The Flight 93 Memorial mosque (must see videos)

We’ve posted many of the blogbursts on the Flight 93 memorial since our inception. With the heightened attention on the proposed mosque at Ground Zero, it’s time equal scrutiny, exposure, and awareness be brought to the giant outdoor mosque being built in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

Videos exposing the travesty taking place, almost silently, at the memorial site are below. It’s time for Americans to get educated, speak up, contact your elected officials, and stand up for America and those murdered by Muslims in the name of Islam!




Also read the letter Tom Burnett, Sr. wrote to the American people and was published at Atlas Shrugs, that included this:

We too need your help; we need to stop the National Park Service building another mosque in Shanksville. PA.

I served on the 2005 2nd jury that was commissioned to select a design honoring the passengers and crew on Flight 93. The public submitted over 1100 designs. The first jury went through those 1100 designs and selected 5 designs that were presented to the 2nd jury.

When I saw Crescent of Embrace, I immediately saw the Islamic symbols. I spoke out against the design and explained my reasons to the other members of the jury. The vote was taken, 9 for the Crescent of Embrace and 6 against that design. That vote was not unanimous.

There were 4 excellent designs left; there was absolutely no reason to select a design that even suggested Islamic symbols.

I knew that the public would agree with me when they saw the Crescent of Embrace design. They did, but our government would not listen or investigate our claims. All of our letters ended up in the same hands, the National Park Service. We can’t give up; we must stop this mosque being built in Shanksville, as well as the one in New York.

Other mosque features:

Mosque design is based on a dozen typical mosque features, every one of which is realized in the Crescent/Circle design, all on the same epic scale as the half mile wide crescent-mihrab. Note, for instance, that the 93 foot tall minaret-like Tower of Voices is topped with another Islamic-shaped crescent, akin to the crescent-topped minarets seen in many Islamic countries:

An Islamic shaped crescent, soaring in the sky above the symbolic lives of the 40 heroes, which literally dangle down below. In Islam, there is only heaven and hell. Symbolic damnation?

The Flight 93 mosque needs to be stopped, along with the Islamic victory mosque at ground zero in Manhattan. May the fight against these two desecrations strengthen each other.


Tom Burnett Senior
Loving father of Flight 93 hero Tom Burnett Junior

Contact information for the Flight 93 Memorial Project here.

If you would like to help stop the crescent mosque, please email Alec Rawls ( who is helping to coordinate opposition.

There is also an online petition that people can sign.

306 thoughts on “The Flight 93 Memorial mosque (must see videos)

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  2. you ppl can say what eve shitt you want , but islam is not what you said and described and will never be .

    if you have doupt read what muslims believe with an open mind ,read the Koran with his context ,then you will realise that what have you ben told is a propaganda against islam and muslims .

    islam is a peace religion and a complate way of life , and it will be even if all human opposed it .

    you can be a christian turkey so what is the problem of been an american muslim . And hw can you stop praying in schools while you pretend the leader of democracy ,where is the freedom of faiths ?

    we prefer Allah then God cos ,the word God can be use for different meaning
    there are Goddess, God farther ,and so and so .But Allah in unchangeable word so ALLah means the one and only one who diserve to be worshipped

    • You obviously have fallen for the misstatements in the coran. Islam was founded by a person just as evil as Hitler. Mohamhed first starting getting visions after he was found knocked out in an alley by his cousin. Many contemporary historians believe that he may have been assaulted. When he first began stating that he was a messenger, most of the Meccans thought he was insane and he was exiled. He went to Medina and tried to convince the Jewish majority there that he was the second prophet after Moses (he ignored Jesus at that time because the Jews did not believe in him in that way). The Jews said thanks, but no thanks. It was at that time that his hatred of Jews started and he changed the direction of prayer from Jerusalem to Mecca and he left Medina. He hooked up with a couple bands of marauders who worshiped the pantheon of Ba’al (where we get the name Beelzebub). More specifically, as most criminals do, they worshiped the moon god who was called Allah (Allah was known by the name Sin in other regions of the Middle East where Ba’al’s pantheon was worshiped. Coincidence?).

      In order to earn favor with these marauders he changed the focus of his new religion from Jehovah to Allah at that time. He went on to begin his blood feud with the Jewish people, which included the rape and enslavement of their women and children as well as sanding over their wells and destruction of their temples. If the Eastern Roman Empire and/or the Saracen empire had listened to the pleas of the Meccan city-state and wiped out the first terrorist then, we could have stopped it in its infancy.

  3. Islam is not a simple which represent it is a religon please read about it beleavers of a religon never represent the religon, and in every religon there is the good ., bad and the ugly, and i would appriciate if u look for the good.

    • After 9/11/01, I took it upon myself to learn everything I could about Islam. Muhammed himself declared never ending war on the Jews because the Banu Quraizah Jews who founded Medina refused to see him, a son of Cham, as a prophet in the lineage of Abraham, a son of Sem. He did the same to the Christians after they also refused to see him as a prophet in the lineage of Abraham. There hasn’t been a holy war between Islam and any other religion that hasn’t been started by the Muslim. Even the Crusades were a response to Islamic aggression and conquest. Remember all of the Holy Lands, North Africa and Turkey were once Christian forced to convert or die. Iran was Zoroastrian and Pakistan/Afghanistan were Hindus all given the same choice. Convert or die. To say that Islam is a peaceful religion is a lie.

