Ground Zero Mosque Investor In Medicaid Fraud (video)

Who else is funding the proposed Ground Zero mosque? Who paid for the building? Expose them one by one.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

via Exclusive: Mystery Mosque Money Man In Medicaid Fix « CBS New York

Will the media continue to give Faisal Rauf and Daisy Khan a free pass?

3 thoughts on “Ground Zero Mosque Investor In Medicaid Fraud (video)

  1. Being that I was unable to see the video due to using the mobile site I was still able to guess what was being said. Welfare fraud is the best way for Muslims to reproduce so quickly as well as have numerous wives. All they have to do is have none of the women legally married to the man in question. They can then all say that they are single mothers and can get the full welfare ride- foodstamps, WIC, section 8 and Medicaid. Each additional wife can do the same thing. Then the “husband” can get his own benefits by saying that he is “homeless” or a “student” since all of the apartments are in the women’s names. Meanwhile he is more than likely working under the table at a Muslim owned business while enrolled in a few classes to keep up the student charade. If this sounds ridiculous believe me it is true. I saw it in action during the 3.5 years I was involved with this mess. The mosques too were in on this since they would often tell members where to go and how to sign up for services.

  2. the above comment is true, ghetto blacks do it too. And Medicaid fraud is rampant, the doctors and dentists are in on the scam; some dentists bill Medicaid for work never done, which is why other people who are really in need aren’t given any good services on Medicaid. The governments are at fault for the way they set up the welfare/SSI/Medicaid system..which was originally set up for people fallen on hard times, NOT as a lifestyle.

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