mecca) for being crazy, he met up with marauders who sacked caravans between Mecca and Yathib before finally occupying the later and renaming it Medina. While in Yathib, he tried to convince Jewish Tribes living there such as Banu Quraizah that he was another prophet of Yahweh. In order to do this, he co-opted much of the OT but substituted Allah for Yahweh. They brushed him off as a mad man, and it was at that time he sanded their wells, conquered, killed the men raped the women etc and declared that all Jews must be killed or made as slaves. Christians, who had a direct lineage to Abraham through Jesus were made prime enemies because the Romans refused to help him defeat the Meccans.

          • I’ve heard that rhetoric before, but there is no real historical evidence to back up such claims.

            Theologians almost all agree that Islam is Abrahamic.

            Obviously people were largely pagans prior to Islam. Just like Europe was largely pagans before Roman forced conversions. If there is no organized religious group yet in a region, how could people be a part of one?

            And you speak of these historical events as if warring tribes, raping of villages full of women, and people claiming to be prophets was uncommon. Unfortunately it was very common. But I’m sure you’re aware of that.

            Before you tell me about the symbolism that the Muslims used, just remind yourself how much the Christians used that is based on Roman and Greek paganism. Who cares what it used to mean, or where it comes from? It has its own importance now and is related to a new faith system.

          • To Anonymous–I couldn’t agree more!! No one asked Muslims to come here–so,why did they? They are not here to assimilate and be your friendly neighbor!! Beware!! THEY ARE HERE FOR A REASON!! It is to overtake this Country And all others.Their religion clearly tells them that “Allah” will rise up rule the world-and the time is close at hand,when at a given time -they can rise up and slit the infidels throats!! They despise American women for they ‘expose’ themselves with their style of dress-and that is a great sin against ‘Allah”!! Obama has no plans to stop this invasion of America-he has plans!! If we are smart-we will rid ourselves of this mysterious man in OUR House-and close our Country off to ALL invaders!! THEY are the ones that are draining this Country dry of resources!! I would not last 10 seconds in a Muslim country-why are Muslims allowed to thrive,grow,erect Mosques,mutilate their women and practice a violent religion in my Country? No,I don’t mind throwing them out at all–I look forward to it!!!

          • @BEN – you say

            “Theologians almost all agree that Islam is Abrahamic.”
            (plz note i use CAPS to emphasis not shout – thx)

            The only claim to that would be that the son of abraham ISMAEL was supposedly the founder of the “ishmaelite” or “arab” lineages. Supposedly he followed his mothers religion – she was according to JEWISH TRADITION out of the House of Pharaoh so she would have been an Animist or some other Egyptian religion and it could NOT have been ISLAM bc it did not come into existence until over 600 years AFTER CHRISTIANITY. But Abraham was a JEW nonetheless, and according to ANCIENT JEWISH TRADITION it was written WAAAAAY before Christianity that —- “Ishmael came back to the religion of his father” – so according to ancient text he CAME BACK TO JUDAISM. And INDEED – before islam – arabs were either jewish, christian, or animist pagan.


            I can find NO basis supporting allah to be the SAME GOD of the christian or JEW – on the other hand we KNOW that the God of the Jew AND THE CHRISTIAN is the SAME GOD – hence the title Judeo-Christian.

            And the fact that JESUS WAS A JEW. That pretty much seals the deal as to whether the God of Jew and Christian is the same or not.

            BUT – concerning ALLAH –

            and it calls for the MURDER OF THE UNBELIEVER –

            the Quran defines the Jewish ppl as JEW – and the unbeliever as the “ones who profess God is three in one” – ok – thats DEFINITELY the christians.

            and we know in islamic belief the scripture that says the rocks will say “OH MUSLIM THERE IS A JEW BEHIND ME COME AND KILL HIM” and also they believe that the end will not come until the muslims fight and KILL the JEWS…

            SO – i find it hard to believe that the “God” of the jew AND christian is the same as the God of the muslims because WHY THEN would the God of the Christian and Jew – IF HE IS THE SAME GOD – tell muslims to kill christians and jews??! THAT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE!


            The only logical conclusion to that whole problem is that OBVIOUSLY the “religion” of islam was made up as it went along and was used solely for the benefit of its leader to keep the people where he wanted them to be and DO what he wanted them to do – for example – KILL whoever was standing in his way at any given time. Explains why in one part of the Quran and hadith ol’ MO was ok with Jews and then in another he’s screamin’ kill them!

            ps – the arabs are genetically and linguistically SEMETIC in origins – so are the palestinians. Scientifically PROVES that they are all related and are therefore ABRAHAMIC PEOPLES – but islam being an Abrahamic RELIGION? Theologians disagree, and personally, I just dont see the “Judeo” connection, as they seem to HATE all things Jewish.

            and pps – I dont think i’ve ever heard anyone call themselves a “Chistian American” or a Hindu American. I know many ppl who are HINDU that are INDIAN AMERICANS – and plenty of ppl who are IRISH AMERICANS that happen to be christian. But if I ever heard ANY MUSLIM call themselves a Muslim American – i think i would correct them and ask them what country they were from and let them know they are for example – an EGYPTIAN AMERICAN who happens to be muslim. Better yet – i should just tell them they are an AMERICAN and let them know we in this country are SICK AND TIRED of ppl that want to draw lines between us and cause SEPARATION!! BECAUSE WHETHER CHRISTIAN, JEW, ATHEIST, OR EVEN MUSLIM – WE ARE ALL AMERICANS!

          • you were hitting on all cylinders until you mentioned that Arabs and Palestinians were Semitic. Semitic means someone through the lineage of Noah’s son Sem. Palestine comes from the Latin Palestina which comes from the Greek Philistia meaning that of Philistine. The Philistines lineage per Book of Chronicles is through Egypt who was a son of Cham not Sem. The Arabs have their origins in Eastern Africa, somewhere around Sudan/Ethiopia/Somolia (pre Sheba) and thus would also be sons of Cham and therefore also not Semitic. The Southern regions belong to Cham, the Northern regions to Japeth and the middle to Sem.

          • everyone born in america is a native american. i’ll argue that with you. And as nobody evolved from this country all of our ancesters originally came from somewhere else.

        • Kicking muslims out of the US would be and excellent START, we should have done this after 9/11.

          Obama is a muslim. Why are we letting them join there forces and increase their hatred of America and Americans. Muslims simply want to kill Americans.

        • WHERE were the Muslims at Valley Forge? Lexington and Concord? WHERE were they at Ft. Sumter, Shiloh and Gettysburg? WHERE were they at Belleau Wood and Pearl Harbor? WHERE were the Muslims at Guadalcanal? Or Iwo Jima? Now to be fair, there was a Muslim Brigade during WW2- In the WAFFEN SS. Muslims and Islam played NO PART in the forming of this Republic. NONE. In fact, the FIRST TIME The United States of America EVER had ANY dealings with Islam was when President Thomas Jefferson sent United States Marines to “the shores of Tripoli” to deal with The Barbary Pirates, who were nothing but Islamic TERRORISTS. Islam is a cancer on the civilized world. Always has been, always will be.

          Duane A. Brinson Key West, Fl.

          • interesting you know about the NAZI connection AND the pirate trouble that was happening BACK THEN — AND EVEN NOW!

            and don’t forget the SLAVERY of the village Africans EVEN TODAY!!

            looks like it IS a complete blight on the modern civilized world!!

            I mean THINK ABOUT IT!!

            If ISLAM DID NOT EXIST then the world would pretty much be in PEACE !!

            No pakistan fighting india – no wars between animist/chirstians & muslims in AFRICA – no SOMALIA PIRATE CRAP!!! no trouble in EGYPT OR SYRIA OR YEMEN – no NASTY ISLAMOFASCIST IRAN MAKING TROUBLE BACK IN THE DAY WITH IRAQ OR EVEN TODAY WITH EVERYONE!!! and the history of saudi arabia would have been PEACEFUL WITH NO ISLAMISTS EVER IN HISTORY MURDERING PPL if they DID NOT CONVERT TO ISLAM – OR MURDERING PPL FOR CONVERTING FROM ISLAM back then AND EVEN NOW!!!

            i am beginning to think that the only way to make it come into the civilized world and ACT RIGHT is to push its ugly face kicking and screaming into ALL the HIDEOUS THINGS IT DOES IN THE NAME OF ALLAH so that MAYBE muslims will start taking a serious look at it all and the so called MODERATE MUSLIMS and EDUCATED MUSLIMS will perhaps get a clue and start trying to MAKE A CHANGE!!

            – IF – it can happen at all bc its SO wrapped up in its HYPOCRISY in thinking its all good and the ONLY religion that should be on earth AND ALL PPL SHOULD BE MUSLIMS! WHAT A PSYCHOTIC ATTITUDE!! websites like THESE are CRUCIAL to making them look beyond their friday prayers and SEE the UNHOLY things being done in the name of their so called “HOLY PROPHET”!!

        • Since you find America and Americans so distasteful, I would suggest that you pack up all your family and carry them and yourself back to whatever insect ridden hovel you came here from and start killing whatever muslim sect you don’t like and teach your neighbors about how horrible America is and make your greedy leaders give back all the money that our Idiot in Charge has forced upon your government leaders. If everything here is so horrible why the hell did you bring your uninvited sorry ass here in the first place.

        • When war is declared by Islamic followers in the name of Islam, and these brave warriors target unarmed civilians in their war, that is the very definition of a War Crime.

          Stop calling this terrorism, call it Islamic War Crimes and let’s see how long it keeps up.

          The National park Service is headed up by the President, contact him, he’ll surely put a stop to this.

        • Islam does not support terrorism!
          Ha ha!
          It’s as silly as creationists debunking evolution.
          Common sense is based on evidence!!!
          Islam is a backward nauseating murderous culture based on the supposed meeting of psychopathic Mo with Jibril(imaginary Allah’s representative)
          What I would like is some wealthy character to finance satirical Muslim cartoons; the amount of available material could be the basis of thousands of black comedy shows!

        • BULLSHIT TIM !!!!! PURE AND UTTER BULLSHIT !!!!! Read the quran, read it and then tell me about the peace loving religion !!!!!! It’s a cult of blind followers who are ordered to kill non believers !!!!!! EVERY SINGLE CONFLICT WORLDWIDE HAS GOT MUSLIM SOB’S BEHIND IT !!!!!!!!!!!!! IM TIRED OF MY AMERICA BEING OVERRUN BY THESE TERRORISTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Ok, Tim — simple solution. Get the hell out of our country and go back to your “oil, gold, silver, uranium.” I’m sure many will help you get out.

      • ABSOLUTELY: The only thing that get’s the attention of these filthy muslims, is when you punch them in their jaw, and make them swallow a few teeth, much like they do to their own daughters, and wifes, every muslim man is a coward, it is time to just have a bunch of women bitch slap the shit out of every muslim man, with their pornography addicted leaders, they have no form of godliness, nor any form of self discipline, they worship their own sexual appetite’s and every bit of PROOF of thi is the fact that THEY BELIEVE THEY GET VIRGINS WHEN THEY DIE!!!, they are filthy filthy dirty triple extra Large dress wearing slob’s, and all they know is filth, I have yet to see 1 kind act done by a muslim, and I am sure the only good muslim is a DEAD muslim

        • This is absurd. You assume that none of them ever do a single good thing simply because you’ve never seen it. That says more about how uninformed you are than anything else. You use that assumption that they’re all bad people to justify your belief you want them all to die.

          You really can’t criticize people for what kind of person they are, only to wish for a regional genocide on a billion people that you clearly know nothing about.

          • Ben,

            I just received three posts from you in email from this site. They go from wrong to stupid to completely insane. Comparing US Western expansion to the mindless following of the world’s first terrorist, Mohammed, is insane. Mexico started the Mexican American war and the territory we won is a consequence of war. Sure there were atrocities against the Indian tribes but they also committed atrocities against the settlers, so it was pretty even. We did however advance their technology by close to 1,000 years so I say that is equal. On the other hand, the terrorists of Mohammed stole the technologies of their conquered from India to Constantinople and went out of their way to build over the holiest sites they could (the Haga Sofia; King Solomon’s temple, Cordoba Spain and others too numerous to count.). The terrorist in charge of conquering Egypt even ordered the destruction of the remaining building of the library of Alexandria to build a Mosque over it. This library had one of a kind books and scrolls chronicling the history of the Middle East & the Mediterranean area which have been destroyed for ever. (Which explains why he ordered it destroyed, to cover up the fact that Allah is not the same God as Jehovah amongst other things).