      I think it is you who needs a lesson in Islam.

  4. As I read this article, i discovered that all my toilet covers are moon shaped and incidentally all of them face Mecca. And when I piss, that makes the star in the crescent. When I sleep, my moon (butt) faces Mecca. The muslim obsession with moon is overwhelming.I am sure most of the moons(Toilet covers) in USA face Mecca. I urge all fellow non-muslims to do their part in the “Moon the Mecca” campaign. Allah loves the Moon :)

  5. Who are they trying to memorialize? The 19 hijackers?? This is a travesty. And some people think that Americans are still running our government? Can’t prove it by the twisted decisions they make.

  6. This is ridiculous, I have been ti this Memorial and it is a beautiful tribute to those Americans who perished in this horrible disaster. You people are nuts!

  7. Why on earth is Pa. allowing this? It doesn’t seem like the sort of tribute any American woud want which means its a msulimn tributre to a job werll done, anythime there are dead non believers there is time for a mosque to celebrate. Burn it to the ground, thats what they would do if it were a Christian church .

  8. Yes its “blatantly symbolic” Islamic, and the Muslims are coming, and oh yes we bite.

    Obama is alqaida and he is building a tribute to Osama’s death. and guess what you voted him in. I guess that makes you ” Americans” alqaida.
    Lay off the bottle you feeble minded, jerk-off.
    You think if you throw in a couple of exotic words “ mehrab, qibla” all the sudden your incompetence is anguished and your argument is sound. Far from.

    • I suggest you look at the evidence presented in the videos above. And as far as “the Muslims are coming”: do you know that many countries have been conquered by Islam? Do you know demographic invasion is? That is what is happening right now in England and France: Muslim birthrates are higher than non-Muslim birthrates. England already has Sharia courts (so far, only limited jurisdiction). Everywhere, where Islam has its way, freedom is made smaller and Sharia is introduced.and made bigger. The word “Islam” means “submission”.

    • Obamas Father ewas a member of the muslim brotherhood for 30 years so nothing surprises me that he does , especially if its against Americans, he hates us, he hated our way of life, I use the past tense because our way of life is gone. I would like ot see someone form a Governent group and check all of the mosques, do you think Obama is disarming them? I don’t thoink so, I think you will ifnd most Mosques are loaded with a stock pile of guns and machetes and whatever else they could pack in, no on is going to bother them, they are not the enemy ot Obama, we are. No one should have let Homeland security get to the point it is now, no checking childrens private parts by people whose hands were god knows where and not having to have colostomy bags and fake breasts taken out and thrown on a table, what kind of raunchy unAmerican group have we become ot allow ourselves ot be touched like this by strangers, this is why I have not flown since they started this nonsense, they do the same think ot poor girls in controlled institutions, wayward girls homes are searched constantly whenveer they please, this is something we don’t ever want to happen in this country but the Congress and the Senate are too busy looking after the needs of the elite. Let them try that with a Muslism. They sjhould tear down this mosque, it is not a tribute ot anyone except them.

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  10. Why not choose a more conventional design, with no ambiguity, that does not upset the families? That would seem to be the right way to go that the memorial project veered away from.

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  14. If you look to the western side of the Virginia Beach convention center in Virginia,there is a crescent shaped ‘garden’ patio that points to the northeast in the approximate direction of Mecca.Built after 9-11.

  15. even the on bible GOD says I am the GOD of Abraham the GOD of Isach the GOD of Jacob not Ismail you se there is no way that the GOD of Christians or the God of Jews can be the same god of Muslims!! no way at all!!!

    • We can prevent further attacks by raiding mosques, jailing Imams and identifying those who teach the Koran. Then we don’t need to respond, we don’t need to fight it and we don’t need to defeat it. There is no reason for people to continue to live in fear except for Political Correctness. There is no need to fight all muslims, only those who object to the closure of mosques. There is no need to kill on a large scale, only those who are willing to defend Islam. It is Islam and its teaching which is our enemy! All this talk about looking for terrorists is nonsense. All this fear is misplaced. Only Political Correctness can kill us. No need to “flag” anybody. Bring them all in for questioning. Just close the mosques! The mosques contain the terror entire network that we are looking for.No terror network exists outside mosques so why are we looking outside mosques?

  16. Speak out to who. The politicians are blind. The people running for office and the ones in office are in a self perseveration mode. This take over is happening right under our noses.

  17. Jews as Abrahamic peoples and thus related to Arabs? I don’t want to upset any apple carts, but from what I have read Ashkenazim have DNA that is 98% European.

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  19. From the Beginning of the Flight 93 Memorial, Americans,like me,
    saw the Sick Symbols of Islam, but could not understand the reasons
    why the Bush Government at the time, would even consider the Memorial “APPROPRIATE”.
    Even the 9/11/2001 Memorial & Museum in NYC Pushes the Islamic
    Point of View. Stop the Confounded Mosque Building (Islamic Center)
    in the guise of a Memorial to Americans,who were murdered that day.

  20. President Trump is about to destroy the deep state. May he and other great Patriots also begin to correct the wrongs here in Shanksville and honor these brave, courageous heroes of Flight 93 by rebuilding this memorial.

  21. This evil must be stopped. With EXTREME PREGIDES if required… It’s happening here in Australia also.. Woolworths has decided to be certified Halal, to suit a MINORITY group. Enough I say…

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