Honor Killing in America (video)

Fox News investigates the short lives and tragic deaths of Texas teenagers Amina and Sarah Said, who were murdered in a suspected honor killing by their own father.

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40 thoughts on “Honor Killing in America (video)

  1. Very sad! If you watch the entire hour you will see that the mom was married to the bastard when she was just 15! What kind of parent allows that!? Her dad says that he thought that he would be good for her since he said he had all sorts of property and money back in Egypt. Of course he didn’t since a Muslim man can lie in order to gain a bride. The mother of these girls was so beat down by the bastard that she went back to him. The miscreant also secretly videoed the girls for years.

    • He was / is, one piece of work. I’m a lady but give me 5 minutes with this guy. Did you see the welcome his brother gave the reporter? Runs in the family and throughout their culture.
      Come down” ye ole blood pressure.”

      • Sorry I spelled your name wrong, Catherine. These barbarians have no respect for human life, particularly female human life. They have been murdering each other since the seventh century. I wish they would just continue to murder each other, leave young girls alone, and stay in their deserts and eat camels or whatever they eat.

        Mohammed was a camel drive who took up with his boss’ wife and when they came back from their tryst, he announced a new religion. Apparently everyone there bought it. He was a moon-worshipping pedophile who was a worthless piece of trash.

  2. Their father should have the worst punishment a Muslim could face. It’s beyond thinking there beautiful young girls butchered by their own devoted Muslim believing father.
    They should show this to the class in Wesley, MA, instead of approving Muslim prayers and allowing children ( boys ) to pray in a Mosque whiles excusing the girls.
    These people are devious and parents better wake up. Everyone had better! If a Christian group had done that, law suits would abound.
    I go crazy over these bonehead newscasters, so smug in their ignorance.
    Can you tell how infuriated this makes me?

    • I can tell, Katherine, because it makes me just as furious. This country is slowly becoming Islamized and few people even understand what is happening. Honor killing, my God. What honor is there in murdering your own children? Probably one of the worst crimes, if not the worst.

      I believe this barbarian has returned to Egypt, out of reach of civilized people. Probably Egypt will protect him because they see nothing wrong in murdering girls or women. Bunch of idiots. All of them.

  3. What was the final treatment of the girls’ father?
    Don’t think I ever heard what was punishment.

    I know what I think it SHOULD be.
    Slow death.

  4. He disappeared and his dear brother is covering for him. He should face the same punishment.
    Why has it taken so long to investigate these murders?
    We don’t want to upset the Muslim community.

  5. I know and I’m posting and getting out this information as best I can..
    I could not believe there was even a debate about Ground Zero” and the crap about moderates and building bridges when an half brained idiot knew better.,
    I keep a picture of this beautiful girl with the look of sheer terror on her face on “My Space” as she is being forced to be mutilated, makes me crazy.
    Got to take a deep breath.
    Does anyone know of a correct, word for word, Qur’an
    translation, good for study?
    Have to go watch cartoons.

  6. What Islam is not

    It is simply the Islamic culture. He was very predictable in killing his daughters, and his family likely encouraged him to do so, and his exit to Egypt was planned. The Koran tells Muslims to kill anyone who leaves Islam, or insults any deity like Mohammad.

    Tissie was like Democrats here, totally unaware about Islam. Nancy Pelosi will investigate anyone who disagrees with the Mosque, or Islamic culture. Mrs Clintion is another huge supporter of Islam.

    This culture is despicable, dangerous, protected by politically correct, now Michael Moore as well. It is not a religion.

    These people fly into an uncontrollable anger at the least provocation, imagined or otherwise. It is a sign of Islam.

    Yasser went back to Egypt, of course. He probably flew out on his other passport.

    You can hire Israelis to collect Yasser up and bring him back. I am sure he wouldn’t mind explaining Islam to westerners, while he lies to the infidels (kaffur) at court.
    They are such victims!

    Islam is the only religion that justifies killing your own family. It kills any who try to leave it. Apostasy. Ask any Muslim about it. You won’t get an answer.

  7. Here in Canada, there have been about a dozen instances of honor (honour) killings and the public is outraged. Fortunately, we have a prime minister who’s conservative in his outlook and immigration polices are being changed but not soon enough and every damned politician panders to the immigrant vote. One of the most outrageous and common honour killings goes like this: the father or brother rapes the young woman (daughter or sister) and the because the woman has been raped and the family dishonored, he has to kill her. Catch-22…it makes me want to tear my hair out!

    • I know there are great an honorable men that will fight to protect the lives of women all over the world and this comment is not to disparage any of our beloved heroes but there are many out there (and brainless women too) that would be in ” Bliss “to rule the power over women.
      Imagine what that is like for them afraid that at any moment of your life you can be accused of a look?
      I know I have to get off my duff and find out who is fighting for these women and get really involved.
      Any points in that direction would be welcome.


  8. I hear talk about Obama as a Muslim, personally I believe he is, I understand you are born Muslim and he can lie all he wants because it is encouraged and you just don’t walk away with your head.

    He has spent more, American, money helping rebuild Mosques around the world then here.

    I don’t understand why these egghead politicians and those in the news don’t speak up. This is what they want?
    This is scary stuff, I have a young family when I dare look into the future it scares me, a lot..