            You need to read something other than what your professors tell you to read.

        • well – ur certainly correct in that “proof”. they are TRULY caught up in SEX and how to “justify” things with it as being RIGHT when doing wrong things concerning it, i.e. murder and get SEX with a bunch of virgins in heaven! LOL !! AND the whole sex with animal thing and the whole child sex abuse as a “marriage” – pretty SICK!!

          and interestingly, ALL CULTS have this in common – obsession with SEX and most often POLYGAMY and how to “justfy” as correct all the WRONG IT DOES!!

          and ur right about the fact that they only understand an “eye for and eye” brand of justice.

          and the more i study the islamic countries i’m beginning to think that they ALL MUST HAVE DICTATORS!

          it seems to be the only thing they function under. Doesnt look like democracy works for them because even when they DO HAVE A CHOICE THEY STILL VOTE IN DICTATORS!! i.e. Tunisa voted in some religious nutjob and he’s trying to re-install polygamy there – Egypt and its muslim brotherhood HOODRAT – and VOTING IN HAMAS AS UR GOVERNMENT??! LOLOL!!!!! bet they REGRET THAT! the ppl in the HAMAS REGION are paying for it in SPADES! and do u THINK THEY WILL EVER ALLOW A FAIR ELECTION AGAIN & TAKE THE RISK OF BEING VOTED OUT??!! LOLOL!!! There will never be a FAIR ELECTION THERE now that the COCKROACHES HAVE GOTTEN INTO POWER!

          they may be “RELIGIOUS” parties or candidates but a religious theocracy is STILL A DICTATORSHIP! Iran is supposedly FREE ELECTIONS but bc its a THEOCRACY its STILL a DICTATORSHIP!

          Just a RELIGIOUS ONE with THOUSANDS of religious imams ALL OVER THE COUNTRY playing “village dictator” !!

      • 100% agreement. Also Muslim have proven themselves unwilling to assimilate into America and be good citizens. I think it needs to be an amendment in the Constitution banning Muslims from juries and Federal jobs of any kind.

      • You have many that agree with you Captain! I am one of those who do agree as well! I’ve been saying that for a long time! We also need to bring God back to this country. They’ve taken God out of our schools and Judicial system because it offends people, more then likely the Muslims. Too bad, this is America, based on Christian beliefs! If we went to their country and tried to change their ways, we’d be shot on site!

        • I agree, we should deport all Muslims brought here by the UN since 9-11, and then deport the UN as well, they are ehell bent on running the world and they are really doing a terrible job. Thier involvement with the murder of Gadhaffi shows they are barbarians, not humanitarioans and the money we pour into their coffers would pay for Americanm social security. Its time these politicians stopped taking the results of their thefts out on the people they robbed. A lot of people will say it is racist to deport the muslims, even though they are infiltrating our Gov. to get sharia law in, they are not Americans and are th eonly people I know who will never be Americans because of their oaths to Shariah, I am not blaming them for that but they can’t bring it here. Obama keeps telling us a pack of lies abourt all of the great things they have done, I don’t know of anything they have added to our culture or their own, how can you do anything when you are praying five times a day and everyone who isn’t muslim is a murder target, doesn’t leave much room for creativity. Lying aobut it isn’t going ot make it so. Send them back home where they will be happier, they certainly don’t like it here th eway it is.


      1. If I had a dad who gave me a Muslim name, and If I ever gave my life to Jesus Christ, and claimed to be a Christian, I would absolutely change my name.. Barack Hussein Obama did not!!!
      2. He attends a church for 20 straight years, where the leader claims to be a Christian convert from Islam……however under jihad muslim’s are told they can tell lies and impersonate or portray themselves as something they are not, for the advancement of islam….Rev Wright is a counterfeit christian, who spews and teaches hatred, molded groomed obama for these days of despair, this church gave a Lifetime Achievement award to Louis Farakahn. This muslim anti Israel, anti jerusalem, leader Louis Farakahn lives less than a half mile from Obam’s home in Illinois, so also does Rev Wright, as well as Terrorist and Pentagon Bomber Bill Ayers, also obama’s best friend. 3. Obama bow’s down to Saudi Arabia muslim king.Then lies and said he did not bow down but only leaned forward because he was not as tall….yet just a few days later he meets the Queen of England who is even shorter, and did not lean over on her… 4.Then Obama as a Senator flew to Kenya on the USA tax payers dollars and helped campaign for his Muslim cousin Raul Odinga, and Odinga had a very familiar campaign slogan,,,”Vote for Change” google or you tube and see for your self….
      5. Odinga had made a campaign promise if elected he would make it illegal for Christians to display the Cross, or any Christian materials, as well as, grant immunity to any muslim seeking sanctuary from any nation that would try to pursue them legally…
      6. Obama while speaking at Georgetown university a Catholic Christian School, Obama made the Catholic school Georgetown University, COVER THE NAME JESUS, AND COVER THE CROSS, in the bible Jesus said if you confess me before man I will also confess you, but if you deny Him he will also deny you before heaven….Google this story and you will see that they used a big piece of black plywood to hide the cross, so that while obama spoke it would not appear anywhere in the background….
      7. While Obama went to Turkey he spoke to a large crowd of muslims and told them that the USA is not a Christian nation, but on the contrary he said that the USA is among the worlds largest Muslim Nations???? if you care to google this you will also see a bold faced lie, as the USA is the #1 Largest Christian Nation in the world…Brazil is the second largest… then as for Muslim. USA ranks as 38th in the world
      8.There are many more issues, such as the National Day of Prayer, Obama for the 1st time ever demanded the Christian could not attend and that Christians name is none other than Billy Graham’s son Franklin Graham…and Obama also chose to participate with the muslims…

  2. NYC 911 mosque being fought against by Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer has the same ring to it as this Islamic style memorial. “CONQUEST”! The final conquest!

    America does need to WAKE UP and realize what is taking place in both places. These are a cruel reminder of what Islamics did to us that murderous day of infamy on 9/11/01. We cannot forget by allowing such a symbol of hatred to be erected on American soil where terrorists killed American citizens.

  3. As a life long resident of Pennsylvania, I am appalled by what I just viewed on these videos. This is just another example of Political Correctness gone mad. Thanks for bringing this to my and others attention.

    Like New Yorks Mayor Bloomberg, Pennsylvania’s governor Ed. Rendell is considered ultra liberal. Rendell has connections to the White Mosque in Washington. You know that one where Imam Obama hosted his recent Iftar dinner for our enemy.

    I’d like to believe we can stop this travesty, but the PC crowd is now in control. But its certainly worth trying for those who died on flight 93.

    America better wake up before it becomes another Sweden.

    • Bloomberg is nto that liberal, he does have extensive holdings in Dubai and he is setting up some bloomberg news station over there in addition to his other business dealings, thats all he is worried about.
      Hillary Clinton is now engaged in a arms grab, no guns for us, we are dangerous, they push you to the brink and bring in people who are a threat to us and then want to take away your guns when you look like you have had enough. I’m from Brooklyn, it will take more than Hillary Clinton to keep me from getting a gun if I want one. Newt Gingrich, Joe bolton ,Hillary Clinton, all members of the CFR and they are pushing these stagnant gene pools around and around and you have no choices except bad ones, you pick the lesser of two evils, that is not going to happen this time around, dont’ vote for any of these CFR members and people who have gotten us into this mess in the first place. Of Couse Obama is a muslim, does anyone care in the Supreme court or in the Congress or Senate? no, we have to vote everyone out and vote all new people in, Look at the list of CFR members and see who they are, it’s on google under CFR roster, or council on foregn relations roster. Angelina Jolie is on it. She does work for the UN so she is on it, Bill Clinton got her in. We the people ar not members of the “in” crowd, so we are going to have to start reading up and taking care of ourselves, no one in this tainted whitehouse is going to do it for us. I see a white house arrest coming as well. Treaosn is still a crime.

  4. Just go ahead & let ’em build it.
    BUT—- Let’s start taking up a big collection to start building CHRISTIAN Churches & JEWISH Synagoges in Iran & Afghanistan!
    Let’s really show those jihadic idiots the power of our faiths!

  5. I was told that the names of the highjackers were also inscribed among the victims.This can’t be true,can it? Please write Fox and tell them your feelings about this travesty

  6. To be fair, the property should never have landed in the feds’ hands to begin with. That they are even in a position to build this means that the Constitution was violated (think the 10th Amendment).

    It should be the decision of the local jurisdiction or the state of Pennsylvania as to how to use it—not the feds.

  7. @creeping – what I am saying actually is that the feds have no right or authority to be building a memorial of any kind there. That’s up to the state of Pennsylvania to do—as it sees fit.

    • I agree with you Adam. But States’ rights have became a thing of the past! Obama is suing his own States. He should be suing Mexico for the Health care costs and deportation costs, incarceration costs, not to mention the murder of citizens (border agents and rachers and other citizens).

  8. @creeping – I probably had a bad opening there. In those links, to me, that is a clear violation of the Takings Clause of the Fifth Amendment. A properly represented landowner should have sued the feds under the Takings Clause and also forced the feds to show the authority they have to even designate war memorials on other than current or former federal buildings or forts.

  9. I hope I might life that long to see America fight and destruct those bastards before they take over. We here in Europe are fighting the same demon, and Christian people already start to wake up from this insomnia they were put in by our left and communism politics. I hope they will all burn in hell.

    May every Christian have anough ammo and keep his weapons loaded !

  10. Hi, Elizabeth. You say
    Wake up America before you are bowing to Mecca and under Sharia law
    and, to my dismay (I am European, and America is our greatest ally) you are well on the way to sharia. I actually think that you might noy be able to stop it any more. The imam Rauf, the one of the GZ mosque, has published a book “What is good in Islam is what is good in America” where he demands that sharia becomes inforced in Usa, as a parallel system. That is , he wants sharia based tribunals, where people can be judged according to islamic laws. And in this last days a woman has been nominated as President of your High Court: she is a sharia supporter…. Sorry to be so pessimistic, but I think you have already lost. You have voted and elected your enemies….In Italy we are trying to oppose them, but it is difficult, as they use legal weapons: that is, they sue you and, as the judges are mostly left wing, and supporters of “islam’s rights”, our people often loses the suit. Two of our best University teachers, that have dare to to criticize an arabic leader, saying that he has not followers, and is an agitator, have been condemned to prison, for saying this. The good think is that many of us are awakening…
    Best wishes to you all.

  11. Osama Bin Ladin said Islam would take the White House without an election.Does a person who was not investigated and vetted by Congress and the States as a Constitutional qualified candidate count?

  12. Imam obama can ‘plausibly deny’ he was aware of this design and its implications. After all, he was on VACATION. Seems he’s been on vacation since elected. That’s another story. Why should the colonists (muslims) consider the natives’ (US citizens) feelings in this matter. They are not civilized since they do not worship god (allah)

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  15. Because Americans have never had their freedoms threatened in this way they are ripe for conquer by islam. Learn from history! Lies, deception and destruction from the inside using the very freedoms that people died to insured is their way. They will smile and speak softly, then behead you in the blink of an eye. What other “faith” demands the concessions that the muslims in America insist on? Why is it that they are screaming islamophobia and no muslims are being attacked–rather look at the Christians and Jews who are constantly under attack. People, you may think that those like Pamela Gellar are extreme, but you have an extreme group preparing their final conquest. Wake up and say enough while you still can.

  16. They will continue to push Islam and continue to indoctrinate our children by teaching it in school text books and by using NASA to promote how smart islam is, when in truth it was islam that murdered and enslaved the world between 800 and 1100 and stold all the knowledge from the people they killed.. all thier libraries and books.. claiming that knowledge as their own.
    it is not a religion, but rather a tool of satan.

