Australia: Bare skin banned at public pool to appease Muslims

Dhimmitude. Voluntary dhimmitude. Soon it will be mandatory. It’s happening across the U.S. and Britain too.

The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) has banned people exposing their shoulders and thighs at an event at a public swimming pool in Dandenong, in Melbourne’s south-east.

The Dandenong City Council and the YMCA applied for the ban to be implemented during swimming lessons for Muslim women scheduled for next August.

It will apply to both Muslims and non-Muslims attending the event.

The vice-president of the Victorian Islamic Council, Sherene Hassan, says she does not support the restrictions.

“I basically believe that individuals have the right to wear whatever they’d like to wear,” she said.

“I understand the organisers of this event have good intentions. They want to bring Muslims and non-Muslims, but my preference would be no dress code stipulated for non-Muslims.”

Victoria’s Equal Opportunities Commissioner says the ban must be put into perspective.

Helen Szoke says the restrictions apply to a two-hour, after hours swimming session, targeted at multi-faith groups.

“People are not obliged to attend, minimum standards of dress are very common and where minimum standards of dress are identified on occasions it’s often to allow people to participate,” she said.

via Bare skin ban for Muslim pool event – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).

35 thoughts on “Australia: Bare skin banned at public pool to appease Muslims

    • George , Under our old Prime Minister John Howard, he told the muslims if they did not like our customs, our way of life , our laws, then they could please, feel free to leave! but now we have Brown nose Gillard, who is building illegal boat people facilities fast as possible, known as detention Centres.. but of course she has improved conditions by building brand new houses, units to house the women and children who are IMMEDIATELY released upon landing, to await daady/master until he is given refugee status.. Of course we have to buy OUR homes, but these refugees get brand newees FREE! ( I have to ask REFUGEES from what? as they are all muslims , THEY are the OPPRESSORS!!) so yeah. . the tough talk is over, Gillard just gave 500 MILLION $$$ to Indonesia to build 2000 muslim schools!! with another 500 MILLION $$$$ to follow..this would have been to impress Barry who was visiting his happy childhood home in Indonesia….

  1. And I ask – why can’t they buy space for their own pool? A public pool means anything (short of nudity or flashing) goes. If they want to be so uptight – they should buy their own pool instead of forcing their will on the taxpayer-funded pool.

  2. I agree- instead of forcing their moronic dress code on everyone else they need to buy their own facilities, wear their own version of a swimsuit or purchase their own private sessions at the public pool with the stipulation that nonMuslims have the right to wear their own swimsuits.

  3. YMCA


    hold the “MULTIFAITH” event in the MOSQUE! let’s see how tolerant they are of YOUR DRESS

    this is why “kumbaya” treatment does not work with MUSLIMS- the are arrogant and demanding and think they are better than you and like in their home antions they think they can order you around with impunity– and stupidly you allowed them to

    we know UK is full of PC muzz kisser wimps but OZ>????? say it aint so

    • Yep spot on. OR better still ask muslim women to take off their burqa’s for 2 hours so Non muslim women will feel more at home in their own country!!!!! Yeah, Im sure that would go down well. There would be a massive protest about rights etc So why is it ok for Non muslims to have to cover up to appease Muslim women?. We live in Australia or do we??? Western culture, ideals & traditions these people knew what kind of country they were coming to. Didnt they agree to live under the Aus constitution,laws & society?? What happened to that???. Want to live here thats fine just live under Aus laws, Aus traditions & ideals & leave our culture alone. Respect goes along way especially when different cultures decide to live & prosper in WESTERN Countries. Aussies are starting to see what is really happening and if they ever put it to the Aus people this soft self serving government would see exactly what the majority of Aussies think…..and it wont be pandering to a bunch of fanatics let me tell you!