    • Even if he’s not technically muslim, he grew up with a muslim father, step-father, went to madrassas (strict muslim schools) and was obvously greatly influenced as a child by islam. He shows his bias towards islamic countries, has the American taxpayer pay for islamic outreach programs and actually gets funds to restore and repair mosques around the world. He is the very worst thing that has happened to the US. May he only be a one term president.

      • I sure hope the people have woken enough not to re-elect this disaster again and I believe (pray) they have.
        What is ticking me off a these Republicans dividing the republican party for fear of loosing their status instead of thinking of the good of the country, they fear loosing power and don’t care about the America people.

  9. In an eerily similar case, a Muslim man has just killed his three children after a custody “dispute” in Houston. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/39259068/ns/us_news-crime_and_courts/

    It’s quite disturbing that this is minimized in the press as a “custody dispute” when it has many aspects of an honor killing.

    Here also is a teen daughter in the US whose budding sexuality threatens a father who has lost his previous role on the family. Here again is a conservative Muslim man whose marriage has broken up, who no longer lives with the mother. He attempts to regain control of his status and honor through violence.

  10. I don’t know what concerns me more, the fact that this “filth” is allowed to even exist in America or the fact that no ones seems to care. Honor killings are a perfect example of why Islam is incompatible with our culture. It’s “Equality under the law”, not “Shaira in leui of the law”.

  11. this film should be mandatory viewing for any woman stupid enough to marry a MUSLIM man- you will not be a slave of ALLAH– you will be a slave to a MUSLIM MAN – and even if you choose to be that foolish and insane,no one has the right to make children into slaves of EVIL HATEFUL HARDHEARTED SAVAGES of ALLAH.
    THIS IS COMMON, NOT UNCOMMON story for women who married MUSLIMS————

  12. this film should be mandatory viewing for any woman stupid enough to even think of marrying a MUSLIM man- you will not be a slave of ALLAH– you will be a slave to a MUSLIM MAN – and even if you choose to be that foolish and insane,no one has the right to make children into slaves of EVIL HATEFUL HARDHEARTED SAVAGES of ISLAM. Now her son ISLAM is as the father- sick perverse mean- and he is OURS now a citizen—-and he will treat his wife the same way his mom was treated by his dad, raise HIS daughters the same way–
    THIS IS COMMON, NOT UNCOMMON story for women who married MUSLIMS————
    Hirsi says the truth- Quereshi is a pathetic apologist for this sick misogynist cult masquerading as religion.
    brother is accessory to murder should be arrested and USA better quit bowing to PC crapola and prosecute these killers- THE COVERUP comes from TOP MUSLIM——————-> PREZ OBAMA and his pathetic excuse for AG- Holder the Muz asskisser

    • I agree. Unfortunately many women are brainwashed by the PC garbage pumped at them by public schools and think it will never happen to them. I will tell you from experiance- you WILL be abused. Let me repeat that- you WILL be abused. Muslim men have very little regard for native born muslim women of the proper heritage how do you think they will treat you!? You are a way for him to get a greencard or fulfill dawa- nothing else. You will be gotten rid of when you are not of any use. I knew women who had beenarried several times to different Muslim men and having children with each one. When their youth and fertility are used up then they are divorced and gone. At best they are a multiple wife of a man with a family back home who just needs her for the sex.

      • yes a woman I know married Muslim guy- her treated her so well. greeen card then home to “vacation” in Jordan -he said to meet his family- she was secluded, covered, brow beaten then regular beating- he had all her passport and papers and money locked up in safe- she begged to leave with her daughter –refused–(US EMBASSY WILL NOT HELP YOU) attempted escape 3-4x — now she lives here but can never get over losing her child, knowing it’s a female growing up with that SICKO

        • I believe it. That is why I am glad I did not have children with my ex- one time I heard him in the living room with a couple of the “brothers”. I did not hear what he said but one of them said “don’t do that, they send the army for their people” I’m actually glad I don’t know what he was saying.

  13. truth is the elected officials and large segment of american public are totally clueless when it comes to islam and muslims. Islam is a complete system of living that has many components: religious, legal/shariah, military, sociocultural, financial etc etc. When unsuspecting free societies accept and protect the religious components they unwittingly accept the other components of islam ( the religion is the camel’s nose in your tent, then the rest of the camel will come into your tent soon). The prime directive of the islamic Meme is to dominate and impose shariah on all infidels by overt or covert Jihad. Check out http://www.radicalislam.org , http://www.citizenwarrior.org, http://www.thereligionofpeace.org , http://www.faithfreedom.org, http://www.inthenameofallah.org. Thnx. Jessamijn

  14. Coward..If it was an honor to kill your daughters then come back and prove it. Where is the honor when the “Spawn of Satan” runs away. There is no honor. By running away you are showing people that it is the wrong thing to do. Only COWARDS and mommy boys run. No MAN would hide like an animal.

    • Are you still a muslim? Or were you a muslim? My wife can not understand how or why a woman would want to be a muslim. I don’t either since all they teach is hate.

    • did you report him to immigration as a fraud? Please notify FBI he took citizenship by fraud and may have come here to JIHAD.

      don’t let him get away with it- the least you can do for the rest of us
      you should pray and ask forgiveness for allowing yourself to help such liars- sadly too many women like you are easily duped by these men- charming only until they don’t need you anymore..

      kaafir- Muslim men can marry any women–Muslim or not- the reverse is not allowed- they can have slaves concubines and 4 wives- any faith

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