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  18. Elizabeth,
    you say “Not only is the current President of the US aiding Muslim take over our our great country” You are absolutely right. Our governments are aiding muslims to take over.
    This process has started in Italy as well, where two days ago Gheddafi has been allowed by Berlusconi to come and meet 200 italian girl all with a Coran in their hands, to the intent to convert them to islam,telling them “Come over to us. In our country WOMEN ARE MORE RESPECTED”. And 3 girls have converted… All with the full media coverage.
    This is the beginning. They have taken America, now they give full attention to Europe, and will start here all they have done there. The question is: how do we stop them?

    • I’ve been surfing online for more than 4 hours today. {I can’t stop myself from reading your work.|I know tons of people see this write ups but I often think about how many of them really understand the implications of what you’ve written here.|Do you think these articles being posted have really had any lasting effects on the world? I think they probably could.|My friend told me they might like to become a paid expert on this subject some day.|It is wild how much this world is evolving everyday and I like how much this site always is up to date with the latest news and information.|Just how many times a week do you use your android app and do you still love it?|My mind set has been forever changed because of you.|A friend of mine recommend bean bags if you need any more help with that.|A few of my coworkers have been recommending this website to me for some time now so I finally made the time to check it out.|Thanks for sharing this awesome write up with us.|good work, keep it up.|Old people andtiny cute animals probably like you.|You really seem to know a ton about this topic.|What you typed there was very informative.|I have recently been looking into buying a t shirt but I honestly have no idea which one to buy.|When I opened my lap top this page was loaded.|Thank you for writing this great blog.|It is really simple, yet really effective for some people.|I have been working in this business for about a few years and I often come to this blog for the best insider information.|Ever since the time I first saw this site I’ve been applying these insights and they have really enhanced my day to day life.|Thanks for sharing this info with me.|I just discovered this website but I am at the gym right now so I’ll have to read the rest of this later on when I can find the time and I am able to read it without being distracted.|Do you have any additional suggestions or hints?|I was shopping for a etsy ring earlier but I still Extremely magnificent short page. You must be really proud of the work you’ve done here. You are really awesome.

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  20. I find it both appalling and frightening that these decisions are not being made in the Muslim world but in the United States! Who are these people voting for what is an obvious symbol of the “religion” that did this terrible act of terrorism. Would they put a swastika there? Hell, would they put a CROSS there? And certainly, a cross is far more plausible as a symbol in this country that the Muslim crescent!

    Obviously, folks, there’s a lot more going on here they mere artistic taste. Who is the designer? What are his credentials – and, more importantly, WHAT IS HIS “RELIGION”?! This has got to be stopped. We already know that mosques are being renovated and built all over the world with our tax dollars. Now they’re going to memorialize and venerate four murderers and show their victims as “falling from Muslim heaven” (see sculpture)? The heroes that died that day would be better memorialized by the planting of trees or leaving the ground untouched. This “memorial” is a blasphemy and all who are a part of it should be fired – and then deported to Mecca.

    • This design was selected out of one thousand entries nominated for this project, and was created by Paul and Milena Murdoch, architects from Los Angeles. Paul Murdoch was quoted as saying of the “Crescent of Embrace”, it is “to be a gesture of healing and bonding.” One of the benefactors who funded the design competition was Heinz Foundations (Theresa Heinz, married to John Kerry).

    • Islam and Marxism have many things in common. Perhaps these Marxists have a soft spot for their fellow travelers in the soiled turban?

      • They are clearly working together against Europe. Each group believes it can ultimately control the other. However, if they succeed in destroying the Judeo and Christian civilisations there will be, not rivers, but oceans of blood soaking our blasphemed world.

    • Problem-This “Cresent Mosque” where Muslims can celebrate daily,the deaths of Americans that died at the hand of their own kind!! Solution-desecrate it with pigs blood,and while we’re at it-desecrate them all.They have overstepped the boundary of just how much Americans are going to take!! Our government makes no attempt to reign them in so,-it is up to Americans!! We have put up with enough of our Pres.and Govt. not earning their pay NOR our respect!! This has become a serious concern for us all.That mosque was allowed to be built on that spot for one reason only–MONEY!!! So,in my opinion,it’s getting close to ‘lock ‘n’ load’ time-and vote this ‘slick willie in a $500.00 suit’ OUT!!

  21. The time is now America – wake up and stand up for the cultural values that we subscribe to in the West before Islam and Sharia law prevails … it can happen and they are counting on American apathy. WAKE UP – BE HEARD!!!

  22. I am SOOOO confused…HOW can we have let this happen. Who is the designer of this site? Is no one even thinking or are so many so worried about being thought “prejudiced” that we are lining up for Burka (SP?) measurements?

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  24. @David – that’s no excuse. The proper move would be to re-deed the land back to the landowners and let them…or the local townsfolk…decide what memorial is best.

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  37. We are an accepting Nation, people come here and meld and disappear into the Landscape, this is not going to happen with Islam. We have to understand that these people want to take over and if we don’t comply we will suffer whatever consequence they decide on, we have to just send them back to where they came from, The Muslim religion is the Muslim religion, it is the same wherever they go so if they were born here they have to leave, it is not a religion we can live with and neither is sharia law, we will lose our constitution because of it, they are not compatible and our Gov. would like ot see us lose our constitution., constitution or no constitution, we have our own enemies right here without importing more and it’s time we took care of all of them. The UN the CFR, Islam, and any other group that wants to hurt us, we are the only country I know of that would bring the enemy here while we are fighting a war with them there. We don’t know the good from the bad or even if there is such a thing. When some catastrophe occurs here that takes thousands of lives again, what excuse will we have, we have a way of life too and I would like to keep it.

      • Can you leave behind your conditioning? I know what you’ve been taught all your life, but many of us are raised with paradigms and beliefs we later find to be false. Yours is not only false, but evil. To hate a group of people — not beliefs or actions, but just anyone in a particular group — is an evil. Pray for guidance.

      • why dont you FUCK OFF you semi-literate islamic turd. God, to see that islamo-filth being allowed to wash over Europe and America…..Hey Buddy….mohammed sucks dogs dicks in hell.

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  39. I just emailed the “designer” of this obamanation, Paul Murdoch to ask him what exactly his purpose is.

    Do you know that his design is called “Crescent of Embrace”?!?!?!?!
    How much more in-your-face can you be?!?

    You can email him, too. Please send this out to all Real Amercians and bombard his office with demands of explanation:

    Still awaiting his reply….

  40. This appears insane on the surface, but I am guessing that The Muslim Brotherhood or a similar group is behind it – submission of design, selection and construction of the momument. White is too unreasonable; he’s being blackmailed, threatened or bribed. Probably threatened with death. I am guessing every American involved in this betrayal has been approached. That’s how they work.

    • There are many similarities between Marxism and Islam; I think too many in the extreme left are citing the “thy enemy of my enemy is my friend” axiom and unfortunately they have not picked the USA as their friend.

      It’s the only reason I can see as to why schools are promoting Islam in Boston, California and other places while ostracizing the Judeo-Christian values the country was founded on.

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  42. Shame on you people you are puppets to your own hate against others. I have nothing to say to you but to open your minds and get education before you speak.

    • If Muslims hated the terrorists, murderers, killers and dictators that have supposedly hijacked Islam, then there might be reason to believe things could change. But it appears most Muslims who comment here, like you, prefer to defend jihad and sharia and have no shame in doing so.

      Muslims afraid to challenge Muhammid’s murderous ways – whose the puppet?

    • WTH is that supposed to mean? Shame on us for upholding our culture instead of the culture that killed 3,000-plus of us? We’re puppets to hate because we take action to keep from being dumped on? Nothing to say, but you take time to post an ad hom attack? Open your minds, when we have mosques up the you-know-what and Christians are being chased out of TURKEY, not even Sudan or Somalia anymore, and trying to take over Europe? Get education when we just read and completely understood a description of a monument that is really a mosque?

      That comment is the biggest pice of sh** I’ve read in a long time. Take a look at who Americans are and what we/ve done for the world, muslims included. Then join us in fighting the evil.

    • Is it a coincidence that almost every major Mosque and/or Holy site in Islam is located someplace that the Muslims either performed a vicious assault on their victims or on a site which was symbolic for those same victims (St. Sophia in Constantinople, the original Cordoba House in Spain, Solomon’s Temple in Israel, Ibn Tulun Mosque in Egypt which celebrates the man who destroyed the Great Library of Alexandria (that housed more classical literature than any other building) & the building where the Council of Nicea met to create the Christian Bible.

      Every culture that comes into contact with Islam is assaulted and attacked whether its Christianity, Judaism or Buddhism for no other reason than they are not Muslim. Mohamed even went so far as to say he had the right and duty to rape their women after he conquered a city.

      DO not tell me I do not know my education, you are the brainwashed automaton.

    • MAKE NO MISTAKE MUSSLIMMAN__ WE ARE RESPONDING TO THE HATE YOUR FAITH PREACHES — and PRACTICES– it’s in ACTION around the GLOBE all can see it- in every way the HATE originated and emanates from MECCA and MEDINA——this is our response– POKE THE GIANT and he may shrug it off for awhile– but that GIANT will crush ISLAMO facism that attacks us as surely as we did the first wave of NAZIS

  43. Sooner or later, the people who contribute to this blog are going to have to figure out that America cannot dwell in the past. Yes- what happened on September 11 was horrible. However, that doesn’t mean we should live our lives in absolute paranoia and treat every Muslim we encounter with suspicion and hostility. There are approximately six million Muslims living in the United States. How does plan on building a future with these six million Muslims in mind? At some point, we have to realize that coexistence is not only possible, but necessary.

    • I am more than happy to coexist with them, so long as they respect others. Remember the Golden Rule.

      I do not want them to build victory mosques on the sights where thousands of innocent Americans of all faiths were assaulted by those Muslims waging war on us.

      Time and time again Mosques are built on the sites of Muslim triumph over the infidel and history is repeating itself. It is the way they force submission on those who do not believe as they do. Read your history before you comment otherwise your ignorance is showing and its disgusting.

      • I agree with what you are saying Rabiddogg. However, there is no hard evidence that supports the idea that the Islamic cultural center is a “victory mosque.” Not to mention the “sacred ground” it’s on is shared by retail stores, restaurants, and even a strip club. What’s the harm in having a house of worship there as well? Obviously, if the mosque was being built by known radicals, I would oppose it. But there needs to be objective evidence. The burden of proof lies with those who make the claim.

        • SO it is mere coincidence that all major battle sites in which Muslims have had victories has a mosque? What about the Mosque they built over Solomon’s temple in Israel; or the Mosque they built over the Haga Sophia in Constantinople; or the original Cordoba Mosque which was built as a sign of triumph over the Christians of Spain? What about the Amr Ib El Aas Mosque in Egypt which was built to celebrate the conquering of Egypt; the ordered destruction of the Library at Alexandria and the destruction of the Church were the Nicaean Council met to develop the first official Bible? And now they want to build a Mosque (which they change to “an Islamic Cultural Center” after the heat was turned up) right near the site of their most successful assault on America as well as a Crescent where Americans succeeded in stopping part of the attack. Building Mosques on sites of conquest is part of the “in your face” submission mantra of Islam, to believe otherwise is to welcome your own submision.

        • there’s plenty of evidence on Rauf starting with his own books, videos, and writings blaming America for 9/11 and stating how he can make America more sharia compliant

          that you choose to ignore previous posts here and a plethora of information elsewhere online and then claim there is no evidence is lazy at best and intellectually dishonest otherwise

          Rabid provided numerous examples of which Flight 93 site and the Ground Zero mosque are among the latest examples. There are also hundreds of sites in India, Bosnia, Turkey and elsewhere that have fallen victim to Islamization. It is a pattern evident throughout history – where at one point there was no Islam yet since its founding has conquered many nations including parts of Europe – numerous times – and continues its colonization in the Balkans, Philippines, India, Russia today.

        • Look around the world and see what islam (i will not capitalise the word) has done to Christian countries when it is successful in taking over. See what Islam has done in East Timor, Papua, Borneo etc.

          Sure they are far away relatively unimportant countries, unless you happen to live there Indonesia is an islamic state and has murdered and tortured the people of these places into submission Malaysia is now islamic and being a professed christian there is dangerous being beheaded on the way to school or to church is a common occurrence.

          islam is not compatible with modern thought or society and should be eradicated why are Mecca and Medina still standing?