  4. Come on fellas, it’s 2 hours a week, at a time normally reserved for Muslim women. New Australians (from all over) don’t get a chance to learn about water safety because of restrictions on dress and other sensitivities. If you believe ‘integration’ is important, then lets create mechanisms for that integration to happen. Sharing the pool for 2 hours on one day of the year is really a small gesture, and one I fully support (as a local, but I’ve never been to that pool.)

    No-one loses from this gesture, during Ramadan. I haven’t heard anyone complain too loudly that Aussies of other faiths or Atheists can’t get a beer on Good Friday. A little give and take is good, and this Australian fully supports it. Long live diversity, and a chance to make one another happy and welcome.

    • One small step for Muslims becomes another, and another. What part of the “World Muslim Problem” don’t you understand?
      Look to Europe for the answer. Muslims are taking over everywhere, and causing huge problems.
      You’re wonderful Country is next!!
      They’ve already caused problems in Canada, and are well on their way in the USA.
      Political correctness will kill you, in the end. The Muslim ideaology is Islam, which is determined to rule the World.

    • Works the same way then doesnt it??? If we can pander to every single religious sect then our Aus culture will slowly start to fade. Muslim women must decide if they want to live in a western country & enjoy the same events that other Aussie women do then they must fit in. Not the other way around. It is ok to be tolerant of other cultures but not to the detriment of our own culture. Take a GOOD look around…eg. UK,USA,france,sweden even Paris. What is happening Dingo? Be honest here? Do you see major problems with muslims demanding their beliefs & cultures be adhered to at the host country’s expense? The violent protest’s calling for jhad & terrorism not to mention the implementation of Sharia Law. Even in the middle east sharia Law is not wanted, it is barbaric & oppressive. Women are killed in the name of allah everyday,some are butchered. Calling for Sharia law means these ideals will be the norm so why then are so called moderate muslims calling for it? If we continue to allow 2 hours of pool time where non muslims are TOLD they must cover up when will this ever be enough? Also Aussies are told we cannot expect muslims to dress to our standards so why is it ok for us to dress to their standards???? Can you imagine asking Muslim women not to wear their burqa for 2 hours so it fits in with non muslim women??? One set of rules for everybody has worked for a long time, So why start changing now to appease the muslim population???? Where will it end. Remember we have Christians,Hindus,Jews etc etc maybe they will all start demanding special treatment.

  5. Dear Dandenong Council,

    I am writing to ask in writing what guidelines you expect from all people attending the Ramadan Pool Event next year.

    From news reports, blogs and your own Facebook Page; it is compulsory that all women and girls over 10 must cover their shoulders and upper arms.
    Is this accurate?
    Are men welcome on this Family Day?
    Do they also have to cover from elbows to knees?

    I am asking for clarification of the enforced dress code for the day.
    Was Council’s original rejection ‘overridden’ ?
    Who applied to VCAT?

    Yesterday I spoke with Lynette While (from Sports and Leisure).
    She rang me to explain the dress code; but I still have to ask via email, as Lynette had not read the Facebook Page and the Questions in there.
    I can no longer post these questions in there, as your page has been copied and pasted into some antifascist and gay rights sights now…
    When I to GDC about that, I was booted out … but people are still in there right now calling me names and defaming me …

    Take this email as A FORMAL WRITTEN COMPLAINT about you disregard for free debate.
    I was not abusive, I simply asked if I would be arrested on the day, if I showed my bare upper arms.

    I also have questions about the legalities of what’s happening here…
    No-one has been able to answer those for me yet.
    I’m hoping this email will get to the right person.

    My reasons are simple:
    I swim every Tuesday with the Womens Only Group @ City Baths …
    we have no problems ..
    the pool is paid for by the group …not public …
    the muslim women wear neck to knees, we wear togs …
    No Problem…
    We are all friends … they say taqqiya at me and we laugh.
    We have had that group for years…
    …BUT ,…
    if they tell me tomorrow I MUST WEAR neck to knees, then there is a problem ..

