Did Muslim group ask DOJ to start enforcing sharia blasphemy law?

Hat tip to The Freedomist for picking up on this one. In a roundabout way, it sounds like a Muslim group that we’ve posted on before (teaching Muslims how to donate money without drawing attention of FBI) has essentially asked the DOJ to enforce Islamic blasphemy laws. via ABC News.

A coalition of faith groups met with Justice Department officials Monday to encourage the Obama administration to take a more public stance against anti-Muslim hate speech and hate crimes.

Farhana Khera, president and executive director of Muslim Advocates, said the community leaders requested the meeting due to an “alarming rise in anti-Muslim hate” that has become commonplace as the debate over the so-called “Ground Zero mosque” in New York City continues.

“Unfortunately, this very escalating trend of hate speech in the country has now transformed into actual acts of violence and the attorney general, as the nation’s chief law enforcement officer, has an obligation to really enforce the laws, including the hate crime laws and holding those that engage in hate crimes responsible,” Khera said.

“We are a thriving democracy, we appreciate free speech, but when it crosses the line into violence, that’s against the law,” she said. “And the [Justice] Department, the federal government, the nation’s chief law enforcement officer is going to prosecute and hold them responsible to the fullest extent of the law.

She said the groups asked the Justice Department officials to hold people who engage in hate crimes accountable, and “send a message that hate and criminal activity and attacks on houses of worship is un-American.”

“Our concern is that we believe that there needs to be more attention, more resources put into investigating and prosecuting these cases as well as a higher level of attention to whatever efforts the department may be undertaking as well,” she said.

The DOJ under Eric Holder has been ignoring crimes committed by Muslims for some time. Just a small sampling:

Video: Somali Muslim gangs videotape attacks on infidels in Minnesota
Maine: Muslims beat, rob, and steal from infidels – for the thrill of it
Muslims videotaped themselves shooting at San Fran gays get just 6 months jail
Video: Somali Muslim kids in Minnesota assault gay guy
Video: Muslim leaders agree, death penalty for gays
NYC: Muslim cabbie kicks gay couple to the curb
Video: ‘Islam on Capitol Hill’: “Homosexuals Must Be Killed”
Video: Gay man injured in new D.C. bias attack by Muslims

Again, the links above provide a small sampling. Further, as we also reported many months ago, FBI data: Hate crimes against Muslims rare.

Jews, lesbians, gay men and Caucasians, among others, are all more frequently the target of hate crimes, FBI records show. Reported anti-Muslim crimes have declined over recent years, though they still exceed what occurred prior to the 9-11 terrorist attacks.

Is Muslim Advocates really concerned with freedom of speech? Or are they are concerned with protecting Muslims, Islam, and the Ummah?

17 thoughts on “Did Muslim group ask DOJ to start enforcing sharia blasphemy law?

  1. Is Muslim Advocates really concerned with freedom of speech? Or are they are concerned with protecting Muslims, Islam, and the Ummah?

    Personally, the answer is evident – this is another ploy to gain more control, power, whatever word one wants to use, to take over our country, which they will succeed with the pos and his goonies, and Lord only knows who else on their side, IF we don’t take action, and I believe if we look to God, He will guide us.

  2. Since when are hate crimes (except in DC) federal territory? The request should be declined, as except for DC owing to the lack of a city prosecutor (the feds handle all local ordinance violations and crimes), this should be a state matter.

    • obama and holder have already shown they don’t give a damn about states’ rights, so why do you think this will be treated any differently?

  3. It’s time to ramp up the rhetoric boys!

    One instance of anti-islam dialogue & they go whining & running to the gov’t and demand obedience.

    The only way to deal with his is to ramp up the rhetoric wherever you go. Do NOT submit.

  4. Free speech is free speech–no dimmification of the USA!!! Why do Muslims get exempted from the rabid anti-religion attitude of the left? Seems like “progressives” give a pass to the most evil among us.

  5. More likely a ploy to silence the opposition while they continue to maneuver their pawns in place. Its like a chess game and they are already 6 moves ahead. If we dont’ watch out and wake people up, it will soon be checkmate

  6. A wonderful articlle, truly. “In a roundabout way” “it sounds like” this group has “essentially asked” the Department of Justice to…. enforce the law? Noooooooooooo *gasp* oooooooooo…..!!! Say it ain’t so, Joe. What will they want next? The right to assemble or, heaven forbid, speak their minds? Well, at least we have God on *our* side. Like, the real God I mean. Not that nasty evil-doing version *they* worship.

  7. send a message that hate and criminal activity and attacks on houses of worship is un-American

    YES what about hate speech and criminal activity INSIDE houses of worship?? LIKE MOSQUES??

    So if they succeed in passing “hate speech” as a crime- be ready for the thought police like CANADA- one sides “hate speech” is protected by hiding behind “religion” and one ONE side speech gets classified as HATE! guess which one? YOURS!!

    this law is already international- yes your PREZ signed this into law in UN – if you blashpheme ISLAm- CRIME!! – if ISLAM says you deserve to die__ No problem man they got RIGHTS!!

    The Koran is hate speech- can we ban it? Do we need an ANTI ISLAm religion in order to get protection for our opinions and assessments of ISLAM in OUR OWN nation?
    Will we arrest MUSLIMS for their anti Christian and JEWish speech? for their treaonous peech? and actions

  8. Amazing! I’m speechless…almost! They wish to have all the rights afforded to a US citizen, yet continue to worm their ways into our government and elsewhere with religious/political sharia terrorism which allows no rights for anyone but the Islamic men! HELLO! Wake up America; come on people be on your toes lest you chance losing them too! You’ve got to be the voice loud and clear that we will NOT have sharia in this country! Hound all your representatives in the State and Federal government offices!

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  14. boo hoo boo hoo poor babies; it is ok for them to spread their hate to everyone not like them; and want us to lie down and take it; not going to happen; islam, sharia, anything associated with islam is all bad; the only blasphemy problem is them and as usual they try to turn it around to get sympathy; they are scum through and through; HATE is their logo; hate is all they know; hate is all they espouse; and hate is all they will ever be. maybe they should meet their ’70 virgins’ sooner than later; by the way, what does a female muslim get when she dies???? by the way are these 70 virgins without all their female parts?

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