  44. @ Rabiddog

    For some reason, I am unable to reply directly to your post.

    I do not believe that you have accurate data. For one, the Al-Alqsa is not a “victory” mosque. It was built on the temple mount because it is believed that the prophet Muhammad visited that spot on the Night Journey.

    Secondly, one has to question why building a mosque in a conquered country is problematic in the first place. Did not Christians build Cathedrals in countries they colonized during the Age of Exploration? And were these cathedrals “victory” churches? Of course not- their purpose was to establish a religious presence in a country that had not experienced Christianity. Same goes for the Mosques in Spain and Turkey. Even today, Christian missionaries are found all over the world. Trying to make converts is not exclusive to Islam, nor is establishing a prominent presence.

    Why do you fear the opinions of others?

    • The difference is that the Christians did not build their Cathedrals on top of holy sites of others. Also, Christianity, with a few exceptions where it has been bastardized, has always been a true religion of peace. Islam seeks to assault people for no other reason than they are not Musslim. The Ambassador of Tripoli told Thomas Jefferson, who was Ambassador to France at the time, that they were attacking American ships because they were not Musslim.

      The Mosques in Spain and Constantinople were built specifically as victory mosques. The Haga Sophia was the holiest site in Byzantine Christianity until a Mosque was built on it. Oh and its a lie that Mohamed visited Solomon’s Temple because it was destroyed centuries early by Pagan Rome. The fact of the matter is that 85% of all Musslims are so because their ancestors feared the sword of evil.

      Why don’t you do some light reading at the religious institute about this cult or a religion.

      Christ taught that it is ok to try and convert your neighbor but if he does not want to, that is his choice. Mohamed taught that if your neighbor does not convert willingly you are to rape his wife and daughters and smite him upon the neck.

      • actually we often did build on the sites previously used for religious ceremonies as christianity adapted and absorbed the older religions

  45. @ creeping

    Either one, you misunderstand Rauf, or two, you are deliberately taking his words and ideas out of context in an effort to demonize them.

    Rauf said that American policies were an accessory to 9/11. He made it very clear that the American people did not deserve what happened. However, our foreign policy is not so guilt-free. Rauf argues that while we value democracy and defend human rights, we also give over three billion dollars in defense aid to a country whose illegal occupation of East Jerusalem and other territories is condemned by the entire international community. So, while 9/11 was a crime of great magnitude, it cannot be said that it was completely unprovoked.

    As for sharia, Rauf claims that sharia law can coexist with American ideals. For sharia to be compatible with American values means that it would not infringe on anyone’s rights. Consequently, you cannot make the claim that Rauf is arguing to sharia to replace American values.

    • How can Israel be illegally occupying their ancestral homeland? Jerusalem was founded by the descendants of Abraham and Moses and their Temple and other Holy sites are Jewish and thus deserve to be under Israeli control.

      The United States did nothing whatsoever to provoke 9/11 other than not being Muslim. Islam is an evil religion who was founded by a lunatic bent on domination. When the founder of a religion encourages his followers to rape the women of the conquered city and demands that he is to partake in any woman he pleases with or without her consent because “GOD wills it” how do you expect his followers a millennium later to act?

      Throughout history Islam has attacked and decimated people for the sin of not being Muslim. Of course they rarely attack well armed people willing to defend themselves. They didn’t dare attack China and stopped short when the Indians spanked them. Sounds like a bunch of bullies to me.

      • @ Rabiddog

        You are forgetting something very important- the Diaspora. After Titus destroyed the temple in the first century, most Jews fled Judea. The state of Israel was founded more than 1,900 years later. Now, I agree that Israel has a right to exist. However, I do not believe that they have a right to build on land that they promised the Palestinians. Nor do I think that it is appropriate for them to occupy land that was partitioned to the Palestinians.

        By your logic, if Native Americans began to conquer America 1,700 years from now, it would be completely justified. Historically, the land belongs to them.

        • The Native Americans are trying to live in peace with US Americans whereas the Palestinians have been terrorizing the Israelis from day one and continue to do so to this day. So your analogy like so much else involving your argument is flawed.

          Every time Israel concedes land the brainwashed bombers come over and blow up malls and eataries

          Oh and to ward off your next claim that Israel does the same, that is not true the Palestinians have been shown to have staged those incidents and furthermore they hide their rocket launches inside schools and hospitals and use ambulances to move troops thus making it a double edged sword against the Israelis.

          I do not fault the average Muslim, they have been brainwashed since birth. I blame the tyrants who have enslaved them for centuries.

        • Historical Palestine/Philistine is the area between Israel and Egypt and includes the cities of: Gaza, Raphia, Joppa, Ashdod basically the Gaza Strip that live in today.

          Historical Israel includes the cities of Jerusalem, Judea and Sumeria basically the areas that modern Israel lives in today.

          Reclaiming Palestinian lands is a false commentary. The only solution is for each group to reclaim their own traditional homelands.


      • “Throughout history Islam has attacked and decimated people for the sin of not being Muslim.”

        How can that be true when Muslims and Christians live side-by-side in Lebanon? Their parliament is structured in such a way to prevent either religious group from assuming a majority. There’s coexistence for you. Why are you making an enemy out of nearly twenty-five percent of the world’s population? Everything I’m hearing from you is based on argumentum ad metum.

        • Some coexistence, the Christians are forced to live in slums and pay extra taxes because they are not Muslim. The women are raped and the extremists are allowed to get away with it because the Christian is not considered human.

          Again, I do not hate Muslims, most of them have Christian ancestors who were intimidated and forced to convert. If given half the choice they would convert to but they are slaughtered if they do.

    • BONUS QUESTION_ WHY DID ISLAM ATTACK USA in BArbary DAYs –no ISRAEL existed and no USA POLICIES encouraged them other thann offers of PEACE- they attacked colonists shisp BEFORE USA WAS EVEN DECLARED A NATION
      and MUSLIMS of course refused peace and said JIHAD is divine right (see John Adams)
      fascist imperialistic thugs and pirates, looters rapists, kidnpppers enslavers blackmailers
      then as now

  46. @ Rabiddog

    You failed to understand the scenario. If 1,700 years into the future, Native Americans conquered this country, how many Americans do you think would fight back? I’m sure that at least half of the south would be up in arms. Who knows what they would do to defeat the “invaders.”

    Point is, stop seeing the situation from a purely Israeli perspective, and try seeing it from the Palestinian point of view.

    In addition, you grossly exaggerate the violence that is perpetrated against Christians in Lebanon. Sure, there are incidents here and there, but Christians are in no way second-class citizens, nor are they persecuted to the extreme that you suggest.

    • Did you know that 30 years ago Lebanon had a Christian majority? It was one of the strongholds of Christianity in the Middle East until Jihad was declared for no reason whatsoever. They are still persecuted in Lebanon, and more importantly Islam persecutes people everywhere. Christians in Iran and Saudi Arabia are forced to pay a special tax. The so called “secular state” of indonesia has increased violence against Christians.

      As far as Israel is concerned, every time they try to come to peace with the Palestinians they are rewarded with an increase in violence. How many times do they have to get bit before they know not to stick there hand out?

      I have never seen Israel start the violence, only respond to it the way that anybody would.

      You have drank from the Kool Aid and are a big idiot.

      • The civil war in Lebanon began with PLO attacks against Lebanese civilians- including Christians- in the late sixties. At the time, the PLO was considered a terrorist organization. The violence had nothing to do with religion, but politics. It eventually morphed into a religious conflict though.

        The Israelis make war against Palestinians, only they use more subtlety in doing so. Instead of bombings and rockets (which are acts of terrorism), they quietly steal land that was partitioned to the Palestinians by the U.N. In addition, they continue to build settlements in East Jerusalem.

        Point is, both sides are guilty of gross injustice. The conflict is far from the black-and-white picture you present.

        • PLO is and always will be a terrorist entity. They attacked Christians and those who supported the Christians exactly like Hitler attacked the Jews and those who supported the Jews.

          The UN does not have the right to partition Israel and give a portion of it to anyone, it is Israeli land that was won in the 6 day war in which the Israelis defended themselves against the evil planning an assault against them.

          The Israelis do not make war against Palestinians, they are defending themselves against the terrorist PLO group.

          If it was up to me, we would liberate all of those enslaved and/or brainwashed by the evils of Islam. Muhamed is the true AntiChrist.

        • it was HEZZBOLLAh that took Lebanon- and killed Christian and Druze – ethnic cleansed the country, killed their leaders, by threats and demographics (make babies for JIHAD) , they gained political control and now call IRAN/Syrian THUGS MASTER of their country- Hezzbollah provoked the war – they dont care if Leb is destroyed for their dream of genocide

          Hezzbollah is not PLO
          intelopers conquerrors imperialistic fascists

    • FAKESTINIANS was made up by ARAFAT And SOVIETS as a propaganda to demolish ISRAEL-
      since their is no such thing as “palestinains” they cannot have a point of view

      and they have two factionsof terrorists groups not a country not a culture
      Jordanians changed their names – that’s all- they are ISLAMIC arabs- born in Leb Syria and Jordan and never set a foot in ISRAEL until ZIONISTS went there

      they are not indigenous- bedoins never made a city or state– there are ISRAELI Arabs and DRuze, Syrians and JOrdanians, now we have GAZAn staeof HAMAStan, no such entity as “palestinian” exists.
      Only Fatah, stateless who vow to remove all JEWS- apartheir by gender and religion

      should Israel or USA negotiate with terrorists?? legacy of NAZI and Areafat PLO? who are not elected by anyone?? reperesent no one and steal all the money from their own people??

      JIG IS UP
      answer from ISrael NO NO NO
      answer form OBAma thrwoing ISrael under bus- I will force it so I can get re-elected by stupid dhimmi peaceniks jewhaters- my base

  47. @ Rabiddog

    Actually, the U.N. does have the right, and here’s why: Palestine was a British mandate until 1948. In May of ’48, the U.K. decided to withdraw its forces, and the control of Palestine was passed over to the U.N. To preserve order, the United Nations partitioned Palestine into two halves: one Israeli and one Palestinian.

    Also, just because Israel won territory in the 1967 war doesn’t legitimize it. Otherwise, you are essentially saying that “might is right.” Therefore, if a nation has the power to conquer the territory belonging to the other, then they are justified for doing so.

    By identifying Muhammad as the “anti-Christ,” I am assuming that you are a Christian. Would your Christ approve of you calling me names for disagreeing with your political beliefs? I think not.

    • When you attack a nation, if they conquer your lands in their defense you loose the right to those lands. Just like the South West United States. Mexico attack us in the 1800’s, we won we kept the lands.

      Christ spread his message through peace and love; Muhammad spread his message through violence and hatred. Christ’s message was spread despite oppression; Muhammad spread his through oppression. Everything that Christ is, Muhammed is the exact opposite; therefore calling him the AntiChrist is an accurate description.

      • Your argument regarding self-defense is valid. However, the premise of self-defense does not apply to the 1967 war. If you read about the events leading up to the war, you will find that the war was largely based on two things: a misunderstanding of Israel’s intentions, and the closing of the Suez canal to Israeli shipping. It was not an all-out attack against Israel with the purpose to destroy it. There is no parallel to the six day war and the rhetoric of Ahmadinejad.

        I take no issue with you calling Muhammad the anti-Christ. It is your right to believe what you will. I was questioning whether your derision of my intelligence would be approved by Christ. It seems that he was much more respectful than most of his followers. And compassionate.

        • I suppose all of those Egyptian tanks and artillery pieces in Sinai and the Syrian, Jordanian et al encroaching on what were the Israeli borders was “misunderstood” by the Israelis. The Egyptians just moved their tanks there so they could fumigate their military bases?

          You are a typical leftist who buys all of the propaganda spewed by anti-Semitic rhetoric in the NY Times (who supported Hitler until he attacked Stalin).

          Israel is hated by the Muslims because they are not Muslim just like America is hated for no other reason than we are not Muslim.

          If Christ and Mohamed were on Earth at the same time, Christ would have not tolerated Muhammads treatment of the Jews, Christians and even Muslims by this demonic prophet. Christ would call to his followers to protect the women and children from rape and the men from slaughter.