    I am also looking forward to being able to be un-banned from your facebook page and for you to read the threats against me in there.
    Your Page Admin, deleted posts … and then banned me …
    but I have saved them if you wish to see them …

    I hope you understand my point of view,
    And I’m looking forward to your response…

    Marg Lennon

  6. Who will come with me on the day (and perhaps the day before) to Protest?
    I person who objects to their Grandmas, or their 10 year-old girl children, being forced by LAW to cover themeslves from their elbows to their knees????
    The beginning od SWhariah Law in Australia…
    Anyone coming?
    I’ll be the first arrested …

      • @Anne:
        It’s not until 21st September 2011 …
        It’s celebrating the end of Ramadan …
        Learn all about it in the new
        COMPULSORY 2011 CURICULUM book
        “Learning from one another – bringing muslim perspective to Australian Children”

        • I suggest a few of you get together and claim discrimination against Jews, Hindus, and Buddhists, because all religions are not being treated equally.. What about the Sikhs special Festivals and the Hindus..?? why is only ISLAM getting favored treatment??
          The government must organise for books to be printed as school curriculum on Bringing Hindu Perspective to Australian children.. Marg, what you need are actual HINDUS, Sikhs and Buddhist friends to come along to a School meeting and put your case for EQUAL TREATMENT.. and don’t forget to throw in Bringing Christian Perspective to Australian Children . Also point out that in Israel it is COMPULSORY school CURRICULUM for ALL three Abrahamic faiths to be taught so that each faith learns to respect each others beliefs and know what they stand for! Because Australia has many DIVERSE faiths such as those named, it is DISCRIMINATORY to single out ONE Faith ONLY..Take it to VCAT, as discrimination against other faiths if books covering those faiths are not allowed… I can bet the Education Department will drop the whole thing like the hot potato it is… wish i was in your region, I’d come with you …best of luck , Marg, try it! and as soon as possible!write lots of letters to papers, pollies, and one to Fred Niles

  7. Yet again muslims are demanding special treatment at the expense of law abiding australians. If the pool was being privately hired outside of normal swimming hours by the muslim community that would be one thing. If they were objecting to being not allowed to cover neck to knees that would be another. (even though it is unhygenic). But to force Australians to wear neck to knee clothing in their pool on Ramadan is unreasonable and unacceptable. And I’m quite sure would not be legal.

  8. If we appease these unfair demands they will set a precedent for further demands. As Australians we must stand up to these stand over tactics being taken by people taking sanctuary in our country. If their way of life and belief system is too far removed from ours then I think they would feel much happier living in an Islamic country instead of trying to Islamify ours. Political correctness is being used to intimidate us against standing up for our rights.

    • Is this a joke? Surely non muslims can take the same stance and SCREAM Discrimination etc. If Muslims can wear what they like here in our Western country Us non muslims demand the same rights. This is ridiculous. If it was in my state I would be protesting out the front in my underwear!! How dare they tell us we cannot show our shoulders This is going too far.

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  10. Every concession given to islam is allowing -creeping sharia -migrants who migrate to other countries adopt their host countries -culture not the other way around -their religious belief should -not infringe on the rights of others -what does islam concede to integrate into -our -culture ? this order should be ignored -they cannot enforce it -will they jail you? who cares if -they-are offended -this is Australia -not Saudi Arabia.

  11. If you don’t like our way of life, then go back to where you came from. Stop trying to take over our country “AUSTRALIA” 99.9% of the people I have spoken to agree. Go back to where you came from, and stop bludging off of my hard earned tax dollars.

  12. Piss off back to where you belong, in the sand with your camels (which are better looking than you are) You are a burden to our country, My father & his father fought wars to keep scum like you muslims out of this country. You are the scum of the earth, and should not be allowed into my country. You bring only your tribal conflicts to our shores, you have no value for life, and treat your women like slaves. Shame on you, go back to where you came from and take your hate with you….

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