          Also, remember what happened in the Temple of Solomon? Christ got violent with the money changers for defiling his Fathers house. What do you think he would have done to someone like Muhammad who used His Father’s name to deliver such a twisted message? It would have made the Crusades look like a touch football game. Remember Christ followed the Old Testament which said, Eye for an Eye, Tooth for a Tooth. He would have fought back against evil as he always has done.

    • You say”Would your Christ approve of you calling me names for disagreeing with your political beliefs? I think not”

      You are wrong.
      From the Gospel of Matthew 23 ,v.33 “You snakes! You brood of vipers! How will you escape being condemned to hell? ”
      This are Jesus words.
      As you see, Jesus was not holding back, when he was speaking the truth.
      So, if one of us “calls you names” and does it with a good reason, Jesus approves. He has done it himself!
      I have seen you muslims time and again to use our religion against us to get from us what you want. Just like you are using all good things WE have created to turn them against us.
      Plus, we don’t blindly follow a religious belief. We don’t do just anything, does’nt matter how stupid or horrible, just because it’s written in a book…
      Most of us accept a belief ONLY IF IT IS REASONABLE.
      We actually USE our brain to JUDGE what is written in a book that night, or might not, be holy. (How can you be sure any way that your Quran is the original one? Some say it has been altered over the centuries. And even if it is, how can you be ABSOLUTELY SURE that God has written it?If you want to be honest with yourself, you can’t Neither can I, for what concerns the Bible) I would suggest you to study the Illuminism, the Age of Enlightenment, and the use of Reason. This is what made us stop using torture and death or religious reasons, nearly 300 years ago. And we decided that religion is a private fact, and has nothing to do with goverment. And that people has to be valued according to his behaviour, and not according to his beliefs.
      This is the reason that we oppose your so called religion.
      You value people according to their beliefs, and your so called profet taught you to behead those who believe differently. This is the reason you can’t and must not stay any more with us. We will find a way…

      • @ Lilith

        I think you have a profound misunderstanding of Christ’s words in the passage that you quoted. Christ calls hypocrites “snakes, white-washed tombs, etc.” He did not go around insulting anyone he disagreed with- only those who professed to be godly, but were in fact full of pride and contempt. For example, consider his response to the Samaritan woman who questioned his religion. He simply told her that God is Spirit and should be worshiped as such. He didn’t call her a “snake” or a “moron” or an “idiot.” He simply disagreed with her insisting that God should be worshiped on Mount Carmel.

        Also, I am not a Muslim- I’m an agnostic theist. The only reason I defend Islam is because every argument against it is based on either misinformation, or the informal logical fallacy known as “appeal to fear.”

        Muhammad did not command believers to cut off the heads of unbelievers. The Surahs that are quoted to defend this idea were written during a time of war, when polytheistic Meccans were attacking the Muslims. To quote these Surahs as promoting violence would be like quoting the Old Testament, where God explicitly commands genocide.

        “”Fight in the way of Allah those who fight against you, but do not aggress. Allah does not love the aggressors… ” Surah 2:190

        • “Muhammad did not command believers to cut off the heads of unbelievers”
          you lie!! you are simply a poor pathetic liar. There are dozens of verses where muhammed tell people to kill umbelievers. Their imams still teach the same in their mosques (I have a video showing it) to go kill umbelievers. There is a magazine called “Inspire” published in Yemen where they teach their faithful to kill “unbelievers” in a number of ways.(the last number suggests to use a car and to run down people with it, and finish off the wounded with a gun) Yes, also the Bible suggests it, encourages genocide. It’s true. But we had Christ that taught us differently. And you can see the results. And, if you would’nt be the pathetic blind liar you are, you would SEE yourself that THEY ARE STILL DOING IT NOW, The Bible says to stone the unfaithful woman, to marry 4 wives etc… But we don’t do it any longer. But they still do it. they kill those who believe different, while we are’nt doing it any more.
          Not yet. But soon we will rise up in selfdefence.Because there is no chance that they will overpower us. They have managed to get this far using your same weapons:lies. But people is awakening.
          Now, I am quite sure that you’ll find a way or another to “prouve me wrong”.I have understood who you are.You have a few, fixed ideas, and cannot see reality. I also think you are wasting our time. So, I have given quite enough of my precious time to you.I am not going to answer you any more. If you can’t see the obvious, that is THEIR TERRORISTIC ACTIVITY ,their arrogance, their subhuman values (stoning, whipping, pedophily-they sell a child of 12 as a wife…this dirty animals.etc) there isn’t any chance that you can see REASON.

        • oy! again think abrogation and duality – earlier verses are cancelled by the later verses, although the word of allah is complete and enduring – therefore duality, but the later verse still control.

          Al wala’ w’al bara – nothing can be greater than the creator and the created cannot create greater than the creator, therefore exclusive allegiance to allah (al Rahman?) and islam and repudiation of unbelief and unbelievers.

          And PS: The man called Jesus (Josephus reports) “who was crucified this day” was a zealot – a brigand – a leader of the communist brand of revolutionary assassins (knives in the Gethsame; Simon the Zealot, Judah the Zealot…) of that day – no god, just a man (early church of Jerusalem in contest with the early church of Rome – Jerusalem won out – their leader was killed first and his body taken from a cave to make it look like “risen from the dead – the Messiah!! – they can’t kill him!”) – the early church of Rome disappeared after that one, and then the slaughter began, with the renaming of Judea as Palestina Prima, Secunda and Tertia – as an insult to the Jews – the land renamed by Rome for the Philistines – after the slaughter by Rome, Jews were enemies of the state, and real, real poor, and so were many in the contracting empire, so the apologias started for the largely non Jew audience – blah, blah, blah…so please stop with the religious crap.

    • Also, just because Israel won territory in the 1967 war doesn’t legitimize it. Otherwise, you are essentially saying that “might is right.”

      That is considered the spoils of war, England owns property all over the world they won in wars, they also took over half of Ireland. There is no law against it. We occupied Japan after the war for years, they can not have an army because we said so. If Israel was given the land by the UN and they had the authority to do that then they have a right to be there. Yet now the UN says give half of it back, so who is right?

      • IN that case send every Muslim out the lands they conquered– Egypt, Iraq was PErsian, Lebanon, mostof N Africa, mostof SE asia, India Pakistan etc- MOHAMMEDEANS took all those by waror infiltraions demographics
        in fact IRAQ is JEWISH HOLY LANDS they occupy
        MEdina was a JEWISH city before mO slaughterd raped and pillaged it

        you are the most personified example we have of the allianceof godless communists and ISLAM wonderful and thank you for providing such for all to see why itis not just ISLAM that is dangerous but the alliance of EVILS – Chaves ius using Christain like doctrine to spread the same old- jew hates

        very simply you must really see why you pursue defense of MUSLIMS and not others

    • by your description then the entire MANDATE included JORDAN and that means ARAB INTERLOPERS under HASHEMITE SAUD KING are occupying ISRAEL LANDS

      • Isahiah62, I apologize, for you have misunderstood what I have been trying to say.

        I have never said that Muslims are perfect, or that Arab regimes are just. All that I have said is that you cannot generalize all Muslims as being violent.

        You demonize Muslims while worshiping Jews. I neither hate Muslims nor adore Jews. To me, they are simply people. All people are susceptible to corruption. My goal is to bring about a dialogue- an understanding- between different parties.

        As a humanist, of course I am appalled by the violation of human rights in regimes like Iran. To say otherwise would be contradictory.

        Finally, my name is a tribue to the seventeenth-century blind harp player named Turlough O’Carolan. It’s cultured, not indicative of my intelligence or perspective. Although, I would definitely agree that I’m blind to the hate and logically fallacious arguments found on this site.

  48. “Tower of Voices”, indeed.

    What are minarets, if not “towers of voices”?

    Has anyone done a background check on Paul Murdoch? This sick, deceitful genius surely has a history–though he may cover his tracks well–which can help put the lie to his innocence.

  49. @ Rabiddog

    Yes, the Egyptians did mass an army on the border of Israel. But, do you know why they did that? If you do some research, you will find that the U.S.S.R. sent a message to Egypt warning of an imminent Israeli attack. The message stated that Israel was stationing troops and tanks on the border in preparation for an invasion. The Egyptian response was defensive: they responded by stationing troops on the border as well. It was Israel who actually struck first. I can understand why the Israelis attacked, but I still think that their occupation of lands gained in this “war” is unjust.

    And please, stop with the “you’re a typical x.” I am not a typical anything. I am an agnostic theist, an independent political thinker, and a human rights activist. Stop trying to undermine the arguments of your opponents by attacking their character and intelligence.

    • You claim to be an independent political thinker yet I know what you are going to say before you say it because you say the EXACT SAME THINGS as the other Anti American/Anti Semitic person I have talked to says. The Communist book store down the street has all of your talking points posted on their window.

      Israel struck first because that is what you do when you are outnumbered and surrounded. As Sun Tzu says you need to make your enemy respond to your actions to keep them on guard and unable to mount their attack. If you know your enemy is planning an attack and they are amassing troops at your border, strike before they strike you. This was not the first time that Islam tried to attack Israel since they were returned to their lands and it would not have been the last if they were not so decisive. Just like after WWII when we dropped the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, good needs to prove to evil that it is willing to fight in order to keep it at bay.

      It is not unjust for Israel to prevent their enemies from occupying land that would put their enemies missiles and rockets within firing range of Israel’s largest cities.

      • @ Rabiddogg

        I am not “anti-” anything. Although I do have a thing against misanthropes and ethnocentric individuals. Furthermore, I am not a communist or a socialist (I’m hoping you know there’s a difference between the two). Communism simply doesn’t work, and capitalism is more productive than socialism. Is there anything else you “know” about me? Are you familiar with the false dilemma logical fallacy? There is not two options here: conservative, capitalist vs. liberal, communist. People are very diverse, and you cannot label everyone. The only thing you should be able to predict coming out of my mouth is peace.

        Apparently you did not read my entire post. The Egyptians did not plan on invading Israel. They simply massed troops on the border as a defensive measure due to the perceived threat of an Israeli invasion.

        • The Egyptians attacked Israel a relatively short time prior to the 67 war so what was Israel supposed to think?

          As far as Socialism and Communism being different things you are nuts. They are both branches from the tree of Marx, with the only difference being that Communism is the complete take over via violence and Socialism being take over via over burdensome regulation. There is one of the other. Either government is limited or it is all encompassing. You are just like every other leftist as I said before. I knew you would reply as you did.

          Quite frankly you are boring me so unless you come up with something original I am just going to ignore you. There is a Simpson’s episode on that I have only seen 10 times that I’d much rather watch.

        • misanthropes and ethnocentric individuals

          oohh the intellectual way to call you a hater and bigot!!

          well getting a couple LOL’s

          why don;t yo consider that EGYPT accepted the NAZI elites and protected them , that genocidal fantasy is still avlive and nurtured in MID EST antions, that Mein KAMPF is a best seller in Egypt and HItler is hero, that elections would bring brotherhood into power there and the fake peace called HUDNA would DIE

          also google the communistor socialist if your prefer to mince words connection to ISLAm and see why they are such BOSOM buddies

          methinks thou doth protest too much=– PINNEd, NAILED outed for what you are- then deNILE – float your boat up that river dude

          we will be CRUSH*ING ISLAM for your cowardly
          “peacenik” butt so you can continue to LIVE FREE

    • what occupied- they CONQUERED and by LAW could have KEPT ALL THE SINAI- but voluntarily gave it back to Egypt the LOSERS and exporters of JIHAD to buy peace fromthe BLACKMIALERS of ISLAM

      BLIND still BLIND to reality to facts
      living in your koolaid vision

    • a human rights activist


      jewhater anti ISRAEL- never speakof the inhumanity in ISLAMIC nations
      yes you are quite typical
      a common apologizer and appeaser

      cahnge your name to BLIND NEVILLE

  50. @ Lilith

    I’m not trying to waste anyone’s time. I am asking all of you to reevaluate the claims that you are making. Yes, the Qur’an- like the Bible- contains passages that promote violence. Yes, there are Muslim terrorists. However, you cannot generalize the entire Muslim population as being violent.

    Why would your God condone violence, even command it, then turn around and say, “Love your enemies”? I thought God- by definition- doesn’t change?

    “You have a few, fixed ideas, and cannot see reality.”
    Just who can see reality? What perspective is the “right” one? I’m challenging you to consider another perspective. I remind myself daily that I could fail to see things as they really are. But this weakness affects everyone. Read the philosophy of Kant (a Christian), and consider his “transcendental idealism.”

    • abrogation and duality – read up, boy. understand what you face and do not be in denial. Then eyes wide open!!

      “al wala’ w’al bara”, ya’ all!!

      Oh and do not forget this little ditty: “itbar al Yahudi!”

      gotta love ’em!! Lock and load!!!

  51. @ Rabiddog

    If you are referring to the Israeli War of Independence, then you need to do some research as to why Egypt invaded in the first place, and what their goals were.

    Communism is both a political movement and an economic system, whereas socialism is simply an economic system. In addition, while capitalism is antithetical to communism, it is not antithetical to socialism. Socialism simply balances the individualistic goals of capitalism with the collectivist goals of society. Many countries have a combined economic system that encourages the free-market, while also preserving the social good.

    That is why this statement you made is a false dichotomy: “There is one of the other. Either government is limited or it is all encompassing.” This either/or fallacy is false, because countries are not limited to only two extremes. There is a middle ground.

    • Socialism is anti ethical to capitalism because Socialism consists of government requiring people to buy and sell things and HOW they must be produced and sold not to mention at what price. Capitalism allows the natural law of the free market to decide what is made, how much is made and what it costs. Socialism has different degrees from Communistic all the way down to progressive but it is polar opposite to freedom.

  52. All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing..We can see this going on around us today. Why do the American people have to keep fighting for their rights? Is it because America is all ready controlled by islam? First NY now PA..When is this insanity going to end?


    • Why would you say “remember the Alamo”? That was not a battle for American freedom. The battle took place in war for empire. The American government stole Texas from Mexico at gunpoint. It’s a matter of history and quite easy to find information on, if you’re interested. Also, when has America fought for its own democratic freedom? I’ll give you WWII, but there isn’t another war that was waged to protect American freedoms and liberties.

      • Actually, the Alamo occurred during Texas’ attempt to free itself from Mexico. Texas was actually an independent nation for a period of time before it became part of the United States.

        The United States fought for its freedom in the Revolution, the freedom of Europe during both World Wars and the freedom the Koreans and Vietnamese. The last two wars would have been won except we had a bunch of liberals preventing the military from actually fighting. MacArthur was removed from the Korean conflict for saying as much.

        By the way the US is not a democracy but a Representative Republic (if you learned the pledge you would know that).

        • @ Rabiddogg

          “The last two wars would have been won except we had a bunch of liberals preventing the military from actually fighting.”

          One cannot declare “war” on a tactic like terrorism. The two wars we are presently fighting are essentially unbeatable. Doubtless you will call me a “spineless liberal,” or something to that extent, but in all actuality I’m a realist. There is no way to completely eradicate terrorist groups from a country. Yes, we can bomb their training facilities, freeze their funds, etc., but they will always exist. That is why the wars are failing; not because of liberals. How would you fight the Taliban in one of the poorest countries Asia? The locals trade loyalties between the Americans and Taliban frequently, in exchange for things like food and clothing. You really think that Afghanistan is simply a military matter? That conservatives have a better strategy? It’s not as simple as blowing stuff up that you don’t like. There are a lot of subtleties in war.

          • The American military is in place to protect America and her interests not as a global meals on wheels. I would have invaded Afghanistan to eliminate the Taliban. If it leads to their freedom fine, but if they side with the Taliban then we should do as Sun Tzu would have, fight where you have advantage in terrain. I would have ordered air strikes to wipe out any tribe that aligned itself with the Taliban and then sent in tanks and troops to finish the job. The minute I saw one Iranian force in there, I would have given them their nuclear weapons, dropped from above. It is better to be feared and respected than submissive and disrespected.

        • You are correct, Texas was an independent nation for a short time. But that only occurred because Americans began moving into Mexico in droves. It was all part of manifest destiny. Americans thought they had a divinely sanctioned right to spread across the west, stealing land. Americans moved into a part of Mexico and then claimed it for themselves.

        • Harper, you are so dense it amazes me. Firstly, I was talking about Korea and Vietnam, the last two wars I mentioned.

          However if you are talking about the war against Islamic extremism, it is one war and it is winnable but like Vietnam and Korea we have a statist government that refuses to fight it. We need to take out Iran and stop pretending that this is not a war against violent Islam. We have Islamic terrorists invading our won country and our leader has his head up his ass.

          • Muslims have conquered, killing 100’s of millions, and stolen upwards of 60 countries now…some having been taken and retaken (Europe) only to fight off the Islamic invaders, others split into numerous Islamic countries (India)…but like many all too typical university liberals…Dbriles would rather blame America for everything…

  54. don’t be fooled by your politicians about peaceful islam, if you want to hear the true, ask from non muslim who live in muslim countries such as Egypt, Pakistan, Indonesia, don’t trust what muslim say, they want to take over your country

    when muslim become majority in your country, soon all of you will feel the same like us who live in fear

    islam = fascism

  55. This is more than mind boggling. The people have no idea what is actually going on. I hadn’t heard anything about a mosque in Pa. being built where Flight 93 crashed and I try to be informed. Something has to be done about this. Americans have to wake up.

    • What do you think is going on? There isn’t some big, secret conspiracy to propagate Islamic beliefs in America. There is no enemy. There is no war on terror. All ultra-conservative are so child-like. They think that it’s good guy, bad guy; us against them. That is just not the case. It isn’t that simple. Do you actually think the world is that simple, that free of complexity?

      • @ D. Briles

        Thanks for bringing some class to a website like this ;)

        Ultra-conservatives have turned the entire radical Islam issue into a false dichotomy; the freedom-loving, American Christians v. the evil, freedom-hating Muslims from evil countries with evil names like “Tajikistan.”

        • Yes, a class of Socialists is what this site needs…hardly

          Muslims generally consider themselves to be conservative and many ultra-conservative…so stop whining about ultra-conservatives… Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, and even Muslims have been the victims of Islamic jihad and fighting Islamic jihad much longer than “American Christians” but facts really aren’t important…

          • The idea of Muslim conservative and American conservative are two different things. “conservative” is another word for traditionalist. In America we traditionally have a Constitution that grants liberty to all so long as it doesn’t harm others. Islam traditionally has a book which calls for the death of those who do not submit. Islam is closer to Marx than it is Washington/Jefferson/Madison et al.

        • So, wherever you find them, kill them, for whoever kills them shall have reward on the Day of Resurrection.” (Bukhari volume 9, no.64)

          And kill them wherever you find them, and drive them out from whence they drove you out, and persecution is severer than slaughter, and do not fight with them at the Sacred Mosque until they fight with you in it, but if they do fight you, then slay them; such is the recompense of the unbelievers. Sura 2:191

          They desire that you should disbelieve as they have disbelieved, so that you might be (all) alike; therefore take not from among them friends until they fly (their homes) in Allah’s way; but if they turn back, then seize them and kill them wherever you find them, and take not from among them a friend or a helper. Sura 4:89

          So when the sacred months have passed away, then slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captives and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush, then if they repent and keep up prayer and pay the poor-rate, leave their way free to them; surely Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.
          Sura 9:5

  56. When I first saw the videos, I was a bit cynical. I thought it seemed a stretch that an architect would go to such an extent, especially since he has also designed a Jewish synogage. All a bit outlandish, to my thinking.

    However, after reading more on the subject, some interesting facts left me with more questions than answers.

    For one, Murdoch, the designer of the project, has some rather interesting friends.

    An article written in the Canadian Free Press states:

    “Islamic imagery is certainly not foreign to Murdoch, having worked with award-winning architects Charles Moore and Arthur Erickson who did major design work in Islamic architecture, the latter of whom designed an open-air mosque in the centre of the campus for the Islamic University of Medina. Erickson’s design appears to be the original model for Murdoch’s outdoor mosque .”

    What was Erickson’s philosphy? In a speech to the Canadian Bankers in 1972, he rails against Western culture…

    “To us – because we, western man, are hopelessly and helplessly immersed in ourselves and our effect on things – only the immediate present is significant, and in the present the hope for the future. Thus our belief in ourselves, our idealism about what can be accomplished, sends us in an eternal pursuit of perfection – of the transformation of the world into a better one, of the rejection of the past as falling short of that ideal. To us, the oriental is a “non- achiever”; while to the oriental, we are utterly naïve. We are the idealists, the tragic heroes beating the drums of an eternal crusade for a grail that forever eludes us, history’s clowns, Shakespeare’s “angry apes playing such fantastic tricks before high heaven as make the angels weep”.

    He further claims that the Western tourism industry spreads our culture globally, threatening the existence of other cultures. I had to laugh when I read this.

    “Afghanistan, a country of special arid beauty, is being subjected to large scale tourist planning. At the IDB in Washington, recently, I saw the plans of a tourist hotel for one of the most beautiful valleys in the world, that of Bamiyan. There a multistoried monster will virtually overshadow the 70-foot high Buddhas that were carved in the 2nd century into the cliffs of an ancient Buddhist capital later destroyed by Genghis Khan.”

    This speech from 1972 is memorialized, but isn’t it interesting to note, as history plays out, that it wasn’t western culture that destroyed the 70 foot high Buddhas.

    “The statues were destroyed by dynamite over several weeks, starting on March 2, 2001, carried out in different stages. Initially, the statues were fired at for several days using anti-aircraft guns and artillery. This caused severe damage, but did not obliterate them. Later, the Taliban placed anti-tank mines at the bottom of the niches, so that when fragments of rock broke off from artillery fire, the statues would receive additional destruction from particles that set off the mines. In the end, the Taliban lowered men down the cliff face and placed explosives into holes in the Buddhas.


    The Art and culture of Afghanistan was single handedly destroyed by the TALIBAN.

    And to coin Erickson’s overall philosophy….
    “Thus western man has never accepted the inferior role of vassal or agent to a greater design or fate over which he had no control, but rather, believing he could be captain of his destiny, he has determined to find out what made the whole thing work in order to take over the helm. With his strong sense of ego, he reads his history as being the effect of what he has caused.”

    Although, I can agree Western culture could improve by scrutinizing the consequences of our immediate actions; I am not so willing to “throw the baby out with the bath water” as it relates to the Western idealism of individuality. When the aspiration of the “self made man” is squelched, the result is mediocrity.

    And wasn’t it that same “captain of his destiny” ideology that stormed the cockpit of Flight 93 and saved our nation’s capital on 9-11?

    The article from Canada Free Press goes on to say about the Burdoch design for the Flight 93 memorial,

    “Furthermore, one of the Park’s design consultants, an expert in the history of mosque design and professor of Islamic architecture at MIT, did his Masters in Architecture at UCLA with Murdoch.

    Interestingly enough, the crescent and star are featured as the logo for Davis Langdon, the global construction consultant company that assisted Murdoch with the design. …

    Is it possible that Murdoch’s associates enabled him to properly incorporate mosque features into his design? Or was the design innocently conceived? ”

    I also read the National Park Service explanation of the design, but it seems rather shallow considering the background and colleagues of the designer.

    Sorry for the long post, but the more I researched this , the more my blood boiled. This memorial, IMO, is the height of arrogance of “progressive” ideology and Anti-American sentiment.

  57. I take each & every chance I get to insult, defame & tell the truth about islam & bozobama. I even go so far as to not capitalize references to muslims, islam etc… & would prefer an ass kicking to calling bozo the president.

  58. Thank you for making me aware of some much needed documented factual information. The Bible states “My people perish for a lack of knowledge”. There are so many of my fellow Americans who have been brain washed by the media and other sources. I shall continue to pray that the living God will remove the scales from their eyes and show them the truth! Evil needs to be exposed!

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  60. Check this out, by Cynthia Yacowar-Sweeney in Canada Free Press, October 12, 2010:

    With eyes on New York, it’s easy to overlook the other ground-zero mosque that is presently being built in Shanksville Pennsylvania at the Flight 93 crash site. That 9/11 site is home to what will soon be the world’s largest open-air mosque disguised as a memorial, contends author Alec Rawls.

    After five years of insignificant media coverage and minimal public awareness, construction of the Flight 93 Memorial centerpiece is already in progress.

    The giant half-mile wide Islamic-shaped red crescent of maple trees is slated for completion next year on the 10th anniversary of 9/11, when the autumn leaves of the crescent’s trees turn a brilliant flaming red. The 40 brave American heroes who seized control of the plane from Islamic terrorists and averted what would have been another 9/11 terror attack, are going to be honored with a design that features the major symbol of their murderers – a red Islamic crescent large enough to be seen from aircraft flying overhead.

    According to Rawls, this crescent is one of many mosque features embedded in architect Paul Murdoch’s winning “Crescent of Embrace” design, later changed mainly in name only, to “Circle of Embrace”. Another important and mandatory mosque feature is Mecca orientation for prayer. For this memorial to be a proper mosque, it must face Mecca. And Rawls proves it does, in his book “Crescent of Betrayal: Dishonoring the Heroes”. Using math and geometry, Rawls calculates that the center of the crescent points almost exactly towards Mecca. That makes the Flight 93 Memorial a mosque.

    Another feature of paramount significance is a colossal 93-foot minaret-like tower that Rawls argues indicates time for prayer by functioning as an Islamic sundial. The tower is shaped like a crescent with a crescent-shaped top. More crescents of trees surround the tower and together they too are oriented towards Mecca. The massive size of the tower and crescent displayed on over 2,000 acres of national park land, will undoubtedly convey a message of endorsement, proselytization, and aggrandizement of Islam that is not appropriate to the memory of the 40 American heroes. Not a peep from the ACLU – it is too busy purging the country of Christian symbols and remains silent as the huge religious symbol of Islam is being built according to plan.

    The design was selected over five years ago from approximately 1,000 entries worldwide in a public design competition that was overseen by the National Park Service. Referring to the memorial as a “terrorist memorializing mosque”, Rawls claims it is replete with Islamic symbolism of monumental proportions to emphasize triumph, and pays tribute to the 9/11 terrorists. In fact, every single detail of the design is symbolic. A string of coincidences or a conscious slap in America’s face?

    Islamic imagery is certainly not foreign to Murdoch, having worked with award-winning architects Charles Moore and Arthur Erickson who did major design work in Islamic architecture, the latter of whom designed an open-air mosque in the centre of the campus for the Islamic University of Medina. Erickson’s design appears to be the original model for Murdoch’s outdoor mosque (according to Rawls writing to blogger Hesperado). Furthermore, one of the Park’s design consultants, an expert in the history of mosque design and professor of Islamic architecture at MIT, did his Masters in Architecture at UCLA with Murdoch. Interestingly enough, the crescent and star are featured as the logo for Davis Langdon, the global construction consultant company that assisted Murdoch with the design. His landscape architect Nelson Byrd Woltz, also had a thing for crescents, according to Rawls, and incorporated many in earlier projects. Is it possible that Murdoch’s associates enabled him to properly incorporate mosque features into his design? Or was the design innocently conceived?

    Intentional or not, the symbolism does matter and has remained an issue of grave concern for many, especially against the backdrop of the growing threat of Sharia Law in America – the legal code of the Quran which can be brutally oppressive when interpreted by radical Islamists who view the West as the enemy to be conquered. Just recently, on September 15th, a national security report released in Washington by Frank Gaffney’s The Center for Security Policy concluded that the threat posed by Sharia to America is critical. One way the teachings of Sharia can infiltrate and undermine western civilization is via mosques.

    If Rawls is correct in his contention that the memorial is truly a victory mosque in disguise, then there is ample reason for concern, given that many American mosques are funded by Saudi Arabia, the country that gave America 15 of the 19 terrorists on 9/11, and are radicalized by its Wahhabi hardliners – meaning that these radicals choose and train the imams and also write or give final approval of the sermons. The Wahhabists aren’t the only ones who have the freedom to force their hate ideology upon the mosque’s worshippers. American mosques are also being infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamist movement that seeks to convert the world to Islam and to establish Sharia Law worldwide. The Brotherhood’s message of transforming the U.S. into an Islamic state (and eventually establishing a global Islamic state) became crystal clear back in 1991 when a key operative of the Muslim Brotherhood in the U.S., Mohamed Akram, presented Islam (in his strategy memo) as a “civilization alternative” that can be “enabled within the souls, minds and the lives of the people of the country”. He wrote: “The Brotherhood must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within”. Part of that process, which Akram refers to as “Civilization-Jihad”, includes building Islamic centers and mosques.

    Paralleling the construction of the Shanksville memorial-mosque is the growing number of mega-mosques across America, especially in rural areas similar to that of Shanksville. “It does seem to be part of a larger strategy to build mosques in rural areas and create Islamic communities, large Islamic communities, in rural areas for some larger purpose,” says Rebecca Bynum, a columnist for the New English Review. The possibility of propagating radical Islam from some of these mosques is not a far cry from reality. Is it any wonder why the colossal crescent design in rural Pennsylvania has raised numerous questions and eyebrows? Has radical Islam found rural ground upon which to rear its ugly head and spread its detestable ideology?

    It’s high time to more effectively address the five-year controversy surrounding the design of the Flight 93 Memorial and give it the exposure and awareness it so rightly deserves. If Americans are to protect their way of life, it is imperative they ensure that this memorial honours the heroes, not the hijackers. Questioning where the estimated $58 million needed to fund this project is coming from, is a start. Does this extravagant and expensive design really do justice to how the heroes would best be remembered? Can’t a more fitting symbol be found to honor their sacrifice? Who were the jury participants of the design competition and who chose them? Who are the university and religious scholars with whom the National Park Service consulted? What other companies did Murdoch refer to and could they have possibly collaborated to come up with a design that actually honours Islam? And if so, why would Murdoch want to infuse Islamic imagery into a design meant to commemorate the legacy of those heroes who died at the hands of radical Islam?

    Questions like these, which may be too politically incorrect for many to explore, let alone utter, are finally finding a place in American society and require more attention and investigation. Radical Islam is counting on our ignorance and complacency not only in the United States, but in Canada as well. There’s work to be done, so “let’s roll”.

  61. Haha, you guys are truly hillarious! Thanks for making my day, I love this kind of paranoid conspiration theories.

    Go and get to know a Muslim and you might actually make that person, yourself and America a favor. God bless the USA.

    • My poor, dear William,
      I’m sure you’ve heard the saying about “you can fool some of the people…”. I, lived, worked & learned in Saudi Arabia for nearly 10 years, mid 70’s to mid 80’s. Got to know many Muslims, both Shii’a & Sunni, some of them, even the ones I’d call real friends, when asked what they would do if a world wide jihad was called for by all the grand ayatollahs, imams, mutawas & other major Islamic leaders, to a man they told me that they would have to follow what the Qu’ran has dictated. Convert, enslave or kill the infidel:PERIOD. Now, do some homework & come back with a ‘conspiracy theory’.

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  63. hahahahah…. scott chester
    people need brains
    the people that caused 9/11 were terrorists and bad
    but that doesn’t mean that all Muslims are. The Islamic terrorists are not Muslims they are just evil and actual Muslims that follow the teachings of Quran believe that what they are doing is wrong.

    • IF what you say is valid, how about getting some of these so called anti terrorists to speak up publicly & in language & volume that can make their opposition clear to the rest of the world.
      Ain’t gonna happen ’cause they don’t exist.

    • You are perfectly wrong, Anonymous, Where Islam governs, no one can practice any other religion. Try bringing in a Bible in Saudi or Iran. At best, it will just be confiscated and burned. If you are unlucky you will be jailed as a subversive.

      Read the Koran and see that it is self contradictory. The part written before Hijra advocated peace and conciliation, especially with “people of the book”. i.e. Christians and Judaists. The part written after, when Mohammad (pbuh) had already gathered his army, writes no compromise. Spread the faith by conquest. Those who would not practice Islam are given 2 choices: either they pay a ridiculous tax of half of whatever they will earn – or death.

      How do Muslim scholars reconcile this contradiction in the Koran? They say, “While weak practice peaceful Islam, like Muhammad did, and insist to everyone that Islam is a religion of peace. But whenever you can, you must destroy the infidel, like Muhammad did. If you die while killing infidels, you will be a martyr and immediately go to Paradise, where a 72-year old virgin is waiting for you.” (Newer versions had revised this)

      If the peaceful portion lulled you to complacency, my advice is to read further. After you have read the whole Koran, 2 roads are open for you: either you turn Islamophobic and say there is no stopping the coming world caliphate; or You join the winners, embrace Islamofascism and become a martyr yourself.

      Do you want to know more about the new world order? I’ll teach you all you need to know. YOU buy the beer.

    • The Quran actually requires its followers to enslave or kill all non-believers in the most horrific ways possible. I know people who have converted from Islam and they have to fear for their lives everyday. Mohammed is the AntiChrist because he is the exact opposite (anti) of Christ in every way.

      • Rabbi dog.
        The Christians god is f…..d by the Jews (Crucified) .And You lick his ass hole. You fools open your eyes.

        • The coward who cannot reveal his internet name cannot even come up with an intelligent remark. Not surprising.
          The Christian and Jewish God is Yahweh and is one and the same, If you are referring to his son Jesus Christ (who was Jewish), he was crucified by the ROMANS. Jesus said to beware of the false prophet that followed him (MoHAMhead) and that he would be back to kick some ass when the followers of the false prophet destroyed the second coming of Israel. It’ll be fun to watch Mo get what’s coming to him for terrorizing God’s children.

          • No real complaints on my end, this is simply a awesome piece. People today really should pay close attention to this sort of data or they’re going to have a really hard time later on in their life. {You should be incredibly proud of your work.|I’d sure like to know some additional information.|I only got about midway in to your article but I will take a look at the rest of the article when I go to work.|I just needed to say that this article is great.|You have brought up some really superb insights.|If your write ups are always this helpful, I’ll be back soon.|You remind me of my girlfriend back in Oklahoma.|If you ever started a mastermind group, I’d be first in line.|I really do wish more writers would write more articles like this one because almost all of the stuff online are complete trash.|I would like to encourage you to definitely keep up with your great work because you are very gifted.|Spot on with this write up.|I’m really hoping you write more very as soon as possible!|I have been working in this industry for about 3 years and I often visit to this site for the best insider insights.|This blog brings me to a new place of understanding.|The two most important moments of my life so far were being born and the second is finding your website.|Very helpful info particularly the last part.|I will just be honest and let you know that I did not fully understand most of your points but you’re a great content creator.|Dude, you are blowing my reality. Seriously! My reality is blown!|I have read a few good things here.|I was looking into a etsy ring the other day but I still {have so many concerns|don’t know what one to buy.|This is a very efficiently presented page.|Ever been to Arkansas?|Any additional recommendations you’re willing to share with me?|This website keeps coming up when I talk with people about this subject. Other then that, awesome post! The people who you like are super lucky to have you in their lives. I really appreciate your efforts and I will be back for your further blog posts.

  64. Good God Conspiracy theorists, Really?

    Secret Mosque design of the memorial.

    Really, Really?

    There is no fact that can cause you haters to see reason and truth.

    This premise of this entire site is SHEER IDIOCY.

    Sites like this and the comments on it – make me fear we are doomed as a race. The spreading of ignorance, hatred and bigotry has no bounds with today’s technologies. Reason, facts and evidence don’t seem to matter to people with ‘faith’ of their own set of facts and beliefs. Chalenge with facts – they just believe even harder.

    Yes there are terrorists and criminals and yes there are muslim ones – and yes there is a big muslim extremist problem – but good god people wake up your brains and think clearly how we solve these problems.

    not with bigotry and stereotypes – but with reason, and justice, and being a shining example, and fairness. blanket statements and associations and whole sale hatred of a group for its religion or place of birth, etc.


  65. To jim, inform yourself before writing and wake up. The only haters and bigots are those who refuse to accept ways-of-life and religions other than their own, and who use violent AND non-violent means as the method for converting the world to none other than…Islam. They are dedicated to overthrowing secular governments and replacing it with Shariah/Islamic Law, which is what they are trying to do here too. Here are the facts you ask for:

    In 1991, a memo was distributed by a Muslim Brotherhood key-player named Mohamed Akram (or Alduni) to high-ranking members in the US. This document details a plan to conquer and Islamize the U.S. – not as an ultimate objective, but merely as a stepping-stone toward the larger goal of one day creating a global Islamic state, a Caliphate.

    Article 4 states, “The process of settlement is a Civilization-Jihadist Process. The Ikhwan (aka the Muslim Brotherhood) must understand that their work in America is a kind of Grand Jihad in ELIMINATING and DESTROYING the WESTERN CIVILIZATION from within, and sabotaging its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated, and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions. Without this level of understanding, we are not up to this challenge and have not prepared ourselves for Jihad yet. It is a Muslim’s destiny to perform Jihad and work wherever he is…”

    Part of the Civilization-Jihad Process requires the building of ISLAMIC CENTERS and MOSQUES. And many of these mosques are financed and radicalized by the Muslim Brotherhood (radical ideologies are propagated via sermons and other means of education within those confines).

    Do you get it now? If you don’t, then look at what’s happening all over the world, people are getting killed in the name of Islam. It will come here too if we are not careful. But wait, it already has, the honor killings, for one. Our own legal system is starting to apply Sharia Law to family law cases – and Sharia Law is especially abusive towards women, with its barbaric punishments of beatings, stonings, whippings and beheadings.

    • Hi Sunn,

      Do you have the source for this? I’d love to be able to post it to my network…. to wake up people like Jim who live in a candy coated bubble gum world.


      • “An Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the Group in North America” written by Muslim Brotherhood key player Mohamed Akram in 1987, details a plan to conquer and Islamize the U.S. Here’s the website:

        Go to Part 4 (pg.21/32), Process of Settlement, then go to Item 4, Understanding the role of the Muslim Brotherhood in America.

        This Islamicization process has been going on for the past almost 30 years. Slowly but surely, they are succeeding in converting this country into an Islamic one. They are fully entrenched in our country, having penetrated our educational, legal, political systems as well as government, intelligence, media and military, pushing Shariah Law, with the help of useful idiots and appeasers, not to mention the continuous mass immigration from mainly Islamic countries (another 80,000 for 2011 – while so many Americans remain out of work and live in poverty).

        Throughout Europe, groups are beginning to emerge to counter radical Islam’s encroachment into our lives. They have finally come to realize that multiculturalism is not working, that most Muslims have not integrated into society, that they live separate lives…while destroying ours and those of more moderate Muslims.

        This document also lists the Muslim Brotherhood’s 29 organizations that share the common goal of dismantling American institutions and turning the U.S. into a Muslim nation. The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and Muslim Student Association (MSA) are included in this list.

      • You cant stop it. The global Caliphate is coming. People stronger than you like the Pharaohs perished in front of Islaam. By the way what has your secular democratic system bring to the world?
        I dont see anything except problems.

        • Islam didn’t defeat the Pharaohs. Alexander the Great defeated them centuries earlier. The Caliphate crumbled the first time Charles Martel was able to present an united Christians front against them. A few centuries later they attacked American flagged ships in the late 18th/early 19th century until the Marines sent a couple of units to kick their Islamic ass in Tripoli.

          See, Islam is not a religion so much as it is a group of bullies who hide like the rats that they are when someone stands up to them. That is why they hid when Bush took the war to them and resurfaced when Obama bowed to them. They will hide once we have a leader in the west again.

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    We have made the 9-11 murderers heroes. Why don ‘t we accept the fact that those who fought the terrorists were Christians? We should plant a giant cross there, instead.

    Politicians should stop being “politically correct”, but sympathize with the feelings of the orphans. When they go to the Memorial they want to pray for their husbands, wives, and fathers who died fighting Islamic terrorism. A cathedral would be a more appropriate memorial. Even atheists would agree to this. Let us dynamite the VULGAR Islamic crescent.

    Christians successfully fought the Muslims. Please, don’t let the Muslims win after death.

    Those who know how should let politicians know what we feel, and get them to construct a more fitting memorial to OUR heroes – NOT THEIRS..

  68. After killing us, they want to spit on our graves and laugh at us. That’s what the Muslim symbols mean. They want to gloat and say, “WE WON”. Any Muslim would readily recognize those symbols, and exalt their martyrs who are now in Paradise with their 72-year old virgins. The real heroes who fought the Islamic fundamentalists, and won, should be recognized, instead, by the symbol of their faith – the cross.

    The heroes who fought the Muslim hijackers were Christians. Politicians should not be afraid to be “politically incorrect” in this instance, and , thus, be more sympathetic with the feelings of those who were made orphans by 9-11. When they visit the memorial, they want to be consoled and pray for their father/husband,/brother who was brutally torn away from them. Muslim symbols would just fill them with disgust, loathing and a burning desire for revenge. Even the most brazen politician would not want this.

    Christian symbolism should replace the Muslim. It would reflect the wishes of most Americans, Christian and atheist. If the courts declare it unconstitutional, America will witness the most massive demonstration in its history. A cathedral will be the most fitting memorial. A Byzantine cathedral will inspire awe and reverence even in a professed atheist.

    What was already built must be demolished immediately. Instead of gently removing it with a wrecking ball, dynamite would be more symbolic of our fight against Muslims who are determined to rule us under Sharia law.

    Let us all write/talk to our politicians and tell them, “The passengers of Flight 93 gallantly were heroes in thwarting the Muslims. They won valiantly. Please don’t allow the Muslims to win now, in death. Destroy the mosque at the Flight 93 crash site.”

    • I agree with the lady who suggested that a cathedral be built in honor or the Christian people who gave their lives on 9/11. Allowing a mosque is a disgrace to this country, and to President Obama who is encouraging it. All symbols of the Muslims who did this should be denied. If American people band together, we can win. If they are too ingrateful to those who gave their lives, then the Muslims have won. Creeping Sharira will destroy America unless we have the guts to stop it.

      • What you know about grace and disgrace? The whole universe belong to God, whats the problem if we want to rule by the rules of God? You react and oppose as you dont like God and anything moral. Damn people!

        • You don’t want to live by the rules of GOD. Muslims follow the false prophet Mohammed whose teaching are polar opposite of the true prophets like Abraham, Israel, David, Solomon, and Jesus who is both prophet and son of God. Jesus preaches to convert through word and example, Mohammed teaches to convert through violence and death. How can these both be teachers of the same benevolent God? Some even say that Jesus while dying on the cross warned of the false prophet who will follow him.

          • You Israili Dog,The Cristian & Jew will Kill each other.You should thank muslims that we fuck you both.Or you both will fuck within you.

            The christian is this children of isreal who killed your Jesus & not Muslim.

            Open your eyes.

      • It’s not a coincedence that Obama has sided with the Muslim Brotherhood/Al Quieda faction in each and every uprising in the Middle East whether it be the rebels or the establishment. That’s why he is ignoring the Iranian uprising but supports Egypt’s.

  69. Someone needs to go bury some dead pigs on that spot ASAP, in as many locations as possible. Don’t tell a sole, until a month or so later……you won’t see any mussies visit that place

      • Allah will never win. In the Book of Revelations, Christ comes back to Earth to defeat the disciples of Evil. Allah will be defeated by Christ in Armageddon because Good always triumphs over evil.

        • If you have to count on Christ to fix anything, you can keep waiting. The f****r has been MIA for 2000 years now, I would be stupid if I kept waiting after so long.
          If you want to get rid of fanatic muslims you gotta stop worshipping anything semitic and that includes your Jewish Christ.

          • Then how do you explain the American Revolution? By all rights we should have lost that but alas God saved his nation. Time and time again miracles happen where there should be none.

            I know he has helped me in the past and continues to do so now.

            God also believes in personal responsibility so he only interferes when he is needed most and otherwise leaves people to their own volition. (he is a Conservative in American lingo)

        • Are you arrogant enough to assume that we as homo-sapiens are the last evolution of humanity? To believe that is to believe that Earth is unique in the universe which is statistically impossible. The Milkyway Galaxy is relatively young in comparison to the rest of the universe, which means that there is life in the universe that is older than us. This life is thus further evolved, which means in all likelihood there is humanity in further stages of evolution out there up to and include that life which has transcended the physical plane of existence. These non-corporal humans would be in every sense what we call Gods in English. the God of the Judeo-Christian Bible believes in non-interference in all but the gravest of matters which is why you see free will, but at times miracles (like US Independence) happen when the odds are against us.

          Too many of the ancient traditions from ACROSS THE GLOBE are far to similar for there not to have been intervention from superior humans.

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  71. As God fearing, Jesus Christ is my savior and I am so blessed to know that God is in control of all people, even the those who hate my Lord….Jesus will win….

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  73. Oh, no, even the Architectures were Muslims!!!! Muslim Terrorist even in hiding some how managed to hijacked the project in secret and make their Moon Crescent part of it… What a coincidence!!!! Are the architects, Paul and Milena Murdoch Muslims??? Why did they design such a in-your-face design??? We should go off with their Heads… Or is this a sign from the TRUE GOD (Allah) indicating that we Americans/Humans need to investigate further into 9/11….. Now there goes a question to ponder on…..

    • sounds like you are the one who is afraid – afraid of free speech, but more fearful of the TRUTH

      just like the tyrants, dictators and Islamic rulers who silence those who oppose sharia, jihad and even those who choose to leave Islam (and those in yr own South Africa)

      you are complicit

  74. Who are you going to complain to? Obama’s subversion cronies? This is America and we have the right to say what we want about who we want. Most of the posts on this blog have been truthful and while that may hurt someone’s feelings, it is more harmful to hide the truth or to shun discussion.



    • Does not take a rocket scientist to know Jenrikki is a stupid, ignorant rude, troll who is probably 12 years old-
      So jenrikki- not the towers- what about marine barracks lebanon? bali bombs? madrid trains? 7/7 London bombs by MUSLIMS medical students then more bombs timed to go off opnthe rescuers?
      What about Muslims cheering for these attacks on civilians? taking credit for these murders of innocents??
      Do you really hate Bush so much, your own country so much that you would swallow the lies of other haters and repeat them?
      BDS Blind Dumb Stupid

  76. Well Said to the American Hater. I don’t understand why these losers immigrate to the west and live in a free country that our History fought for and all they do is complain. I say to them also….shut your face or leave. The boat goes BOTH WAYS and we don’t need these anti-american or Canadian losers taking from us.
    We have learned from History: Pearl Harbor, 911, The Korean War, WW2, WW1 and we need to start watching as history does repeat itself. The current threat in my opinion is Jihad under the mask of Islam terrorists who are forcing Sharia and their culture on the west.

    • Don’t you just love the term “Muslim American.”..Tell me –How can anyone be Muslim American? If you are Muslim your allegiance and loyalty is to Islam not to the USA–NO SUCH THING AS A MUSLIM AMERICAN!!!!! The USA was built upon Christianity –one nation under GOD ( not allah)..We have already stopped prayer in school, now they want to eliminate the Pledge of Allegiance from school, The National Anthem at sports events, and take the words IN GOD WE TRUST off of OUR money–This is my take–you don’t like our money–leave, go back to where you came from and spend your OWN money, don’t wanna say the Pledge, sing the Anthem — go back to where you came from and you won’t have to–I applaud the President of Australia when he said to the Muslims whining that there were not enough Mosques — This is OUR country, we did not invite you here, if you don’t like it BYE BYE–too bad we haven’t had a President thats has enough balls to do the same—STOP THE BUILDING OF ANYMORE MOSQUES IN THE USA–SEND THE MUSLIMS PACKING—AND GOD BLESS AMERICA

      • On the eve of the 10th anniversary of the 911 tragedies it sickens me even more to think that we, the American public, have to continue to deal with Islamic terrorism–on our American soil, in our American Hearts, in our American souls….sad….as Bin Laden lays on his golden sofa with his silk sheets and his 40 virgins ( per the Islamic Koran) I hope that the milk and honey river beds overflow all over the Islamics and drown the bastards!!!! God Bless our country–AMERICA–land of the free, home of the BRAVE!!! In GOd we Trust!!!

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